Workers Compensation Settlements For Eye Injury

Got eye injuries at work in the UK? You may be eligible to get compensation. Get in touch with our experts and we will tell you how much you can claim for eye injury compensation for work injuries. Lawswood Claims provides its work injury claim services to help you get eye injury claims for the accidents at work in the UK at a No Win No Fee principle.


      About Eye Injury At work Compensation

      eye injury at work

      Eye injuries at work can be life-altering and because work accidents can permanently damage your eyes. If you had eye accidents at work that injured your eye, you may be eligible for claim compensation. Lawswood Claims is a claims management company in the UK with a dedicated team of experts to help you get eye loss compensation for injuries at work.

      We specialise in making work injury claims in the UK, particularly in eye injury claims. If you want to make workers compensation settlements for eye injury, we are here to handle everything on your behalf. Whether you live in England or Scotland, feel free to contact our experts to discuss your case. We don’t just aim at winning your case. But our injury claim specialists have a lot of tactics under their sleeves to maximise your eye injury compensation value.

      We won’t be merely acting as your advisors. From the collection of evidence to dealing with the insurance claims adjuster and claiming the maximum compensation, we handle everything on our own. If you want to make eye injury compensation work workplace accidents, get connected to us and discuss your case with our specialists. Click below to schedule an appointment with us and discuss your case with us for FREE.



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        Frequently Asked Questions About Eye Injury Claims At Work

        Victims of workplace eye accidents have several questions in their minds. From your eligibility to the process of making eye injury compensation claims, many intricacies may be bothering you. Let’s have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about eye injury compensation at work.

        Eye Injury Compensation Guide

        Eye injury compensation refers to the amount of compensation you get after sustaining an injury to your eye at work. It is a part of the accident at work claims. An eye injury can be an emergency condition that requires immediate medical attention. Getting proper medical treatment may cost you hundreds of pounds.

        Paying out of your pocket would drain your bank account. That’s where eye injury settlements help you out. You claim against your employer. After that, a claims adjuster will investigate your case and you will get your compensation depending on the effect of injury on your life.

        Am I Eligible For Eye Injury Compensation?

        The eligibility criteria for an eye injury settlement is almost the same as other types of workplace injuries. If you had eye injuries in the workplace as a result of someone else’s negligence, you can claim compensation for your injuries. The key to remember is that you will only get an eye injury settlement amount if the negligence is of someone else.

        Can I Make Eye Injury Claim If I Am Partially At Fault?

        You may also be eligible to make eye injury claims at work if you are partially at fault. The case is complicated but there is still a chance of getting your compensation. The only difference is that your amount of eye injury workers comp payout may get reduced as per your share of negligence.

        Even if you are partly at fault for your eye injuries at work in the UK, get connected to us and discuss your case with us. Our experts can figure out a way to get your claim money.

        Making Compensation For Loss of Sight In One Eye At Work?

        Some work-related eye injuries can result in the loss of vision. Providing you with safety equipment for preventing eye injuries at work is the responsibility of your employer. If your employer doesn’t fulfil their responsibility and you lose your sight in an accident at work, you can claim compensation for it.

        What Are The Common Causes of Loss of Sight At Work?

        There can be a lot of reasons behind losing sight at work. Here are some most prominent causes of losing eyesight that can make you eligible for eye injury claims.

        There can be several other reasons for losing the vision at work. No matter what caused your injury, you can claim compensation for loss of sight at work if you were not negligent at the time of the accident.

        How Much Compensation For Loss Of Sight In One Eye?

        The compensation for loss of eyesight in one eye depends on the extent of your vision. Let’s have a look at the average workers’ comp settlement for eye injury you can have.

        Type of Injury Estimated Amount of Compensation
        Total loss of sight in one eye with partial loss of sight in the other, with risk of further deterioration. £90,100 to £168,730
        Total loss of sight in one eye with partial loss of sight in the other £60,010 to £99,440
        Total loss of sight in one eye £51,460 to £61,690

        Keep in mind that no two cases have the same amount of compensation. It depends on the severity of your injury and a lot of other factors. The above-mentioned loss of sight in one eye compensation amounts are based on the average compensations of our experience.

        How Much Compensation For Eye Injury At Work?

        If you have lost the vision of both eyes or you have just mildly injured your eyes, the compensation would be different than the figures mentioned above. The compensation for eye injury differs from the compensation for loss of an eye. Let’s have a look at how much compensation you can get if you have lost both eyes or injured them at work.

        Type of Injury Estimated Amount of Compensation
        Compensation for loss of both eyes at work Somewhere around £252,180
        Incomplete loss of sight in one eye £22,230 to £36,960
        Minor permanent impairment of vision £8,550 to £19,690
        Minor eye injury £3,710 to £8,200

        No matter how minor your injury is, don’t hesitate to make your claim. It is your right. We are offering FREE consultation. So get in touch with us to know more about eye injury compensation amounts.

        What To Do After An Eye Injury At Work?

        It’s common to be confused about what to do after an eye accident at work. Whether you have lost your vision at work or injured your eye, here are a few steps that you should take to make it easier for you to get compensation.

        It’s better to get connected to us after the accident as soon as possible. From your hospital rounds to the collection of evidence and documentation, we will assist you at each step of getting workers comp eye injury settlement.

        What Does An Eye Injury Claim Cover?

        Before making eye injury or eye loss compensation, it’s better to have an idea of what type of expenses your eye injury claim covers. Here are a few types of expenses that are included in eye injury settlement amounts.

        There can be some other types of expenses that your eye injury settlement amount may cover. It depends on how much loss you have suffered because of your eye accident at work.

        Can I Make A No Win No Fee Eye Injury At Work Compensation?

        Yes, you can claim the No Win No Fee principle. Lawswood Claims helps you make a claim against your employer on a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). What it means is that we help you get workers compensation settlements for eye injury without charging even a penny.

        You don’t even have to pay any upfront charges or anything. You will only have to pay our nominal fee once you get your eye injury workers comp payout in your bank account.

        How To Claim For Eye Injury Compensation At Work?

        If you had an accident at work where you sustained an eye injury, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Whether you have lost your sight or just had a minor injury, you can claim compensation.

        Get connected to us via Whatsapp, email, fill the form or talk to our 24/7 live agent. We will have a meeting with you to discuss your case in detail. After that, we will take the case into our hands and our experts will get you the eye injury compensation you deserve.

        Whether you need any advice or have any queries, we can help you. So, Call us on 0330 223 5110 to Get our Help

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