Why Fake Whiplash Claims are a Problem for the UK?

By: admin | Date: 2020-03-27

Each year, insurance companies spend millions of pounds on investigating and providing whiplash claims in the UK. Hundreds of thousands of car accidents happen each year. Out of these accidents, thousands of people claim for whiplash compensation for their injuries. It is easy money and you can easily get compensation if you can prove your injury. That is why the ratio of whiplash claims is too high as compared to the other types of personal injury claims.

But all the claims are not genuine nor all the people, who claim, deserve to get injury claims. There are a lot of cases of fraud. Some are minor while some frauds cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to the insurance companies. In this article, you will come to know about fake whiplash claims and why they are rising in the UK. Moreover, we will also analyse what the British Government is doing to control these claims.

What is a Genuine Whiplash Claim?

When a person conceives a whiplash injury in any mishap and the fault is not its own, it is a natural whiplash injury. In such a case, if the injured person files the claim, it is a genuine whiplash injury claim.

What is a Fake Whiplash Claim?

A fake whiplash is a case where a person knows that one is not deserving to get a whiplash claim but still files the claim. In such cases, the claimant tampers the documents and reports for its benefit. The claimant provides false reports and tries to get a whiplash claim compensation using unethical ways.

Can You Fake Whiplash?

It is an illegal activity and a fraud to fake whiplash. But the truth is, there are a lot of people who are involved in this unethical practice. Among all the types of personal injury claims, whiplash is on the top when it comes to fake cases. The reason is that it is relatively easier to manipulate and fake a whiplash than the other types of personal injuries. The reason for such a high ratio is that it is hard to detect whether a case is fake or not. It is because the symptoms of whiplash often appear late.

How Much Fake Whiplash Claims Cost UK?

Aviva is the largest insurance company in the UK. According to a report by Aviva, fake whiplash cases cost the company with £90 million in the UK in 2017. It means that each day, the company was paying £246,000 to the people who do not deserve to get compensation for them. It shows an increase of 6.3% in fake cases of injury claims as compared to the previous year.

Why Fake Whiplash Claims are a Problem for the UK?

According to a report, whiplash injury claims cost the UK with £2 Billion each year. According to the insurance companies, it is more than twice the average of the Netherlands, Spain, and France. If people start making fake claims, then it creates huge trouble for the country. The biggest problem is that these cases make it difficult for those people to get their claims who actually deserve to get a claim. Due to the fake claims, the scrutiny for whiplash claims is tightened. Now the claimants have to go through a lot of formalities to get their amount of compensation.

What Government is Doing is About Fake Whiplash Claims?

The government of the UK has introduced new reforms about whiplash claims. They are known as Whiplash Reforms 2020. According to the new reforms, the rules for whiplash claims have been changed a lot. It is done to reduce the number of fake cases. In these reforms, the amount of compensation has been fixed for the small claims. Moreover, they cannot hire any legal representative for minor whiplash injury claims. The Government of the UK has also tightened the scrutiny for the whiplash injury claims. These were some measures that were taken by the Government of the UK to reduce the number of fake whiplash injury claims.


Frauds in whiplash injury claims had created a lot of problems in the UK. Especially those people who really deserve to get the claim, get exploited. It is complicated for them to get their share of compensation. But if we look at the positive side, the Government is taking a lot of measures to reduce fake cases.

    Reasons of why Fake Whiplash Claims are Problem for the UK
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