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Fractures of broken bones at work can affect your life for months or years. They can also paralyse you for the rest of your life. If you fractured or broke your bone at work, you may be entitled to make a fractured bone claim. To claim your broken bone compensation, get in touch with us because we help you get a settlement amount for injury all across England and Scotland.


      About Fractured Bone Claim

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      From losing your job to your quality of life, breaking your bone at work can severely affect your life in many ways. You may have to spend a lot of money out of your pocket. But you shouldn’t be suffering all these miseries if the fault isn’t yours. Contact us to claim compensation for your broken bone in the UK.

      We have been dealing with all types of broken bone injury claims. Having years of experience is what gives us an edge in claiming broken bone settlements for workplace accidents. From the collection of evidence to claiming your compensation and negotiating with the claims adjuster, we take each step painstakingly. This way, we don’t only maximise your fractured bone compensation but also minimise the time it takes to get your claim money.

      From the time you hire us, we will handle everything on your behalf and you won’t have to fret about anything about your case. So contact us to discuss your case with our experts without paying anything. It’s because we are offering FREE initial consultation for all types of broken and fractured bone claims at work in the UK. So contact us to get expert advice.



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        Frequently Asked Questions About Fractured Bone Claim

        After a workplace accident that broke your bone, you may have plenty of questions in your mind about how to handle the situation, your eligibility for the claim and the average compensation for broken ribs or other bones. Let’s get started to get answers to the most frequently asked questions about broken bone claims in the UK.

        What Is A Broken or Fractured Bone Claim?

        First, let us know what a fracture is. A bone is said to be fractured when it gets cracked but doesn’t snap completely. When a bone completely gets split into two pieces, it is said to be a broken bone. Both fractured and broken bones are excruciatingly painful and you can claim compensation in both cases.

        A fractured or broken bone claim is the compensation money given to the victim of a workplace accident who has broken their bone in a workplace accident. Like other types of accident at work claims, it covers all the expenses incurred because of a broken bone. Plus, it also compensates for the pains and sufferings a victim goes through because of the accident.

        Can I Claim Compensation For A Broken Bone At Work?

        To claim compensation for a broken bone, you have to prove that the accident was caused due to the negligence of someone else. If you are entirely at fault, you may not be eligible to claim a settlement amount for it.

        For example, you have broken your jaw in a workplace accident due to a lack of safety at work. Here, you can claim broken jaw compensation from your employer. The compensation for a broken jaw will depend on how severe your injury is and how it has affected your life.

        You can also claim fractured bone compensation if you are partly at fault for the accident. In this case, your compensation money will be deducted as per your share of fault.

        Causes of Broken Bone At Work

        There are a lot of accidents that can fracture or break your bone at work. But here is a list of some of the most common causes of broken bones at work.

        No matter what broke your bone at work, you can claim compensation, if the negligence was not yours.

        Common Types of Broken Injury Claims

        Here are the most common types of broken injury claims people make in the UK.

        There can be other body parts as well that can be broken in a workplace accident and you can claim compensation for them like broken femur compensation. So contact us no matter which bone you have broken.

        What To Do After A Fractured/Broken Bone At Work?

        If it’s your unlucky day and you have fractured or broken your bone at work, here are a few steps you should take to increase the chances of getting your compensation money.

        Contact us after the accident to avoid all the hassles mentioned above. We will analyse your case and our experts will cater to all the things on your behalf.

        What Does A Fractured Bone Compensation Cover?

        As previously mentioned, a fractured bone compensation claim compensates you for all the expenses you had to bear because of your accident. Let’s have a look at the type of expenses commonly covered in broken bone settlements.

        How Much Compensation For A Broken/Fractured Bone At Work Claim UK?

        There are a lot of things on which the compensation money depends. The two most important ones include the type of fracture and the body part you have fractured.

        Upper Body Fracture Compensation

        Let’s have a look at the average compensation for a fractured or broken bone at work in the UK.

        Type of Fractured/Broken Bone Claim Broken Bone Settlements
        Severe Fractured skull claim £264,650 - £379,100
        Moderate skull fracture £14,380 - £264,650
        Mild skull fracture £2,070 - £11,980
        The average settlement for broken nose with Multiple or serious fractures £9,990 to £21,700
        Broken nose settlements for simple fractures Up to £4,790
        Serious Neck fracture or fractured spine £61,710 to £122,860
        Numerous facial bone fractures Up to £34,480
        Frontal facial bones le fort fractures £22,350 to £34,480
        Fractured cheekbone settlement £9,570 to £14,810
        compensation for a broken jaw £6,060 to £42,730
        Fractured shoulder claim £10,450 - £45,070
        Average compensation for broken ribs £3,710 - £140,870
        The average settlement for broken collarbone with no ongoing pain (broken clavicle settlement) £2,000 – £4,000
        Broken collarbone compensation payouts if there is ongoing pain (clavicle fracture compensation) Around £10,000
        The average settlement for fractured humerus £11,980 to £18,020
        Fractured vertebrae £36,390 to £65,440
        Fractured forearm £6,190 to £18,020
        Fractured wrist settlement Up to £9,620
        Severe fractures to fingers Up to £34,480
        Serious injury to middle fingers or ring finger £8,550 to £11,480
        Fractured index fingers £13,970 to £15,330
        Fractured thumb Up to £4,461

        Lower Body Fracture Compensation

        Here is the average compensation you can get for a broken or fractured lower body part at work.

        Type of Fractured/Broken Bone Claim Broken Bone Settlements
        Average compensation for a broken pelvis £36,770 to £122,860
        The average settlement for a broken femur £8,550 to £13,210
        Broken patella compensation requiring Total Knee Replacement £22,340 to £82,080
        Broken fibula workers comp settlement for a simple fracture Up to £11,110
        Broken tibia and fibula compensation £8,550 - £127,530
        Severely Fractured foot settlements £39,390 - £65,710
        Moderately Fractured foot compensation £12,900 - £23,460
        Mildly fractured foot £2,300 - £12,900
        Fractured ankle compensation £12,900 - £65,420
        Broken toe settlement £9,010 to £12,900

        If you have some other type of fracture claim which isn’t mentioned above, like calcaneus fracture settlement amount, don’t fret. Get in touch with our experts to know how much you can claim for your fractured bone at work.

        No Win No Fee Fractured Bone Claims

        Lawswood Claims helps you claim compensation for a broken or fractured bone at work on a No Win No Fee basis. It is a risk-free agreement between you and us where you won’t have to bear the risk of losing anything. Let’s see how it works.

        We don’t charge you anything before and during the claim process. You will only have to pay our predetermined fee after getting compensation money in your account. In a rare case, if the claim is unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay us anything.

        How To Claim Compensation For A Fractured/Broken Bone At Work?

        To claim your fractured bone compensation, get in touch with us. Book your FREE appointment with us by Whatsapp, email, talking to our chatting team, filling the form or calling us directly. Our experts will examine your case and let you know about your eligibility for the claim and the average compensation you can expect for your broken bone. After the agreement, we will start the injury claim process on your behalf.

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