8 Things You Should Not Do After An Accident At Work

By: evelyn | Date: 2020-12-22

Despite that, the laws of the UK are strict about the workers’ safety at work, workplace accidents are still a matter of routine. Some industries have fewer accidents while others have new cases of workplace accidents every fresh morning. Luckily, workers can make an accident at work claim if they sustained an injury at work due to the negligence of someone else. If you are a worker and you know about what to do after an accident at work, you can make a successful injury at work claim in the UK. 

Mostly, workers are aware of a few rights about their workplace accident claims. Unfortunately, they don’t know about the mistakes they make when making the accident at work claims. It is equally significant to know what you should never do after a workplace to make a successful claim. Without having this knowledge, you may even lose your claim money despite being eligible for it. The insurance claims adjuster may easily trick you to confess that you were at fault for the accident and deny your claim showing you guilty for the accident. 

But it won’t happen to you. Because we are here to reveal the eight things that you should never ever do after a workplace accident if you want to get your workplace accident claim. Let us get started with our list.

Never Flee From After An Accident At Work

On number one, we have the one where most victims of workplace accidents make a mistake. Assuming running away an easy escape, they flee from the place of the accident. This isn’t the case especially when you have sustained an injury at work. In a workplace injury, you should never ever run away from the site of the accident. Instead, ask your colleagues for help and demand the first aid kit. There must be a first aider in your company. The mistake of running away can backfire and your employer may instead ask you to compensate for the financial losses you made in the accident.

Don’t Speak Much About The Accident

This is the mistake that no one talks about. However, it can be a huge blunder that may lead to the denial of your work accident claim. What happens is that victims talk about the workplace accident with everyone and get conflicting opinions from everyone. Everyone suggests some actions based on their knowledge and victims either get confused about what to do, or they do something that they are not supposed to. As a result, they lose their work-related injury claim. Keep in mind that you should only discuss your case with injury claim specialists and not with everyone else.

Never Accept Your Fault

After the accident, when your manager comes, don’t expect them to be nice and gentle. Typically, what happens is that they show up at the place of the accident with a frowned look on their face. They just want to realise that you are at fault for the accident. If you get scared of their attitude and start saying sorry or utter anything that shows you are negligent for the accident, you may put yourself in trouble. That is why you should stay calm and focus on your injuries.

Don’t Neglect The Petty Expenses

Wherever you read about the expenses you can cover in a workplace accident compensation, you will find hospital bills, work-related benefits, and loss of earnings. However, that’s not all. There are a number of other expenses that you paid out of pocket after the accident. If they are linked with your workplace accident, then you have a right to demand compensation for them. For instance, you can recover all the travel expenses you have made due to the hospital visits after your workplace injuries. To reimburse these expenses, keep track of them and demand compensation when making a work accident injury claims.

Don’t Forget To Report The Accident

Forgetting to record the accident may cost you terribly. It is a legal requirement to let your managers know about the accident at work. You should go and ask the manager to make a proper entry in the accident book. Failure to do so will be considered your fault and you may even lose your claim money due to the accident. If the manager refuses to record the accident, send an email to them about describing the accident. It will act as proof that you informed your manager.

Don’t Show Hurry In Filing An Accident At Work Claim

This one is also one of the most ignored mistakes that victims of a workplace accident often make. What happens is that they want to reimburse all the money they have spent as soon as possible. It can have certain consequences. You may have insufficient proof to make a successful workplace injury claim. Other than that, your treatment may be ongoing and you may not properly estimate the future medical, travel expenses and loss of earnings. It will seriously undervalue your workplace injury compensation.

Never Confide In To The Claims Adjuster

This is the point where most workplace injury victims get trapped. The insurance company of your employer will assign a claims adjuster to investigate your case. The adjuster may show that they are working in your best interest but that’s not the case. Until you realise that the claims adjuster is, in fact, playing a trick on you, you may have damaged your case already. What happens is that victims often tend to follow the claims adjuster’s advice and get trapped into either giving a recorded statement or some other similar trick. Subsequently, they lose their workplace injury claims. 

Don’t Fall For The First Settlement Offer

When you are dealing with a claims adjuster, the adjuster may make a settlement offer after some investigation of the case. If you accept this offer, you won’t get more than this.  But you shouldn’t. Use whatever evidence you have and try to maximise your claim money. Using your medical reports, and negotiation skills demand all the travel expenses, loss of earnings, work-related benefits, and any other expenses connected to your workplace injury.

Dealing with a claims adjuster won’t be easy for you. There are high chances to lose your claim money when dealing with such experts. That is why let us handle your case. Take care of your health and focus on your work. Leave all the formalities, evidence-collection and negotiations on us. We will cater to everything on our own. Wanna make a successful accident at work claim, get connected to us.

    Things You Should Not Do After An Accident At Work
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