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Making wrist injury compensation claims for workplace injuries can be quite frustrating. The red tape makes it challenging for the victim to get their claim money. That’s where Lawswood Claims comes in. We have experienced injury claim specialists who know how to handle your claim and get more than the average compensation for a broken wrist or other wrist injuries.


      About Wrist Injury Compensation At Work

      wrist injury compensation at work

      Lawswood Claims is a claims management company in the UK with professional and experienced work injury claim specialists. Whether you live in England or Scotland, if you have injured your wrist at work, we are here to help you out. If you have sustained a wrist injury at work, you may be entitled to compensation. Get in touch with us and discuss your case to know whether you are eligible for compensation or not.

      Wrist injury claims can range from minor sprains and strains to fractures, lacerations, and even broken wrist compensation. No matter what type of wrist injury at work, you have sustained, we are here to claim compensation for you. We don’t just aim at winning your case. But our experts know very well how to maximise your compensation for broken wrist or other wrist injury claims.

      With years of practical experience in claiming workers’ compensation for wrist injuries, we know how to get you the maximum compensation amount. We are not only your advisors but handle everything on our own. If you have sustained any type of wrist injury at work in the UK, book an appointment and discuss your case with our experts. It is FREE of any charges. Click below or fill the form to Book your Appointment with us.



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        Frequently Asked Questions About Wrist Injury Claims

        From wrist injury settlement amounts to soft tissue wrist injury compensation, your eligibility for the claim, and much more. There can be plenty of questions that may be haunting you. We are here with some of the most frequently asked questions about wrist injury compensation amounts for workplace accidents. Let’s get their answers.

        What Are Wrist Injury Claims At Work?

        A wrist injury claim is the amount of compensation that is given to the victim of a workplace accident who has sustained a wrist injury in the workplace. From pains and sufferings to medical expenses, wrist injury compensation amounts cover almost every expenses that a victim has to bear after the accident.

        Can I Get Compensation For A Wrist Injury?

        You may be confused about whether you are eligible to make a wrist injury claim or not. Let’s have a look at the eligibility criteria to get compensation for your wrist injury at work.

        If you have injured or broken your wrist in a workplace accident in the UK due to the negligence of someone else, you are eligible to claim compensation. Just hire injury claim specialists on your behalf and claim against your employer.

        Common Types Of Wrist Injuries At Work

        Wrist injuries can be of several types. When claiming workers’ compensation, wrist injury types play a crucial role. It’s because the wrist fracture settlement would be different from a broken wrist injury compensation and the same for other types of injuries. Let’s have a look at some of the most common types of wrist injuries you can sustain in a workplace.

        There can be some other types of wrist injuries at work, but we have only mentioned some of the most commonly caused.

        Claiming Broken Wrist Workers Comp Settlement

        Broken wrist workers comp settlement is the claim money that you get for your broken wrist. Some workplace accidents can break the bones of your one or both wrists. If you are negligent for the accident, you can claim for broken wrist compensation. The process is the same as other types of accident at work claims have.

        How Much For A Broken Wrist In Compensation?

        When making a claim you may be wondering “how much compensation will I get for a broken wrist”. Of course, it’s better to have an idea about the average compensation for a broken wrist at work claim you can get. Let’s have a look at the average settlement for a broken wrist at work you can get.

        Type of Wrist Injury Broken Wrist Compensation Amount
        Permanent loss of function In the wrist £44,690 to £56,180
        Permanent disability but some moment remains £22,990 to £36,770
        Permanent disability with residual pain and stiffness £11,820 to £22,990

        Your broken wrist settlement may differ from the figures mentioned above because it depends on a lot of factors. You can also use a wrist injury compensation calculator to estimate your claim money. But it’s better to contact us. Our experts will analyse your case and let you know how much for a broken wrist in compensation you can get.

        Can You Get Workers Comp For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome UK?

        Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, aka CTS, is a common type of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). It affects your hand function causing compression of the median nerve at the wrist. You can claim for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome workers’ compensation if you have got the CTS at your workplace.

