How To Make Self Employed Accident At Work Claim

By: evelyn | Date: 2020-11-20

There is a common assumption among self-employed workers that only workers of a company are eligible for a work injury claim. They assume that they are ineligible to make an injury claim as they are not working for one particular company. Is this really the case?

Can you make an accident at work claim if you get injured in a workplace accident when not working for a particular company? Whom will you report the accident to? Against whom you will make an injury at work claim if you are self-employed? It’s time to get answers to all these questions. Let us know everything about making a claim when a self-employed hurt themselves at the workplace.

FAQs About Self Employed Accident At Work Claims

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when filing accident at work claims if you are self-employed.

Am I Eligible For An Accident At Work Claim If I Am Self-Employed?

People often have a misconception about their eligibility when they are not working under someone. In the UK, all businesses must have Employers Liability Insurance. They are bound to conform to the rules and regulations of the Health and Safety Regulation of the UK. If the businesses show any negligence is meeting these requirements or following these rules, a workplace accident may happen. Under such circumstances, workers can make injury at work claims.

But what about those who are not working for any company. What if a self-employed worker gets hurt at work? In certain situations, you can make a work accident claim even if you are self-employed and get injured at work. You may think that you don’t have the same rights as a permanent employee of a company but doesn’t mean that you are not eligible for an accident at work claim.

If there is someone else who is at fault for your workplace injury, you have the right to make a claim. You are eligible to make a claim under certain conditions. You may still be confused about whom to blame for your accident. What are your rights if you get injured at work being a self-employed person? We highly recommend connecting our injury claim specialists. We give consultation absolutely free of any cost. We will give you insights into how you can make your claim successful.

Who Should I Report My Workplace Injury If I Am Self-Employed?

You may not be a permanent member of a company but maybe working for them on wages. If you get injured, you should report to the person you normally do. Reporting your injury is necessary. Failure to do so may weaken your workplace injury claim and add to the hurdles you face when filing compensation for an accident at work. If you are not working for a company but doing it privately for someone, report to the respective person who has hired you.

What To Do If You Are Self Employed And Injured At Work?

This one is really crucial. You should know what to do after an accident at work when you are self-employed. The first thing you ought to do is get medical assistance as soon as possible. If there are any witnesses around you, immediately approach them and get their details. The details should include their names, phones numbers and addresses. In this way, you can contact them when you need their testimony to verify your accident.

Don’t only rely on the witnesses but also photograph the place of the accident. Make sure to cover all the angles in your photos. It’s better to ask someone else to click your photos to show your injuries. Also, photograph your personal belongings if you see any damage to them. Additionally, look around you for any CCTV camera. If you find any, contact the owner and request the copy of the footage. It will be extremely beneficial to strengthen your case.

However, there are a bunch of other intricacies to deal with after you get injured at the workplace. Taking any wrong step may make things more complicated for you. To efficiently deal with them, get connected to us. We are here to handle all the formalities on your behalf. We will collect all the evidence on your behalf and make a successful work injury compensation claim for you.

How Much Compensation Can You Get If You Sustain A Work Injury As Self-Employed?

There is no rule of thumb for the amount of compensation you get for a work injury. There are several factors that affect compensation money. It may lead to an inaccurate estimation of your claim money without considering these factors. Here are a few things that may affect your amount of claim money if you are injured at work being self-employed.

  • Hiring an injury claim specialist
  • Future loss of income
  • Structural changes due to the injuries
  • Your medical treatment
  • Travel expenses for getting medical treatment

The compensation money isn’t only limited to the factors mentioned above. Even after considering these factors, you may still not lead to a reliable figure. To get this figure, consult our claims specialist. We will estimate the amount of compensation you are rightfully eligible for.

Do I Need A Claims Specialist For A Self Employed Accident At Work Claim?

As the laws of the UK do not bind any person to hire claims specialist, victims often don’t hire them. But this is a huge mistake you can make. A case of a work accident compensation claim is already complicated. Making a workplace accident claim without a claims specialist can make a case much more complex. You may lose your compensation money if you don’t know how to deal with a claims adjuster.

To get your right, get connected to us. We know how to deal with a claims adjuster efficiently. Utilising our years of experience in the field, we assure that our client gets the maximum benefit. From collecting the evidence to handling every formality of the case, our experts cater to all the red tape. Thus, we don’t let you go through any hassling procedure. Having our excellent negotiation skills help us to fight for the maximum compensation for the victims. Thus, get connected to us now to discuss your case and make a successful claim.

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