Road Traffic Accidents and Their Causes

By: admin | Date: 2019-08-01

With the increase in number of car users, car accidents are also getting very common. Not just in the United Kingdom but it is becoming the leading cause of deaths in the whole world. Most of these street accidents are caused due to human error. While some are generally minor, a large number of these vehicle crashes are life taking. According to a report on road causalities in Great Britain, there were 1,782 reported deaths in road accidents during 2018.

Road accidents happen due to the number of reasons. Most often, drivers get distracted and not paying attention on the road. In some cases, drivers get tired especially when they are driving constantly for many hours and sometimes, even doze off. This leads to an accident, causing an irreversible loss. The list of reasons behind road traffic accidents is endless, but here are some of the most prominent reasons that cause road accidents.

Distratction in Driving:

Now, this is a major cause due to which accidents happen. Distraction can be of any type like receiving calls while driving, talking to the persons in your car or even listening to songs at an excessively high volume is also a sort of distraction which can eventually lead to a fatal accident causing loss of precious lives.

Driving at Over speed:

Although, there are strict laws in the UK regarding speed limit, but people still tend to violate these laws which leads to an accident. Driving faster than the speed limit is a matter of routine for some drivers. It is extremely risky and dangerous because doing so increases the chances of losing control of a vehicle and causing a mishap. Faster a vehicle travels the more destruction it will cause in an accident.

Using Mobile While Driving:

As I have already mentioned that using mobile phone while driving is distraction which proves to be fatal. According to a report by The National Safety Council, using cell phone while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes worldwide each year. Approximately 390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving, as not every person is that smart to handle multiple tasks at once and driving requires full attention to the road.

Driving In Rain:

There is no doubt in it that driving during rainfall is a very tricky task because it not only limits your view but also roads get slippery which result in poor braking of vehicles which ultimately leads to accidents. According to the statistics obtained from the Department of Transport of the UK, Slippery road surface causes 7,327 accidents per year. Majority of these accidents prove to be catastrophic. During rainy season, it is recommended to keep an adequate distance between you and other vehicles and drive as slow as possible because emergency brake during rainfall or on slippery road is almost impossible.

Driving After Drinking:

Drunk driving is also very dangerous and it is one of the major causes of road accidents. Drunk driving is one of the most prominent reasons for car crashes in the world. Drinking is an expanding curse in the UK which results in loss of many lives when people start driving after drinking. According to a report, almost 250 people die each year due to the accidents caused by drink driving. It is not advisable in any case to drive a car when you are drunk. When you are drunk, you should consider using any other means of transportation rather than driving yourself.

Defective Vehicle:

This might not look like a big problem when compared with other causes like distraction of driver or using phone while driving etc, but it does have a great contribution in car crashes. For Instance, if you are driving a vehicle with worn out tires, it reduces the road grip of your car with the road and in case of emergency application of brakes, it will start skidding which will eventually lead to an accident. Moreover, these tires can also explode leading to a fatal accident. This is just one example of a defective or faulty vehicle. Some other examples can be petrol leakage in the car, over inflated or under-inflated tyres, wheel alignment issues etc. There can be a number of faults in a vehicle which, if not addressed on time, can lead to a big catastrophe.

Inexperience Driver:

It has been seen that the youngsters who are merely 17 or under, have cars and they are driving on a road with heavy traffic. Moreover they do not have any experience of driving and they have never been to a driving school to learn proper driving. This is a big issue to be addressed and strict application of law is needed in this matter. Inexperienced drivers don’t know much about driving and they don’t have much control over their car. They are also a big cause of car crashes occur each year.

Driving Without License:

People not having proper license are usually unaware of traffic rules and regulations. They don’t have proper knowledge of driving antiquates. They are the people who usually don’t know about things like where to use indicators, which lane to follow, and they also don’t have in depth knowledge of sign boards etc. Not having enough driving knowledge means that the person is ignoring law. This ignorance can prove very dangerous not just for the driver himself but also for other people. By having strict rules and regulations and proper check and balance, we can overcome this issue.

Personal Limitations:

Personal limitations can be said to those factors due to which a person could not concentrate on road and caused an accident. Improper health can be one of the reasons due to which a person cannot concentrate on driving and can cause an accident. Eyesight weakness can also be a reason for personal limitation as if a person’s eyesight is weak and he is still driving without using proper glasses or contact lenses, he is unable concentrate on the road and will eventually cause an accident. Especially during night, it is not advisable, for those having eyesight problems, to drive without glasses. It has also been seen that people tend to use high beam lights on the road at night. This blinds the person coming from the opposite side and can also a cause of accidents. There are a bunch of other personal limitations which are a cause of accident. But I have explained a few of them above.

    Road accidents happen due to the number of reasons.
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