        The main symptoms of the CTS include numbness, pain, and tingling in the index finger, thumb, middle finger, and thumb side of the ring finger. Get medical attention and if you find out that the CTS is caused due to your workplace, you can claim Carpal Tunnel Syndrome workers compensation settlement.

        How Much Compensation Do You Get For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

        When it comes to the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome workers’ compensation, there is no fixed amount of compensation. Several factors affect your compensation money. The average amount of compensation you get for a workers’ compensation for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome depends solely on your case’s circumstances. But here are a few figures to let you know what to expect.

        The severity of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal Tunnel Claim Payouts
        Continuing disability with surgery and loss of employment £20,560 - £21,700
        Continuing but fluctuating unilateral symptoms £13,970 - £15,330
        Symptoms resolving in the course of up to 3 years £8,110 - £10,090
        Complete recovery within a few weeks or months £2,070 - £3,310

        To get a better idea of how much carpal tunnel workers compensation you will get, discuss your case with injury claim specialists instead of using a wrist injury compensation calculator.

        Can I Claim Workers’ Comp For Wrist Tendonitis?

        Wrist tendonitis is a condition when tendons in the wrist get inflamed. Tendons are thick, collagen cords connecting muscles to bones. They surround the wrist joint and control your wrist, hand, and finger movements. If you have developed wrist tendonitis because of your workplace, you can claim tendonitis workers comp settlement. Tendonitis compensation claims work the same way as other types of wrist injury claims.

        How Much Compensation Do You Get For A Wrist Injury?

        If your wrist is not broken or you don’t have a CTS, then how much average compensation for a fractured wrist or other wrist injuries you will get? This question may have confused you a lot. Let’s have a look at the average workers’ comp settlement for wrist injury you can get in the UK.

        Type of Minor Wrist Injury Wrist Injury Compensation Amounts
        Complete recovery from a fracture or soft tissue injury, taking longer Rarely exceed £9,620
        Uncomplicated Colles' fracture Around £6,970
        Minor, undisplaced fractures or soft tissue injuries £3,310 to £4,450

        You may prefer using a wrist injury compensation calculator to estimate your compensation. But discussing your case with us will give you more detailed insights into how much compensation you can get for your wrist injury at work. It’s because our experts will estimate according to your case and the years of experience they have.

        What Does Your Wrist Injury Compensation Amount Cover?

        You may be wondering about what type of expenses does your wrist injury claim cover for a workplace accident. Let’s have a look at what costs you can claim when claiming compensation for your wrist injury at work.

        There can be other types of expenses you may be entitled to. That’s why discuss your case with injury claim specialists for a better understanding of what you can claim for.

        Will I Lose My Job For Making A Wrist Injury Claim?

        One of the fears people have when claiming for a wrist injury settlement against their employer is the fear of losing the job. Employees are often concerned and some of them don’t even make a wrist injury claim at all.

        But keep in mind that the employer cannot fire you from the job just because you have claimed wrist injury compensation. If you get sacked for doing so, you can claim unfair dismissal from the job.

        Can I Make A No Win No Fee Wrist Injury Claim?

        For your convenience, Lawswood Claims helps you claim compensation without even charging you any upfront or advance charges. We can help you get wrist injury settlement amounts on a No Win No Fee basis where we don’t charge you even a penny until you win your case and get compensation in your account.

        You won’t have to pay anything to hire our injury claim specialists. We will only charge you our nominal fee when you win your case and get your Workers’ Compensation Wrist Injury settlement amount in your account.

        How To Claim Workers’ Compensation For A Wrist Injury?

        To make your claim, get connected to our experts and discuss your case with us. We will analyse your case from every angle and let you know the average workers’ comp settlement for a wrist injury that you can get. We can also help you claim on a No Win No Fee agreement You can contact us via Whatsapp, email, fill the form, talk to our 24/7 live chatting agent or call us directly. So get in touch with us to get maximum compensation for your wrist injury at work within the least possible time.

        Whether you need any advice or have any queries, we can help you. So, Call us on 0330 223 5110 to Get our Help

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