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Head injuries can be life-altering and may make your life miserable forever. However, if your head injury was a result of a workplace accident, you may be entitled to get head injury compensation in the UK. Lawswood Claims offers full head injury claim management services in England and Scotland to help you get the maximum settlement for your injury.


      About Head Injury Claims At Work UK

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      Regardless of what causes your accident or what type of head injury you have sustained, if you were negligent for it, you can claim compensation. Even if you are partially at fault, you may still be eligible to file your claim. No matter what type of your case is, Lawswood Claims handles all types of head injury claims in the UK. So contact us to claim compensation for your head injury at work.

      Head injuries can be life-threatening and leave a life-long impact. Hence, they can cost heavily. Fortunately, these types of claims attract pretty decent head injury compensation payouts. That’s what we are here for. Lawswood Claims has the most experienced injury claim specialists with years of experience in getting compensation for head injuries. They know how to file your claim in a way to get more than the average compensation for a head injury.

      About head injury claim payouts, you may have a lot of confusions in your mind. Please feel free to contact us anytime and ask anything you have in your mind. We are available for you 24/7 to assist you with anything. Besides, we are offering FREE initial consultation services. So, discuss your case with us to know your eligibility for the claim, the average expected compensation and much more.



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        Frequently Asked Questions About Head Injury At Work Compensation

        Am I eligible for the head compensation? How much compensation will I get for a head injury? What does my claim cover? A lot of questions may have perplexed you. Let’s get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about head injury claims for workplace accidents in the UK.

        What Are Head Injury Claims?

        Head injuries can cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds. Paying such huge costs out of pocket may drain all your savings. That’s where head injury compensation amounts come to your help. Like brain injury claims, a head injury claim is the compensation money that covers all the expenses you have to bear because of the injury.

        A head injury settlement amount takes into account all types of costs related to your head injury. That’s why all the costs you paid out of your pocket can be recouped with head injury settlements.

        Can I Claim Compensation For A Head Injury At Work?

        The rules of eligibility for head injury claims is the same as other types of accident at work claims in the UK. To get your compensation, you have to prove that the accident was not caused due to your negligence.

        Normally, a head injury settlement is claimed when an employer’s negligence causes an accident that results in a worker’s head injury. For instance, your employer hasn’t provided you with any sort of safety equipment and you get a head injury at work. In this case, you get head injury claim compensation from your employer.

        In a nutshell, compensation can be claimed for any type of head injury if you are not negligent for it.

        Causes of Head Injuries At Work

        There are countless threats to your head in the workplace. But here are the most prominent causes of head injuries in the workplace.

        Whatever is the case of your injury, if you are not negligent for it, you can get a head injury workers’ comp settlement in the UK.

        What Does A Head Injury Compensation Payout Cover?

        As mentioned earlier, a head injury workers’ compensation settlement covers all types of expenses you have to bear because of your head injury. Let’s have a look at what types of costs you can reimburse with workers comp settlement’ amounts for a head injury.

        These are some of the most common types of compensation that your head injury claim amount may cover.

        How Much Compensation For Head Injury At Work?

        How much is a head injury claim worth in the UK depends on a lot of factors. But here is the average compensation for a head injury at work you can get in the UK.

        Type of Head Injury Head Injury Compensation Payouts
        Very severe brain injury £240,590 – £344,640
        Compensation for moderately severe brain damage £186,890 – £240,590
        Moderate brain injuries £36,740 – £186,890
        Less severe head injuries £13,070 – £36,740

        Some victims use a head injury compensation calculator but that’s not advisable. Discuss your case with us for FREE to know how much compensation you can get for a head injury at work in the UK.

        How Much Compensation For Minor Head Injury At Work?

        You can claim head injury compensation even for minor head injuries at work if you are not at fault. But the question is how much settlement amount you can get for a minor head injury claim in the UK.

        Typically, a victim gets minor head injury compensation somewhere between £1,880 – £10,890. However, no head injury compensation claim is the same as the other. It’s because there are a lot of factors that affect it. So get in touch with us to know about the minor head injury compensation and how much you can get.

        Can I Lose My Job For Making A Head Injury At Work Claim?

        When making a head injury at work compensation, don’t worry about your job security. Your employer cannot fire you for claiming compensation. It is your right to get a claim for your injuries. It is unlawful if your employer forces you do not to claim your compensation. In case you get fired for making a head injury at work claim, you can file for unfair dismissal from the job.

        No Win No Fee Head Injury Claims

        When it comes to affordability, hiring Lawswood Claims isn’t going to cost you much. We are offering our head injury compensation services on a No Win No Fee principle. We enter into a Conditional Fee Agreement with you. As per this agreement, you won’t have to pay anything in advance and during the claim. After getting the head injury at work compensation in your account, you will pay our predetermined fee.

        How To Claim Head Injury At Work Compensation?

        If you have sustained a head injury at work and want to get compensation, get in touch with us. We will cater to all the formalities on your behalf and get you the maximum compensation for you. To claim your compensation, schedule your appointment with us by Whatsapp, email, calling us directly, filling the form, or talking to our 25/7 live chatting team. Next, we will discuss your case in detail. Then we will collect evidence and start your head injury claim process.

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