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Severe leg injuries can paralyse you for the entire life. They can have a serious impact on your ability to perform tasks. Fortunately, you can get leg injury compensation for a leg injury at work in the UK. Lawswood Claims is here to help you get compensation for your broken or injured leg in England and Scotland. So contact us to get your leg injury claim without any hassle.


      About Broken Leg Compensation Payouts

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      One of the most common types of leg injuries includes broken bones. A lot of victims break their one or both legs in a workplace accident. No matter whether you have broken your leg or injured it in some other way, you may be entitled to get a leg injury claim. If you have injured or broken your leg in an accident, get in touch with us to get your broken leg at work compensation in England and Scotland.

      We have hired the most experienced injury claim specialists with decades of experience in getting broken leg compensation payouts. Not only this but we have also trained our injury claim specialists to maximise the broken leg compensation payouts within the least possible time. We don’t let you go through any hassle and handle all the formalities on our own.

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        Frequently Asked Questions About Leg Injury Claims UK

        Whether you are confused about your eligibility or looking for the average settlement for a broken leg in the UK, you’re in the right place. We are here with all the questions about leg injury claims. Let’s have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about leg injury at work claims.

        What Are Leg Injury Claims?

        The term “leg” refers to both upper and lower legs. A lower leg is a part between your leg and ankle. While the upper leg refers to the area between the hip and knee. But if your hip is injured, you can get a hip injury claim.

        Read more about Ankle injury claims.

        As mentioned earlier, you can get a leg injury claim. It is the compensation money that is given to the victim of a workplace accident. This settlement amount covers almost every expense you have to bear because of your leg injury at work.

        Can I Get Leg Injury Compensation At Work?

        Like other types of injury at work claims, to claim your compensation, you have to prove that the accident was caused due to the negligence of someone else. For instance, if your employer is negligent about your safety at work and you break your leg in an accident. In this case, you are entitled to get compensation for a broken leg at work.

        Types of Leg Injuries At Work

        There are different types of leg injury claims for workplace accidents. Let’s have a look at some of the most common types of work-related leg injuries.

        There can be several other types of leg injuries such as compression, comminuted and oblique fractures etc.

        What Causes Broken Leg At Work?

        There are a lot of possible causes of a broken leg at work. Sometimes, long term work nature can also be a cause of fracture in a leg. Here are the most common causes of leg injuries at work.

        No matter what has broken or injured your leg at work, you can get a broken leg injury claim if it was not your negligence.

        What Does A Leg Injury Claim Cover?

        As previously mentioned, a leg injury at work claim covers all the expenses you had to bear because of your injury. Let’s have a look at what type of expenses you can cover in a broken leg personal injury compensation.

        Maximising these expenses will help you get more than the average broken leg compensation payout.

        What To Do After A Leg Injury At Work?

        Taking any wrong step after a leg injury at work may put your claim at stake. That’s why you should know what to do in this situation. Here is what to do after a leg injury at work in the UK.

        Hire us to get rid of all the hassling steps mentioned above. We will cater to everything on our own.

        How Much Compensation Do You Get For A Leg Injury At Work?

        The compensation money you get depends on how severe the injury was. For instance, severe leg injury compensation will be more than that of a minor one. Let’s have a look at the average leg injury payout you can get in the UK.

        Types of Leg Injury Leg Injury Compensation Amount
        Most serious leg injuries. For example, gross shortening of the leg £82,110 to £115,940
        Leg Injuries causing permanent mobility problems £46,780 to £77,040
        Soft tissue leg injuries such as lacerations, bruising and cuts, etc Up to £2,090

        Contact us for more detail about the workers’ compensation for a leg injury claim.

        How Much Compensation For A Broken Leg?

        Some accidents can be severe that can lead to multiple fractures or a broken leg. They attract more compensation than a normal injury. But victims still ask “how much compensation will I get for a broken leg at work”. Here is the average compensation for a broken leg you can get in the UK.

        Type of Broken/Fractured Leg Broken Leg Compensation Payouts
        Serious compound leg fractures £33,450 and £46,780
        Multiple leg fractures or severe crushing injuries £23,680 to £33,450
        Broken leg leaving the injured person with impaired mobility £15,320 to £23,680
        Femur fracture £7,780 to £12,010
        Tibia and fibula fractures £10,100

        To know more about broken leg at work compensation payouts, discuss your case with us for FREE.

        How Much Compensation For Leg Amputation?

        Leg amputation is a severe condition and affects a person for the entire life. Here is how much compensation you can get for leg amputations at work in the UK.

        Type of Leg Amputation Legs Amputation Payout UK
        Compensation for the loss of both legs £205,420 to £240,590
        Below the knee amputation of both legs £171,920 to £230,440
        Above the knee amputation of a single leg £89,440 to £117,280
        Below the knee amputation of a single leg £83,590 to £113,450

        If you still have any questions in mind, feel free to get in touch with us.

        No Win No Fee Leg Injury Claims

        We help you get leg injury compensation on a No Win No Fee principle. Under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), we do not charge you anything neither before nor during the case. You will only pay our nominal predetermined fee once you get the compensation money in your bank account.

        How To Get Leg Injury At Work Claim?

        To get workers’ compensation for a leg injury at work in the UK, just get in touch with our experts. You can schedule your appointment with us by contacting us via Whatsapp, email, Filling the form, talking to our Live chatting team or calling us directly. After that, discuss your case and then we will start making your claim.

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