10 Steps To Deal With Accident At Work

By: evelyn | Date: 2020-11-12

Despite taking all precautionary measures, workplace injuries are still getting common. Though employers should provide their workers with safe working conditions, some of them don't care about it. As a result, workers sustain injuries in the workplace. Therefore we have made a comprehensive guide on 10 steps to deal with accident at work claims that you must follow.

The dilemma is that the workers do not know about their rights. They don't know how to deal with workplace accidents. This is why they often remain deprived of making a successful accident at work claim. Mostly, workers even do not know whether they can make a workplace injury claim or not. 

Let us clear all these confusions. We are going to share with you the 10 steps to deal with accident at work that will make you a pro in dealing with injuries at work. Let us get started to know how to deal with accidents at work to make a successful work injury claim.

1. Ensure Your Safety And Get First Aid

On top of the list, we have something related to your own safety. What can be more valuable than your own protection? Soon after the accident, you should immediately get first aid. Apply bandages to the wounds and call an ambulance if needed. It's better to ask your coworkers for help. It will make it easier for you to manage things. Get away from the place of the accident as soon as you can to avoid getting an injury from the debris of the accident.

2. Take Photos Of The Accident Place

Photographs are a valuable piece of evidence. It can help you strengthen your case and make it easier for you to get a work accident claim. With the help of the pictures, you can prove that the accident was not caused by your fault. You can present a clear picture of the damages. Thus, it will make it easier for you to maximise your compensation money.

After the accident, it's better to take pictures from every possible angle that covers the entire place of the accident. Also, take pictures of your personal belongings if they were damaged in the place of the accident. There is a chance that you may have sustained some severe injuries that stop you from doing this. If this is the situation, you should ask someone else to do this for you and take the pictures for you.

3. Get Contact Details Of The Witnesses

There is a good chance that you may find some people near you who may have seen you getting injured. What most people don't know is that these witnesses can be extremely useful if utilised properly. They can help you make your arguments stronger and prove that the accident was not caused by your fault. Hence, you can significantly reduce the time of getting your injury at work claim.

Get in touch with them immediately and convince them to become your witness for making an injury claim at work. Don't forget to get their details. The details should include their names, phone numbers, and addresses. If you can convince them, get a written or recorded statement from them about the description of the accident. In this way, they cannot back out of their words due to the pressure from the employer.

4. Report The Accident To Your Manager

Do not try to run away from the place of the accident. It will make you dodgy in front of your manager. They may start thinking that the accident was your fault, and you may not even get your workplace accident claim. Always confront the situation and talk to your manager or supervisor about the accident.

Tell your manager in detail about how and exactly when the accident happened. How many injuries did you get? Some victims start exaggerating the situation and claim a number of things that are not even true. Subsequently, it gets really tough for them to prove these claims. You should stick to the facts when reporting the workplace accident.

5. Record The Accident

This is one of the most crucial step in dealing with accidents at work. Never ever forget to record your workplace accident. Only reporting it to your manager isn't enough. They can deny that in the future and claim that they didn't know about the accident. It will make your case weaker because it is necessary to report the accident. To avoid getting into this kind of problem, always go to the relevant person and make sure that your accident is recorded with proper description, date, and time.

In the UK, every business must have an accident book that has 10 or more employees. You should ask the manager to record the accident in this book. Businesses try to minimise their entries in the accident book. That is why they may be reluctant to record your accident. If this happens, you can use witnesses' statements and photographs to prove the accident. Plus, you can send a recorded delivery letter to a registered office of the workplace listing and keep its receipt and copy as proof.

6. Claim The Copy of CCTV Footage

Besides pictures, having CCTV footage is an undeniable piece of evidence. Most of the workplaces have CCTV cameras for security purposes. There is a possibility that your workplace may also have a camera that may have captured your accident. It is a great help and makes it easier for the victims to get their injury at work claims.

Go to the relevant person and ask them for a copy of the CCTV footage. Tell them about the time and place of the accident and ask them for this copy. It is your legal right to have this copy. That is why don't feel hesitant to demand it.

7. Check If You Can Get Statutory Sick Pay

After the accident, you may not be able to work for some weeks or even months in some cases. Luckily, you can get a Statutory Sick Pay, aka SSP. You are legally entitled to get Statutory Sick Pay if you are not self-employed.

You can also check your contract to see if there is any clause for giving a sick leave in case of an injury at work. If your contract does not have any such clause or provision, go through your staff handbook or intranet.

8. Follow Proper Medical Procedure

Medical reports play a vital role in getting accidents at work claims. These reports not only help you prove that you conceived injuries in a workplace accident. But they are also decisive in the amount of compensation you will get.

One of the most common mistakes that victims make is that they don't follow proper medical procedures. Thinking that their injuries are minor, some even don't go to a health specialist. It not only creates some critical problems for their health in some cases. But also diminishes the amount of

When the insurance claims adjusters calculate the compensation money, they also take into consideration the medical expenses a victim had to bear. Hence, the more accurate reports you will have, the workplace injury claims the victims get. That is why you should properly follow the whole medical process until you are declared fit by your doctor.

9. Keep Track Of Every Document

There is no use of going through all the steps mentioned before if you cannot keep proper track of everything. You may not have to present all the pieces of evidence at once, But you may play the right card at the right time. It will not be easy to do this when you are haphazardly managing things and can't find the right piece of evidence at the right time.

If you don't make a proper file of all evidence, you may lose your injury at work claim despite having all the proofs needed. Make a proper file and keep track of everything. No matter how petty an expense is, it is related to your workplace injury, keep it safe. Don't throw any receipt, medical bill, or report. You never know what may be a key to making a successful workplace injury claim.

10. Hire Injury Claim Specialists

It is not easy for victims to go through all the steps mentioned above. Even these are just a few most prominent steps to deal with accident at work and are not all in all. There is much more than this. It's not feasible for any victim to spend months doing this without having any expertise in the field. Besides collecting evidence, one of the biggest complications is to deal with a claims adjuster. All these problems make it highly unlikely for the victims to get their work injury claims themselves.

This is where injury claims specialists come into play. Having expertise in work injury claims, they know how to handle the case efficiently. Not only this, a claims specialist handles all formalities on behalf of their clients. In this way, the victims do not have to go through any formality of collecting and managing the evidence and dealing with a claims adjuster.

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