The Maximum Amount You Can Claim in RTA

By: evelyn | Date: 2020-05-21

With the increase in technology, road traffic accidents are getting very common with each passing day. No matter how controlled the traffic is and how sophisticated people are, the chances of accidents are still there. Most of the car accidents are caused because the drivers fail to abide by the traffic laws. Pedestrians are sometimes also at fault. Car accidents can cause serious physical injuries to the human body and damage your vehicle as well. It requires heavy funds to fix these damages. There are some losses that cannot be fixed, i.e. the loss of life. Some get paralyzed while some get seriously injured.

That is where RTA Claims prove a blessing. Getting a road accident claim helps you get compensation for your injury. This compensation will cover all the losses arising from the accident. You can contact any injury claims management company for guidance and the steps to get your claim after being in the car accident. Your injury claims specialist will give a pointer that will help you get your claim. Mostly, they handle all the formalities on behalf of their clients and help you get your amount of compensation. Injury claim specialists will guide you and you will get the compensation money.

What Are RTA Claims?

As mentioned earlier, getting into car accidents can give you a lot of injuries. It not only stops you from doing your daily chores but also results in loss of income as you may lose your job. RTA Claims stands for Road Traffic Accident Claims. These claims will give you the compensation to cover up your loss. RTA claims will get you the compensation money so you will be able to cover up the loss. If you are still facing problems in getting your compensation money, then contact the injury claim specialist.

Getting an RTA claim is your right and you do not need to be deprived of this right. So you should leave no stone unturned to get your amount of compensation. Some cases of RTA Claims are not easy to deal with. In some cases, it becomes difficult to determine the person at fault. Thus, things get complicated in such cases. That is where injury claim specialists come to take you out of these problems. Thus, you should immediately consult your case with injury claim specialists after getting into the accident. It will make it easier for you to get your road accident claim.

Am I Eligible For RTA Claim?

Not every road traffic accident makes you eligible to make your road accident claim. There are certain rules and you should abide by these rules to get your claim money. There is an eligibility criteria that you ought to meet when making a road accident claim. If you fail to meet this criterion, you do not qualify to get your claim.

So when you get into a car accident, you have three years to make your claim. In addition to this, there has to be someone you can put the liability of the accident on. So if you have been in a road traffic accident and the fault is not yours, you are eligible to get your claim. So you should not delay in making your claim. It is because the sooner you make your claim the sooner you will get the amount of compensation. So you have to act fast, or you may miss the opportunity.

Maximum Time To File RTA Claims?

There is a good reason why you are advised to make your claim as soon as possible. It is because if you fail to file your claim before the deadline passes, you may not be eligible to get your road accident claim. So you should take every step with due care. Taking any wrong step may backfire and you ultimately lose your amount of compensation. So you should have the knowledge about the deadline of making the claim.

Now the question may be triggering in your mind that what is the deadline to make your claim? To make it simple, you can make your claim within three years after getting into a car accident. However, some injuries appear later on, like whiplash injuries. So your time limit starts from your date of knowledge in this case. The date of knowledge is the day at which you came to know about the injury that you have conceived in the road accident.

Besides that, there are some exceptions to this three years rule of making the claim. In some conditions, you can make your claim even after three years of getting into a car accident. But you should know about these exceptions. So you should consult your case with injury claim specialists to know about the situations where you can make your claim even after the deadline.

How To Get The Optimum Amount of Compensation?

To know about the optimal amount of compensation that you can get your RTA Claim, you should know how it is calculated. If you know how the amount of claim is calculated, you will also have an idea of how to maximize this amount. So here is the way in which the amount of compensation for RTA Claims is calculated.

  • All the expenditure incurred on your medical treatment is summed up. Even if you did not pay for your medical bills. It will strengthen your case and maximize the amount of compensation for your injury. So, provide as many pieces of evidence as you can which state the amount of expense you have invested in your medical treatment.
  • The future estimated cost is also included in your road accident claim. If your leg is broken or got a severe injury, then you will have to visit the doctor again. Write down the estimated cost to be incurred in this process. This will show that you are suffering critical injury and you may succeed in making more money as your compensation.
  • Also, include future damages because of this accident. Estimate the amount of money you will have to spend in repairing your car. You should add this cost in your case and ask the other party to compensate for it. Try to make the future loss bill high to increase your compensation amount.
  • Write down the problems you will be facing and the business loss you will be having because of your car accident. This will make your case even stronger and increase the amount of compensation.
  • If you are doing a job, you can file for loss of earnings. It is because you will not be able to go to your job for the injury. In this way, you can get the amount of money as compensation for losing your job.

By following the tips mentioned above, you can maximize the amount of road accident claim for your injury. Following these steps is very important and they will really affect your case. These steps are key to significantly increase your compensation amount. You need to add every expense associated with the accident no matter how minor it is. So add all the direct and indirect expenses that you have paid because of getting into the road traffic accident. If you are getting the amount of RTA Claim that includes all the above-mentioned expenses, you are getting the optimum amount of compensation.


Getting RTA Claims is a great way to cover all the financial losses caused by a traffic accident. We have mentioned some tips that will help you greatly to maximize your amount when it comes to getting RTA Claims. Contrary to this, if you do not make your claim, you need to pay out for the bills and it will severely affect your financial position. RTA claims will cover all the financial losses for you so that you do not have to worry about meeting the expenses caused by the accident. RTA claims are your due right and you need to fight for it to get your due right. All you need to know is just the right steps that will get you the maximum compensation.

    Maximum Amount You Can Claim in Road Traffic Accident
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