5 Steps For Filing An Injury At Work Claim

By: evelyn | Date: 2020-11-30

Workplace injuries can be serious and may cost you hundreds of pounds along with giving you excruciating pains. However, if the negligence isn’t yours, you should not pay even a penny out of your pocket. Plus, it is your right to get compensation for the pains and sufferings you had to bear after the accident. Hence, you can make an injury at work claim if you’re living in the UK. It will make up for the financial losses you suffered after the accident. 

When it comes to injury at work rights, workers are mostly unaware of them. Even if they are aware, they don’t know how to make a work injury claim. Having a lack of expertise and experience in the fields, victims often lose their claim money. But this should come to an end. We are going to share with you the complete procedure of making an injury at work claim. Following these tips, you can make a successful claim. But it is better to know about some basics before demanding compensation for the injuries at work.

What Is An Injury At Work Claim?

Injury at work claim is the compensation money that the victims of a work injury get. Those who get injured at work due to the negligence of someone else are entitled to get compensation for their pains and sufferings. Let us know how the compensation for injuries at work works.

In the UK, every employer must have an insurance policy for the health and safety of their workers. They are bound to provide their workers with a safe working environment at the workplace. If an employer fails to provide this safety, the workers may get injured at work. In this case, they can make an injury at work claim.

After the injury, the employer makes a claim against the employer. But the employer won’t pay out of their own pocket. Instead, the employer’s insurance company will pay. The insurance company will assign a claim adjuster to the case. The adjuster is an expert in determining whether a person is eligible for a work injury claim or not. They also determine the compensation money the victim is entitled to get. After the investigation, the worker will either get the claim money or the company will deny the claim declaring the victim to be ineligible for it.

Now let us have a thorough look at the steps you should take to get your injury at work claim in the UK.

1. Follow Up Your Medical Treatment

Medical treatment plays a key role in getting your work injury claim. It’s not just about recovering from your injuries but it is also helpful in your claim. After getting injured at work, immediately reach to a doctor and start getting medical assistance. Going only one time or once in a blue moon isn’t going to be beneficial for you. Rather, your doctor would probably want you to have more visits to their clinic. Do as the doctor says.

Some victims quit their medical treatment in the middle of nowhere thinking themselves to have recovered from injuries. You can recover all these expenses when you make a work injury claim. Then why quit the treatment? It is also a great way to maximise your compensation money.

2. Keep Recording Every Expense

You’re not a supercomputer that can recall the expense you bore after the accident in a fraction of a second when dealing with a claims adjuster. Nor you are a credible person in the adjuster's eyes. Without having a proper record, you cannot justify the total expenses associated with your injuries at work. That is why you should record even the pettiest expense that is related to your injuries at work.

You can maximise your compensation only when you have accurate medical records and reports. The insurance adjuster may make you a settlement offer flaunting it to cover all your expenses. However, that is not true. This amount of compensation isn’t enough to cover all the expenses you made after getting injured at work. You can negotiate with the adjuster to increase your compensation For that, you have to rely on the documents you have. Hence, you should keep track of everything to prove your stance and maximise your compensation money.

Keeping track of the documents doesn’t only include medical reports and receipts in it. But it also encompasses the travel expenses you made when getting the treatment, your loss of earnings, expenses for the structural changes if you made any. Recording all these things will not only help you make a strong injury at work claim but you. But you can get the optimum amount of compensation for your injuries.

3. It’s Time To Notify Your Employer

After you have decided to get your injury at work rights, it’s time to notify your employer. Write a letter of claim to your employer to let them know about your intentions of demanding compensation. Here’s what you should include in your letter of claim.

  1. Your personal details including your name, address and national insurance number.
  2. A brief description of how the accident happened
  3. Reasons why you think your employer is responsible
  4. A description of the law that permits you to make such a claim
  5. A proper description of your injuries that includes your physical as well as your psychiatric injuries. If you haven’t recovered yet, write it down as well. 
  6. A description of the financial losses that are associated with your injuries at work. Also, state any ongoing expenses.
  7. A description of the loss of earnings due to your work injury. 
  8. A request to ask your employer for sending a copy of all the relevant documents to your case. 
  9. A request to your employer for sending a copy of this letter to their insurance company. 

4. Issue Proceedings, If Necessary

In some cases, it gets complicated to settle the case out of court. Hence, you may have to involve the court to get your work injury claim. In this case, you will have to contact the court. This step is known as issuing proceedings. Complete certain documents and pay the court’s legal fee. Then send the relevant documents to the court and the trial will begin. After the trial, you will get your compensation if you are eligible for it.

5. Contact Work Injury Claim Specialists

To make a successful claim, you should contact injury claim specialists to deal with your case. Getting your injury at work rights isn’t easy. There are a bunch of intricacies to deal with. Hence, our professional work injury claim specialists are here to cater to all these formalities. You won’t have to do anything on your own.

The moment you make a plan to get your work injury compensation, get in touch with us. We will examine your case and handle it according to our strategies so that we make a successful claim. The best part is that you won’t have to pay even a single penny until you win your case. We will only charge you when you win your case.

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