If you slipped or tripped at a public place and injured yourself, there’s one reason not to feel bad. You are rightfully eligible as per law to get compensated for your injury. If you are looking to get financial assistance for falls and slips in public places, you are at the right place. We help you get slip, trip and fall claims.


      About Trip, Slips and Falls Claims


      Trips, falls, and slips can result in permanent disability or severe injury. These kinds of falls or slips lie in the emergency category. Whether you have a fall or a slip or an accident at work resulting in an injury or permanent disability; you are eligible for the claim.

      This case is quite similar to a work accident. Although the legal matters of the workplace don’t come into consideration. This is why a lot of injury claim specialists are reluctant to provide the claim. We help our clients in getting their slip, trip and fall claims from the insurance companies.

      Lawswood claim helps its clients in case of any serious fall, trip, or slip. We help them in getting the deserved claim money. Contact us today and discuss your case.


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      Why Lawswood Claims To Get Your Claim?


      Some cases of slip, trip and falls are fatal can be complex and it becomes difficult to get your amount of claim. When it comes to getting slip, trip and fall claims, here are a few reasons why Lawswood Claims is the best claims management agency in England and Scotland.

      A Group of Professionals

      Lawswood Claims has a whole group of professionals working together for our clients. When a client hires us, all of our experts work jointly on the case. All the experts work diligently according to their expertise and get the amount of claim slip and trip claims on behalf of our clients. We take care of all the formalities of the case while you can concentrate on your daily routine. Moreover, we are familiar with the proper procedure of filing a personal injury claims. Hence, your case will be in the hands of professionals if you hire us.

      No Win No Fee Principle

      We know it becomes difficult for the person to pay the fee of the company until the case is won. But there are still a lot of companies which charge their fee despite losing the case. But we know that it is unfair to charge clients if they cannot get their claim money. We do not charge any advance charges from our clients. You will get your slip and fall claims on No Win No Fee principle. You will not be liable to pay even a single penny if you lose your case.

      We Strive For the Maximum

      When you make a claim, you will be made some initial offers from the insurance claims adjuster. These offers are usually not enough to cover all the expenses of your medical treatment. We believe that you should get more than this initial offer. We know how to deal with such people. By using our excellent negotiation skills, we negotiate with the insurance claims adjuster and get the optimum amount of compensation. In this way, we get the amount of claim for you that is beyond your expectations.

      Experts in Personal Injury Laws

      We have a very diverse experience in slip, trip and fall claims. We are providing our injury claim services in England and Scotland. There is a huge difference between the personal injury laws of both regions. It is difficult to get a slip, trip and fall claims in England and Scotland for a person who is providing the services in Scotland and vice versa. By providing the services in both the regions, we have become expert in the personal injury laws of both the territories.

      Experience in Slip, Trip and Fall Claims

      Getting slip, trip and fall claims is not easy. Sometimes, it becomes hard to determine who is at fault. Thus, it makes the process more complex. You may not be able to get your`amount of claim without our help. We have been dealing with slip, trip and fall claims for years. During this time, we have dealt with countless cases of slip, trip and fall claims. We know how to deal with insurance companies efficiently and get the amount of compensation no matter how difficult your case is.


      Let us Protect you

      Let us Protect you


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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Which Injuries Can Be a Result of Slip, Trip and Fall?

        Slips, trips and falls can result in a lot of injuries. You can receive cuts and lacerations, spinal cord injuries, brain concussion, broken bones, bruises, bone fractures etc.

        Can I Get Slip, Trip and Fall Claims?

        If you have got injured due to a slip, trip or fall and believe that it was the fault of someone else, you can make your slip, trip and fall claim. Contact us to discuss your case and get advice.

        What If I Have Slip, Trip and Fall at Work?

        If you were on your job and got injured by any slip and trip, you can make an accident at work claim. Contact us to know more in detail about your case and get advice for it.

        What is the Time Limit to Make a Claim?

        Yes, there is a deadline of three years for filing your personal injury claim. If you have been injured by slip, trip and falls within the last three years, you can file your claim.

        What If I Get Injured at a Public Place?

        There are chances that you can get injured at a public place but you can still make your claim. In such cases, we look for the person who is responsible for the maintenance of the area.

        Who Will Pay My Slip, Trip and Fall Claim?

        To get your claim, there should be a person or company you can put the liability on who will pay your amount of claim. It can either be a company, council, a business or an individual etc.

        Accident at Work Claim

        What is the Average Compensation for Slip, Trip and Fall Claims?

        You may be wondering about the amount of compensation you will get. You may be thinking whether it is worth claiming trip and fall claims or not. There is not a fixed amount which you can get for your injury. It always depends on the severity of the injury. If your case is not serious, you will be getting only a minor amount of compensation. But for some serious cases, you will be getting thousands of pounds. A minor case of slip trip and fall can get you £1,000 or more money. But for some serious cases, you can even get £200,000 as your compensation. We put your case in such a way that you will get more than you need for your injury.

        Is it Expensive to Make a Slip, Trip and Fall Claim?

        There are a lot of clients who are reluctant to make their claim by thinking about the fee they will be charged. That is why, despite being eligible to get the claim, they do not file their claim and get their amount of compensation. You should not have financial concerns when we are filing your slip, trip and fall claims. We do not charge even a penny from our clients when filing a claim. Moreover, we do not have any hidden charges nor we charge any advance cash. You will only be charged 25% of your amount of compensation when you win your case.

        What Does Slip, Trip and Fall Claims Cover?

        What type of expenses will be covered if I file a slip trip and fall claim? This question tickles the mind of every person when someone tends to make a claim. Lawswood Claims strives hard to help you get the compensation which covers your all types of expenses. All your general expenses will be covered in your claim. Your medical expenses are also covered in your claim. Moreover, we try to help you get your loss of earnings and travel expenses as well. In this way, you get the amount of compensation which covers all expenses that are mentioned above.

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