How To Win Nightclubs Injury Claims With No Win No Fee Asurance

By: evelyn | Date: 2021-01-11

If you have sustained an injury in a nightclub, we are here to help you out with it and get you the maximum compensation for your injury. With our No Win No Fee assurance, you won’t have to pay even a penny until you win the case and get your compensation in your hands.

We are going to share with you a detailed guide on making a nightclub injury claim if you have sustained an injury working in a bar or club.

Working in a place with lowlights, among people filled with excessive alcohol, the floor filled with broken glass, and slippery dance floors is never risk-free. You can sustain an injury at any time. However, it is the responsibility of your employer to take care of your safety in the workplace. Therefore, you can make a claim against your owner for getting injured in a club.

Though we have already told you about how to file bar and club injury claims, we didn’t tell you what to do after an accident at work. Plus, we also didn’t tell you how you can make a claim on a No Win No Fee basis after a nightclub injury. Therefore, let’s get started. 

Can I Make A Night Club Injury Claim?

Not every workplace injury makes you eligible for a workplace injury claim. There are certain conditions that need to be met. You can make an accident at work claim against your employer for getting injured in a nightclub if you have sustained an injury in the last three years and the fault was of someone else. After getting injured, you have three years to make a claim. There are still two questions that you need to get the answers of.

1. Can I Make A Work Injury Claim If I Am Under 18?

The rules for making an injury at work claim for under 18 are different than that of adults. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a nightclub injury claim. Your guardian, parent or litigation friend can pursue the claim on your behalf. You can also make your own workplace injury claim once you turn 18. After that, you have three years to make your claim till you reach 21.

2. How Will I Prove Who Caused My Nightclub Injury?

This one is a tricky question because it depends on how the accident happened and some other factors. But that’s not something impossible. Our injury claim specialist will work on your behalf and figure out who was at fault for the accident. Plus, we will also help you make a successful work accident compensation claim. From taking the help of CCTV cameras to questioning your employer, there are countless tricks up our experts’ sleeve to prove you innocent.

3. Is The Nightclub Owner Responsible For My Injury?

Employers have certain duties towards their employees. From their training and providing safety equipment to their health and safety, it is the employer’s duty. It is the legal duty of the club owner to make sure that the workers aren’t exposed to unnecessary or foreseeable risks. Owners should carry out risk assessments in this regard. If they fail to do so, it may result in the injury of a worker. Under this condition, the employer is at fault for the accident. Therefore, your employer is responsible for your injury at a nightclub.

What To Do After An Injury In A Nightclub?

Though we have already told you about the 12 steps to take after an injury at work, yet there are some most crucial points that should be discussed multiple times. Hre we will let you know of the four essential steps for collecting the evidence for making a successful nightclub injury compensation. Let’s have a look at four things you should do after an injury in a nightclub to make a work injury compensation claim. 

1. Photograph The Scene

Photographs are the most crucial piece of evidence when it comes to making a work injury claim. Soon after you get injured at a nightclub, first, make sure that you are not badly injured.  After that, grab your mobile phone and start capturing pictures. If you are badly injured, ask your colleague or someone else to do the job for you.

2. Photograph Your Injuries

There may be a chance where you have sustained some severe injuries that include bleeding as well. It’s the best idea to include these injuries too when photographing the scene of the accident. Take your pictures or ask someone else to do this. It may help you in increasing your injury compensation.

3. Contact The Witnesses

This one is also a vital piece of evidence to prove your stance. Nightclubs are often filled with people. In the hustle and bustle of nightclub patrons, there is a good chance that many people may have seen your accident. Why not turn them into your eye-witnesses to make your claim stronger? Therefore, just contact them and get their names, addresses and phone numbers for future use.

4. Seek The Security Camera Footage

The UK is already world-famous for millions of surveillance cameras on its streets. Your nightclub would definitely have a camera that may have recorded your accident. It is your legal right to get a copy of this footage. Thus, make your case even stronger with this footage.

What Does My Nightclub Injury Claim Cover?

First, your injury claim would cover all general expenses that include pain, suffering and loss of amenity (PSLA). Other than that, It also includes special damages. Specials damages compensate you for the financial losses and expenses you have borne as a result of the accident. They include

  • Lost earnings (including future earnings)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medical treatment costs
  • Travel costs
  • Costs of adapting your home or car
  • Costs of care

How To Win Your Claim With Our No Win No Fee Assurance?

We are here to help you get your nightclub injury claim with our No Win No Fee offer. Discuss your case with and we will make your claim on this Conditional fee agreement. Under this agreement, you won’t have to pay even a penny until your case is pending. You will only have to pay our fee once you win your case and get your compensation. That’s why to get connected to us and get your nightclub injury claim without paying anything out of your pocket. 

If you have any more questions, here is the accident at work claims guide to get your answers. 

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