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If you have been injured in a forklift truck accident, you may be legally entitled to claim compensation for it. You can reimburse all the out-of-pocket expenses as well as get compensation for your pains and sufferings. If you are a victim of a forklift accident, get connected to us because we help victims get forklift accident claims in England and Scotland.


      About Forklift Accident Compensation

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      According to the HSE, around 5000 workplace accidents are caused by transportation and the forklift accidents are alone responsible for about 25% of them. If you are a victim of any forklift accident at work, you may have a right to claim compensation from your employer. That’s where we come to your help. Lawswood Claims helps you get forklift accident compensation all across the UK.

      Our injury claim specialists have been successfully handling forklift truck accident claims for years, making them experts in their job. Having a grip on the personal injury laws of Scotland and England, experience in forklift claims and excellent negotiation skills, we know how to win and maximise your settlement amount. Additionally, we cater to everything on our own so that you can concentrate on your personal life without getting bothered about the formalities of making a forklift injury claim.

      Whether you have any query about forklift truck accident claims or want to claim your settlement amount, discuss your case with us now. It’s completely FREE of Cost. We are offering FREE initial consultation services where we don’t charge you even a penny for discussing your case. So Book your FREE appointment now.



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        Frequently Asked Questions About Forklift Accident Claims

        From eligibility claim to reporting the forklift accident to the settlement amount you can get, there can be lots of queries in your mind. It’s time to get answers to all of them. Let’s have a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about forklift truck accident claims.

        What Are Forklift Accident Claims?

        A forklift accident claim refers to the compensation money that is given to the victim of an accident of a forklift truck. This settlement amount compensates you for all the out-of-pocket expenses as well as for the pains and sufferings caused by the accident.

        Can I Claim Compensation For A Forklift Truck Accident When I Am The Driver?

        Forklift injury claims have the same eligibility criteria as other types of accident at work claims. You have to prove that the accident was not caused by your fault.

        For instance, you were not properly trained to drive a forklift. You knew this fact and reported your management about it. But they still asked you to drive that forklift which resulted in an accident causing injuries. In this case, you are eligible to claim compensation because the fault wasn’t yours.

        To know more about your eligibility for forklift truck accident claims, get in touch with us.

        Can I Claim Compensation For A Forklift Accident I Was Not The Driver?

        Odds are that you may not be the driver of the forklift that resulted in the accident. But that doesn’t mean you can’t claim a settlement amount. Whether you are an employee in the workplace or a visitor on-site, if a forklift accident has injured you where you were not at fault, you can claim compensation for it.

        How To Report A Forklift Truck Accident?

        To get compensation, you need a forklift truck accident report. After the accident, immediately report your accident to your supervisor and ask them to record your accident in the accident book. When claiming compensation, ask for a copy of your forklift accident report from your employer.

        Causes of Forklift Truck Accidents In The Workplace

        Here are the most common reasons why people get injured by a forklift accident.

        There can be some other causes as well. No matter what caused your injury, you can claim compensation if the fault wasn’t yours.

        Types of Forklift Injuries

        The compensation money depends on the type of injury you have sustained. So let us have a look at some of the most common types of injury claims because of a forklift accident.

        Upper Body Injury Claims By Forklift Accident

        Lower Body Injury Claims By Forklift Accident

        There can be some other types of injuries you may be suffering from because of a forklift accident. Contact us to know more about the types of forklift injuries you can claim for.

        What Does A Forklift Truck Accident Claim Cover?

        Let us have a look at what type of expenses you can recoup with forklift compensation.

        What To Do After A Forklift Accident At Work?

        After a forklift accident, the most important step is to report the accident to your supervisor. Then take pictures of the place of the accident, if possible. Don’t show negligence in getting medical treatment for your injury no matter how minor it is. After taking all these steps, here are a few additional steps to claim your compensation.

        Contact us after the accident and we will cater to all the formalities on your behalf.

        How Much Compensation For A Forklift Accident At Work UK?

        Here is the average compensation you can get if you get injured in a forklift accident.

        Type of Forklift Injury Forklift Accident Compensation Amount
        Severe Shoulder Injuries £18,020 to £45,070
        Moderate Shoulder Injuries £7,410 to £11,980
        Minor Shoulder Injuries £4,080 to £7,410
        Severe Back Injury £85,470 to £151,070
        Moderate Back Injury £26,050 to £36,390
        Minor Back Injury Up to £2,300
        Severe Arm Injuries £90,250 to £122,860
        Moderate Arm Injuries Up to £11,820
        Severe Hand Injuries £52,310 to £79,360
        Moderate Hand Injuries Up to £34,480
        Minor Hand Injuries £5,260 to £12,460
        Severe Leg Injuries £51,460 to £85,600
        Moderate Leg Injuries £26,050 to £36,790
        Severe Knee injury £65,440 to £90,290
        Moderate Knee injury Up to £12,900

        A forklift truck injury settlement amount may vary from case to case. Discuss your case with us to know how much compensation you can expect in your case.

        No Win No Fee Forklift Injury Claims

        Lawswood Claims helps you get forklift accident compensation on a No Win No Fee basis. What it means is that we bear the entire risk of the case on your behalf. You don’t have to pay us anything before and during the case. We go through the whole process of making claim to get you the maximum compensation for your injury. When you get the forklift injury settlement amount in your account, you will pay us a certain percentage of your claim money.

        How To Get Forklift Accident Claims?

        To claim your forklift compensation, get connected to us. Book your FREE appointment with us by contacting us via Whatsapp, filling the form, email, talking to our chatting team or calling us directly. Our experts will examine your case and let you know about your eligibility and the average compensation for your forklift claim. After the agreement, we will start the forklift injury claim process on your behalf.

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