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Industrial injuries can range from minor cuts and lacerations to severe injuries like broken bones and amputation. No matter what caused your industrial injury at work or what type of your injury is, you may be eligible to get industrial injury compensation. Lawswood Claims can help you get industrial injury claims in England and Scotland without any hassle. So contact us, NOW.


      About Industrial Accident Claims

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      Industrial accidents don’t only include factories but it includes all types of workplaces including offices, factories, supermarkets, and building sites etc. So no matter where you work, you can claim industrial accident compensation if you meet the eligibility criteria (as discussed in the FAQs below). Get in touch with us to claim compensation for your industrial injury at work in the UK.

      Our injury claim specialists have specialised in making industrial injury claims. With years of experience, training and unconventional tactics, we know not only how to get your settlement amount but also maximise industrial injury compensation amounts. With our time-efficient strategies, you don’t have to wait long to get industrial compensation in your account. Besides, we cater to all the formalities on your behalf. Thus, you can concentrate on your personal or professional life and health while we claim the industrial accident claim for you.

      After getting an industrial injury at work, you may have a lot of questions in your mind. Feel free to get connected to us because we are here to answer all your queries. Lawswood Claims is offering FREE initial consultation in which we examine your case and answer your questions. So Book your FREE Appointment, NOW.



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        Frequently Asked Questions About Factory Accident Claims

        From eligibility for the claim to the average industrial injury compensation you can expect and the claims process, there are a lot of complications in making industrial compensation claims. Let us get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about industrial workers compensation.

        What Are Industrial Injury Claims?

        Industrial injury claims refer to the compensation money given to the person who sustained an injury, disability or disease because of their working environment. If you are also a victim of a workplace accident, you may be eligible to claim industrial accident compensation in the UK.

        For instance, working in a noisy environment resulted in hearing loss. As your workplace is responsible for your hearing loss, you may be entitled to get industrial deafness compensation. Follow the proper industrial deafness claims procedure to get your compensation.

        Read more about industrial deafness claims.

        Can I Claim Compensation For An Industrial Injury?

        No matter what type of accident at work claim it is, there is one thing to keep in mind. You have to prove that the accident was caused by someone else’s fault.

        For instance, your employer was negligent about your safety and you were working under noisy conditions without protective equipment. If it resulted in your industrial hearing loss, you can claim industrial deafness compensation amounts.

        Industrial Injury Claim Time Limit UK

        After getting injured in a factory or any other type of workplace, you have three years to claim your industrial injury compensation benefit amounts if you are an adult. However, there are some exceptions to this rule as well.

        For instance, if you are under 18 at the time of the accident, you cannot claim industrial claims yourself. A guardian can claim on your behalf. If not, you can also make an industrial accident claim for the accident once you turn 18. Then your three years time limit will start and you can make an industrial claim till you get 21.

        Can I Work And Claim Industrial Injuries Benefit?

        In other words, you may be worried about your job security when claiming compensation from your employer. You may be wondering “can I claim industrial injuries benefit and work”. “Will I lose my job for making an industrial accident claim?”.

        Yes, you can work even after claiming factory accident claims. Your employer cannot force you to leave the job just because you claimed your compensation. If your employer fires you for claiming an industrial accident at work, you can file for unfair dismissal from the job.

        Common Types of Industrial/Factory Accident Claims

        Some of the most common types of industrial accident claims you can make:

        In short, you may be entitled to get industrial injury compensation claims if you have sustained any type of injury in any type of workplace accident where you were not at fault.

        What Does An Industrial Injury Claim Cover?

        An accident can affect your life in multiple ways. From hospital bills to loss of earnings and suffering from agonising pains, your life may become miserable. Luckily, your industrial injuries claims cover all types of expenses you have to bear because of your injury. Let’s have a look at what you can claim when claiming industrial injuries benefits from your employer.

        What Is The Industrial Injury Claim Process?

        After the injury, immediately report the accident to your supervisor. Then make sure the accident gets recorded in the Accident Book. Then get medical attention from any doctor you want. If feasible, get pictures of the place of the accident from every angle. If you can’t do it yourself, ask your co-workers to do it for you. Along with these activities, make sure to follow these steps:

        Don’t let yourself go through this hassling procedure of making factory accident claims. Instead, hire our injury claim specialists after your accident. We will cater to all the formalities on your behalf.

        No Win No Fee Industrial Injury Claims?

        We help you get a factory accident compensation claim on a No Win No Fee principle. So you can claim industrial injuries compensation even when you don’t have a penny in your pocket. We bear the entire risk of the case so that you don’t have to pay us anything if your claim is unsuccessful. You will only pay us after getting compensation in your account.

        How To Make An Industrial Injury Claim?

        To get your compensation, contact us because our experts know how to claim industrial injuries benefits for you. To Schedule an appointment with us, you can send us a message on Whatsapp, email, fill the form, talk to our live chatting team, or call or call us directly. Our experts will start preparing your case after analysing it from every angle. So contact us now for FREE to start your compensation.

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