Have you been in a car accident that was not your mistake? If yes, you are entitled to get a road accident claim. Lawswood Claims acts in your best interest and gets optimum amount of compensation for its clients with almost 98.8% success rate.


      About Car Accidents Claims

      road traffic accident between two cars

      Car accidents have become quite common nowadays. Thousands of people get into car crashes each day and get themselves injured. They deserve to get their due share of road traffic accident claims. However, to claim such injuries can be a tough task. Companies impose unnecessary terms and conditions and make it difficult for clients to get their car accident claims. Also, it is difficult to defend a case of a road accident claim as mostly the situation is complex. So, when getting a road accident claim becomes a hard nut to crack that is where we step in.

      If you had a road traffic accident and conceived injury in it, you are eligible to get your road accident claim. If your insurance company does not pay your injury claim money, contact us to get your right.

      Lawswood Claims provides easy and quick solutions to its clients. If you had been in a car accident and unable to get the amount of your road accident claim, contact us. We claim the amount of insurance on behalf of our clients and make sure that each client gets the rightful share of his accident injury claim.


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      This Is What Makes Us Best


      When it comes to getting car accident claims. One may choose to pursue the case without taking help from any claims management company. Doing this can be risky. Here are a few reasons why Lawswood Claims should be your only consideration when filing for a road accident claim.

      A Group of Experts

      Lawswood is not the name of an individual entity. We are a team of professionals who work diligently on your behalf in England and Scotland to fight for your rights. We have personal injury claim specialists who are masters of their fields. A client can simmer down only by hiring the Lawswood Claims specialist to get the claim on one’s account. We take your case as our first concern and leave no stone unturned to get your road accident claim.

      No Win No Fee

      Usually, the price tag of a claims management company is the main concern of a client before hiring one. We understand that it is difficult for some clients to pay upfront charges and the fee of an expert. That is why you will get our services with No Win No Fee policy. It means that you do not have to pay any upfront charges to Lawswood Claims. You will have to pay our fee only when you get your amount of compensation after winning your case. In a rare scenario, if a client fails to get its amount, we do not charge even a penny from it.

      We Fight for Maximum

      While making road traffic accident claims, the insurance claims adjuster makes a lot of offers. To lure you for the cheapest offer possible. Unlike some other claims management companies, we do not accept whatever is offered by the adjuster. We have excellent negotiation skills and our experts negotiate on behalf of our clients. We fight for the maximum amount of compensation against car accident claims. We always strive to get optimum compensation for our clients.

      Understanding of Injury Claims Laws

      We understand that laws in England differ in nature than the laws of Scotland. Both being different countries, their law books for personal injury claims also identify distinctively from each other. The personal injury laws of England and Scotland are different from each other. We have been providing our injury claim services in both regions. So we have experts dealing with road traffic accident claims in both England’s and Scotland’s personal injury laws.

      Experience in Accident at Work Claim

      Car accident claims have always been our primary focus ever since we started our injury claim services in England and Scotland. We have been providing car accident claims for years. During this time, we have been successfully handling the most complex cases of car accident claims. We cater to the problems of evidence collection related to road traffic accidents.


      Let us Protect you

      Let us Protect you


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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Eligibility Criteria for Car Accident Claims

        You are eligible to file a road accident claim if you had been in a car accident within the last three years and you were injured because it was not your fault.

        Can I Claim If It Was My Own Fault?

        The short answer is No, you will not get compensation if it was your own mistake. But you should still consult with Lawswood Claims of better guidance.

        Time Limit for Filing Road Traffic Accident Claims

        The average time limit within you can file your road accident claim is three years. You can claim your compensation anytime within the three years after your car accident.

        How Long Does a Road Accident Claim Take?

        A typical time period which a road accident claim may take can range from 4 to 9 months. Most cases are settled within this time period but some may take longer.

        Can I Take The Case in My Hands?

        Yes, you can take your case in your hands with hiring any legal representative. But doing so can be very risky and you may lose your claim money due to the lack of knowledge.

        Should I Seek Medical Assistance For My Injury?

        Medical assistance is necessary for getting Road traffic accident claims. It not only provides you relief from pain and sufferings but also acts as proof when filing your claim.

        Road Traffic Accident Claims

        Why Should You Hire Injury Claim Specialists?

        Injury Claim Specialists are experts who are involved in the business of personal injury claims. They provide injury claim services to their clients against a fee. You may think of taking the case in your hands. It may cost you heavily if you do not have a deep understanding of claims management. That is why we recommend you to hire Lawswood Claims to get your car accident claims. We know the ways to get your claim no matter how difficult your case is. Moreover, we are familiar with the laws of personal injury claims of England and Scotland. By having our command on the personal injury laws of both the regions, we can get your claim from the insurance company.

        How Much Will Lawswood Claims Charge You?

        Charges of injury claim specialists are the main concern of a person before hiring one. Most people do not hire any specialist just because they cannot afford to do so. But we always keep our client’s interest as our top priority. You will not have to worry about the price tag of our injury claim specialists. If you hire any personal injury solicitor to represent your case, you will be charged with a heavy fee. But when it comes to Lawswood Claims, we do not charge any advance cash or upfront charges. Moreover, you will get our services on No Win No Fee principle, as mentioned above. After winning your case, we will charge you 25% of your winning compensation.

        What Does a Road Accident Claim Cover?

        You may be wondering about the return you will get for going through the exhausting procedure of filing a claim. A road accident claim typically covers all general and specific damages caused by a road accident. General damages include compensation for the treatment of your injury while special damages cover all the out of pocket expenses while making your claim. Special damages include travel expenses, damage to your vehicles, loss of job compensation etc. So if you hire Lawswood Claims for your case, our experts will strive for the maximum benefits. We will strive hard to negotiate on your behalf to help you get the maximum amount of compensation from the insurance company.

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