Compensation For Broken Jaw At Work

Even a slight mistake and a minor accident may result in a broken jaw at work. If you are also a victim of a workplace accident that broke your jaw, you may be entitled to get broken jaw compensation. Lawswood Claims is here to help you get compensation if you have injured or broken your jaw at work in England and Scotland.


      About Broken Jaw Compensation

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      Jaw injuries can be incredibly painful. When you have broken it, miseries increase significantly. But you should neither suffer miseries nor any financial loss if the negligence wasn’t yours. You may be eligible to claim compensation for a broken jaw at work in some cases. Contact us to know more about claiming compensation for your jaw injury.

      Lawswood Claims has injury claim specialists who have been handling jaw injury claims for years. With such extensive experience, we know how to win your case, maximise broken jaw settlements and minimise the time it takes to get your claim. From the moment you hire us, we handle everything on your behalf. Thus, you don’t have to worry about going through the exhausting process of getting jaw injury compensation.

      If you have broken your jaw at work and got any questions, please feel free to ask us anything, anytime. We are available 24/7 and offering FREE initial consultation. Book a FREE appointment, and discuss your case with our experts to get answers to your queries or file your claim. So get connected to us now.



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        Frequently Asked Questions About Broken Jaw Injury Claims

        From the average settlement for broken jaws to your eligibility for the claim, you may have plenty of questions in mind. Let’s get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about broken jaw claims in the UK.

        What Is A Jaw Injury Claim?

        A jaw injury claim refers to the compensation you get if you have sustained a jaw injury or broken it. Like other types of accident at work claims, it compensates for pains and sufferings and all the expenses you have to bear because of your broken or injured jaw. Now, let’s know some basics about the jaw.

        The word “Jaw” typically refers to the upper or lower jawbone and surrounding tissue. The lower jaw, aka mandible, is the only moving bone on the face. The upper jaw is made up of maxilla bone and it doesn’t move. The jaw is one of the strongest bones in our body. If you have injured your jaw in a workplace accident, you may be eligible to claim compensation for it.

        Can I Claim Compensation For Broken Jaw At Work?

        You have to prove that the accident, that injured or broke your jaw, was not your fault to claim compensation for your broken jaw. The same eligibility criteria apply when you claim compensation for tooth loss. If someone else’s negligence has injured your jaw at work, you are eligible to claim compensation for it.

        For instance, your employer was negligent about your safety at work and you have broken your jaw in a slip, trip or fall accident. In this case, you may be eligible to get broken jaw compensation. Contact us to know more about what makes you eligible for claiming compensation for an injured jaw.

        Causes of A Broken Jaw At Work

        Workplaces are full of hazards that can injure you severely. Here are some of the most common ways in which you may break your jaw at work.

        There can be something else that may injure you in the workplace. But no matter what it is, you can claim compensation if someone else was negligent for it.

        Types of Jaw Injuries In the Workplace

        Following are some of the most common types of jaw injuries you may suffer from as a result of a workplace accident.

        Whether you have a minor injury or one requiring surgery, you may be eligible to claim compensation if your injury was someone else’s fault.

        What Does A Jaw Injury Claim Settlement Amount Cover?

        In simple words, what type of expenses you can recover when claiming your broken jaw compensation. Here are the types of compensations you can claim after your jaw injury at work.

        What To Do After An Injured/Broken Jaw At Work?

        After you have sustained a jaw injury in an accident at work, report your accident immediately to your supervisor. Besides, get medical treatment no matter how minor your injury is. Along with getting treatment, take the following steps.

        After the accident, hire us as soon as possible. We will handle everything for you and you won’t have to go through any red tape of claiming broken jaw at work compensation.

        How Much Compensation Will I Get For A Broken Jaw?

        How much is a broken jaw worth depends on the severity of your jaw injury and its impacts on your life. For example, broken jaw surgery with plates compensation would be more as compared to a minor jaw injury. Let’s have a look at how much compensation do you get for a broken jaw at work.

        Type of Broken Jaw Broken Jaw Settlements
        Multiple jaw fractures compensation amounts £27,000 – £40,000
        Seriously broken jaw compensation settlements with permanent symptoms and difficulty in eating and moving lower jaw £15,700 – £27,000
        Simple jaw fracture claim payouts £5,600 – £7,700

        Some victims also use a broken jaw compensation calculator to estimate their settlement amount. But that may lead to incorrect estimation as every case is different. So contact us to know how much compensation for a broken jaw you can expect to get.

        No Win No Fee Broken Jaw Compensation

        We can help you claim compensation for a broken jaw at work on a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). Under this agreement, we don’t charge you any upfront or advanced charges. You don’t have to pay us anything during and before the case. You will only pay our predetermined injury claim fee after getting your workers’ compensation for a broken jaw.

        How To Claim Broken Jaw Compensation?

        To claim compensation for a broken jaw at work, get in touch with our experts. Schedule your FREE appointment with us by Whatsapp, email, filling the form, calling us directly or talking to our 24/7 live chatting team. Then discuss your case with us in detail. We will analyse your case from every angle. After that, we will start preparing your case to file a broken jaw at work claim against your employer. So contact us to start your claim now.

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