5 Steps For Filing Accident At Work Claims

By: evelyn | Date: 2020-11-27

Have you conceived an injury in an accident at work? You may be entitled to get a work accident claim. Mostly, victims of a work accident are often unaware of their rights after an accident at work. They don't know whether they can make accidents at work claims or not. Additionally, some are unaware of how to make an accident at work claim. There is tons of content you can find on the internet about the accident at work claims. But you may rarely find the steps to make a claim after a work accident. 

Fret not when we're here. You are at the right place. In this post, we are going to share with you the five simple steps to make an accident at work claim in the UK. We will go step by step to unveil the whole procedure of making a work injury claim. Let us get straight to the point without getting sidetracked. But before that, you ought to know:

What Are Accident At Work Claims?

Before delving into the steps to file a work injury claim, it's better to know about some basics. Accident at work claims is the amount of compensation that the workers of accidents at work are entitled to.

When an employer gets injured in a work accident, they file a claim against their employer for being negligent about the worker's safety. The insurance claims adjuster investigates the case and decides whether you're eligible for the compensation or not. If you are eligible, then what's the optimum compensation amount you should get.

Now the question comes about your eligibility for the accident at work claim. The rules are pretty straightforward. You can make a work injury claim if you have conceived an injury at work due to the negligence of someone else. If your employer was negligent about your safety at work and sustained a workplace injury, you are eligible to make an accident at work claim.

Let us have a look at the steps you should take to get your accident at work claim in the UK.

1. Get Medical Assistance

The first thing you need to do is to have a proper medical checkup for your injuries. If your doctor recommends you for further treatment, you should properly follow it. Some victims often mistake not following up on their medical procedure, thinking their injuries to be minor. No matter how minor they are, you must go to your doctor. Your medical reports play a key role in the calculation of your compensation. If you take it lightly, you may either lose your compensation money or get less than you actually deserve to get. Hence, contact your medical specialist after the accident as soon as you can.

2. Keep Track Of All The Reports

You may get hale and hearty after following up on your treatment, but it won't be helpful if you don't keep track of everything. The next crucial step is to organise all your medical reports. It will make it easier for you to present the right report at the right time when dealing with an insurance claims adjuster. If you don't keep track of your reports, you may find yourself on pins and needles when you need it while making the accident at work claims.

The insurance claims adjuster may present you with a settlement offer that may not be enough for you. You can have a look at your medical reports and analyse whether the compensation is enough for you or not. Based on these reports, you can negotiate with the insurance claims adjuster and maximise your compensation money.

Not only the medical reports, but you have certain travel expenses associated with your hospital rounds. Every time you visit a doctor's clinic or a hospital, you either spend some money on fuel or pay the bus or taxi fare. It is your right to get compensation for this money. Hence, keep track of these receipts along with the hospital bills to make a successful claim.

3. Write A "Letter of Claim"

After you have gathered this information, it's time to let your employer know that you are going to make an accident at work claim. Therefore, you will send a letter of claim to your employer. This letter should have:

  1. Your personal details include your name, address, and national insurance number.
  2. A summary of how the accident happened.
  3. Some reasons why you consider your employer is liable for your accident.
  4. A description of that particular law that you are relying on to make the work injury claim against your employer.
  5. A complete description of your injuries, including both physical and psychiatric. If you have not recovered from injuries, write it in the letter as well.
  6. A summary of your financial expenses that are related to your work accident. You should also state any ongoing expenses. 
  7. A clear depiction of loss of earnings in your letter by estimating the time you could not come to work. 
  8. A request where you ask your employer to send a copy of documents relevant to your case. Employers must send you these copies. 
  9. A request that your employer should send a copy of this letter of claim to their insurers.

Your employer's insurance company will show reluctance in accepting this letter of claim. But they will have to accept it if our injury claim specialists have drafted it. That is why it's better to avoid writing the letter of claim on your own.

4. Issue Proceedings

Sometimes, a letter of claim isn't enough to draw the attention of your employer or their insurance company. They don't investigate your case impartially and don't offer you a reasonable settlement amount. This is the time you should involve the court in your case. This step is known as issuing proceedings. To issue proceedings, you have to complete certain documents, pay the court's legal fee, and send your medical reports to the court. After the trial, the court will determine the amount of compensation you are eligible to get.

5. Hire Work Injury Claim Specialists

This isn't the last step in making a claim. In fact, it is the first and the most important step in making the accident at work UK-based claims. You should get in touch with our injury claim specialists from the day you decide to make your claim. You don't only need time and money to claim your compensation. But having in-depth knowledge of the field is key to success in accidents at work claims.

Our experts will cater to all the formalities of your claim the day you hire us. No need to collect medical reports, write a letter of claim, handle the court formalities, and deal with your employer on your own. We will cater to everything on our own. You can make accidents at work claim even if you don't have a penny in your pocket. We will only charge you when you win your case and get the compensation money. Get in touch with us now to make your claim and get your right.

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