In any serious condition that can lead to hearing loss or deafness, you can rightfully get your hearing loss claim. Hearing loss and deafness resulting from an injury also falls under medical conditions. Thus, medical insurance is applicable for such a disability.


      About Industrial Deafness Claims


      Hearing loss is the worst possible thing anyone can imagine. It is, however, not something entirely impossible. Some injuries can result in hearing loss for life. Any such condition comes under medical claims. If you are a victim of such a case, you can rightfully claim the money for any injury resulting in hearing loss.

      Lawswood claim helps its client to get their amount of claim as a result of any injury resulting in hearing loss. We offer professional injury claims services in England and Scotland on "No Win No Fee” compensation. We specialize in medical and health insurance claims.

      If you are having trouble in getting your hearing loss claim, let us handle your case. We can provide you with all the assistance. We will also help you claim the money that you deserve.


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      Why Choose Lawswood Claims


      When getting your industrial deafness claim, you should choose your injury claim specialists very wisely. Here are a few reasons why Lawswood Claims provides the best personal injury claim services when it comes to getting a hearing loss claim.

      A Team of Specialists

      We have a group of professionals who are the masters of filing hearing loss claims. All our experts take your case as their own and handle all the formalities of the case. No matter how complicated your case is, our specialists will take the matter in their hands and handle it according to their expertise. We know the in-depth process of filing an industrial deafness claim. Hence, you can get a sigh of relief after hiring Lawswood Claims because we deal with such matters professionally.

      Pay Only After Getting Your Claim

      When hiring Lawswood Claims, you do not have to worry about expenses. We know the primary concern of a person before hiring any claims management company is the price tag. There are a lot of people who hesitate to hire any representative because of the fee they have to pay. We understand your sorrows and do not demand even a penny from our clients while making their industrial deafness claim. Hence, you will only have to pay a 25% amount out of your hearing loss compensation.

      We Get Maximum Compensation for You

      The responsibility of the claimant does not end after filing the claim. The real trial begins after that. The situation gets a bit critical when you have to deal with the insurance claims adjuster. You may receive an initial offer and accept it by thinking it as enough money. Later on, you realize that you have got much less than you deserved. But we save you from this situation. Using our expertise in negotiation, we negotiate with the insurance company to get the maximum amount of compensation possible. In this way, you will get the amount of hearing loss compensation that you deserve.

      Expertise in Personal Injury Laws

      If you file your claim based on unprofessional knowledge, you may lose your amount of compensation. The reason why Lawswood Claims is the best company for you is because of our familiarity with the personal injury laws. We have been providing hearing loss claims in the whole of Scotland and England. That is why we know all the ins and outs of the system. We have proper expertise of personal injury laws of both regions which makes it easier for us to get your claim.

      Experience in Hearing Loss Compensation

      Some cases of hearing loss compensation are complex to deal with and require an expert to handle them. If you take such cases in our own hands, you may lose your amount of hearing loss claim. Lawswood Claims has the experts who have been dealing with industrial deafness claims for years. Hence, if you are suffering from hearing loss, you should get connected with us to get your amount of claim.


      Let us Protect you

      Let us Protect you


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        Frequently Asked Questions

        What Are The Symptoms of Industrial Deafness?

        Symptoms of industrial deafness include temporary or permanent lack of hearing, difficulty to hear in one or both ears, total loss of hearing in one or both ears etc.

        What Is The Time Limit for Industrial Deafness Claim?

        The time limit to file a hearing loss claim is usually three years. But, as it usually appears slowly, you should seek medical help and file your claim as early as possible.

        Will I Lose A Job If I Make Industrial Deafness Claim?

        No, you cannot be dismissed from the job making a hearing loss claim. If you still get sacked from the job, you can file a successful case of unfair dismissal against your employer.

        Who Will Pay My Hearing Loss Compensation?

        If you have got hearing loss because of the nature of your job, according to the Law, your employer will be liable to pay the compensation for your hearing loss.

        Can I Make an Industrial Deafness Claim?

        If you have been working in a noisy environment for a long time, you may be suffering from hearing loss. In such cases, you are entitled to get an industrial deafness claim.

        What Is The Average Payout for Hearing Loss Claim?

        The minor cases of hearing loss claims will get you around £5,000. But if your case is of serious nature, you may be entitled to more than £80,000 as your hearing loss compensation.

        Deafness or Hearing Loss Claim

        Do I Need any Injury Claim Specialist?

        There is no compulsion to hire any injury claim specialist to get your hearing loss compensation. But making a claim without hiring any specialist can be risky. You may not be able to get the amount of claim you deserve to get. We have an excellent record of making successful claims for hearing loss and deafness. There are a lot of difficulties you may face when making your claim. If you do not know how to handle those formalities, you may lose your amount of claim. But as we have been dealing with such cases for years, we help know how to deal with these formalities. Moreover, we help you get the amount of claim that covers all types of expenses.

        How Much Will I Be Charged For Filing A Claim?

        You may be looking to hire a specialist. But the charges of the companies might be holding you back from hiring any specialist. You may have a fear that you might have to pay the charges of the company. Even if you lose the claim. But you do not need to worry about this any longer. Lawswood Claims helps you get the amount of claim without charging anything in advance. Besides that, we do not charge any hidden charges from our clients. We deal with your case on your behalf and help you get the amount of claim. After winning your case, we will charge 25% of your amount of claim as our fee.

        How Do I Make a Hearing Loss Claim?

        When you come to know about your deafness due to your job, you should file the claim as soon as possible. To make your claim, contact us as quickly as you can. We arrange a free consultation with you to discuss your case in detail. Then we file a case on a No Win No Fee basis. We will gather the pieces of evidence and contact your employers directly to settle your case. But if this out of court settlement is not enough, then we take the case to court and file your claim. We will help you get the amount of claim that covers each and every expense related to your deafness.

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