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Brain Injury at work can change your life permanently. But don’t fret if you have sustained a brain injury at work in the UK. Lawswood Claims is here to help you get brain injury compensation. Not only the medical costs but our experts will get you every penny you have spent because of your work accident. Get our services now at the No Win No Fee principle.


      About Brain Injury Claims At Work

      brain injury at work

      Your employer must take care of your safety and health at work. But some employers show negligence in this regard. If you have the same case and you have conceived brain damage, you are eligible to make brain damage compensation against your employer. Get connected to us to get maximum compensation for your brain injury claim.

      Our work injury claim specialists specialise in making brain injury compensation claims in England and Scotland. So no matter where you have got injured, we are ready to help you everywhere. Not only this, we won’t charge you even a penny unless you win your case and get compensation in your account. That’s what makes us the most reliable personal injury claims management company for work injuries.

      Unlike some claims specialists, our job is to not only advise you. From gathering evidence to negotiating with the claims adjuster and maximising your brain injury workers comp settlement, we cater to everything. No matter how complicated your case is or whether you are unsure about your eligibility for the claim, get in touch with our experts for a FREE consultation. Click below to schedule your FREE Appointment with us.



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        Frequently Asked Questions About Brain Injury Claims

        There are a couple of questions about brain injury settlements that have confused everyone. But in this complete guide to brain injury claims, you will get answers to all of your queries in one place. Let’s have a look at some of the frequently asked questions about brain injury compensation claims at work.

        What Is Brain Injury Claim?

        A brain injury claim is a compensation for the injuries to a person’s brain. For instance, you have sustained a brain injury at work. After the injury, you have to get immediate medical attention. You may lose your earnings due to the disability to work. You may also have to get care at home that can cost you heavily. Plus, there can be lots of other expenses as well.

        Luckily, you can claim compensation for all these expenses. This amount of compensation is known as brain injury compensation. It covers all these expenses so you won’t have to worry about spending out of your pocket.

        Am I Eligible To Get Brain Injury Compensation Amount?

        If you want to know about the eligibility criteria for making a brain injury claim at work, here it is.

        You are eligible for brain injury compensation at work if you have sustained this injury at work due to the negligence of someone else, you are eligible to claim against your employer.

        There can be several types of injuries that can make you eligible for the claim. For instance, the most common type of traumatic brain injury is a concussion at work. If you had a concussion while at work, you can make a concussion claim at work.

        What Does My Brain Injury Compensation Cover?

        A serious brain injury can impact your overall life, not just your work. That’s why brain injury compensation payouts include everything. Let’s have a look at what type of expenses are included in your brain injury compensation amount.

        These are some compensation types and expenses a typical mild or traumatic brain injury compensation covers. But your compensation can cover several other expenses depending on the severity and repercussions of your brain injury.

        How Much Compensation For Brain Injury Claim?

        Before making a claim, you should know about the average brain injury compensation payouts you can have. Let’s have a look at the average compensation payout for a brain injury you can get.

        Type of Brain Injury Brain Injury Settlement Amounts
        Compensation for a minor head or brain injury £1,880 – £10,890
        Less severe brain injuries £13,070 – £36,740
        Moderate brain injuries £36,740 – £186,890
        Compensation for moderately severe brain damage £186,890 – £240,590
        Very severe brain injury £240,590 – £344,640

        These estimates are based on our past experience in making brain injury claim at work. Your amount can be less or more than the above-mentioned. It depends on the severity of your injury and its impacts on your life.

        You can also use a brain injury compensation calculator to estimate your compensation money. But a better idea is to consult our specialists who can help you estimate the average brain injury compensation payouts.

        Is There A Difference Between Brain Injury Claims And Head Injury Claims?

        Though both these cases may look the same, that’s not correct. Brain injury can be caused even without a head injury. A head injury can be damage to your skull usually caused by a forceful hit in the head.

        Read More about Head Injury At Work

        On the other hand, a brain injury is a damage to your brain that is inside your skull. It can be more severe. A brain injury can even be caused due to the forceful to and fro motion of the brain in your skull without even a head injury, such as a concussion.

        Time Limit To File A Brain Injury Compensation Claim?

        Brain injury is also a type of personal injury. If you have sustained a brain injury at work, the same laws apply as on the other types of personal injury claims. So you have 3 years to make brain injury compensation claims after your work accident.

        However, there can be certain exceptions to this rule. So always discuss with us before making any assumptions. We may figure out a way to make your brain claim even after three years.

        Can I Lose My Job For Making A Brain Injury Claim?

        According to UK laws, your employer cannot fire you for making a brain damage claim. No matter how minor or severe your accident is, you can claim compensation for brain injury. You can claim unfair dismissal from the job if your employer fires you for demanding your brain injury claim amount.

        How To Make A Brain Injury Claim?

        If you have sustained a brain injury at work, get connected to us. We handle all the formalities on your behalf whether you have traumatic brain injury settlements or a minor injury. To file a brain injury claim, follow these steps.

        Whether you want to make a Brain Injury Compensation Claim or have any query, Call us on 0330 223 5110 to Get our Help

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