Recycling Company PG Skips Has Been Fined After An 18-Year-Old Employee Suffered From ‘Significant Injuries

By: evelyn | Date: 2022-02-07

“A North Shropshire recycling company has been fined £17,500 after an 18-year-old employee of their’s broke several bones when clearing a blockage in a waste metal chute”.

Big news coming from North Shropshire today, as an 18-year-old young employee has broken several bones when clearing a blockage in a waste metal chute.

The recycling company in the North of Shropshire has been fined a value some fee for the injuries their employee has suffered.

Based near Wem, PG Skips limited has been found guilty of breaching Section 2 (1) of the Health and Safety at work act 1971 at Shrewsbury Crown Court and have been fined £17,500.

On October 9 2017, the victim fell through a chute that was around four metres above the concrete yard. According to another employee who was there waiting in a telescopic handler to collect the waste metal in the machine bucket, saw the poor employee fall and quickly moved the machine with the intent of catching him.

However, the day yet had a few setbacks left for the 18-year-old. Instead of being caught, the poor fellow was hit by the bucket and suffered from a number of injuries including numerous broken bones.

According to the investigation done by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), the famous recycling company had not installed any safety system, as well as no risk assessment, was done prior to the accident.

According to a number of employees, the company did not consider falling from such a chute from such a height risk and left it untouched.

After the hearing, we heard the HSE Inspector Sarah Baldwin-Jones, who gave the following statements:

“This significant injury to an 18-old-employee in his first-ever employment could have been prevented easily. The remedial action is taken to prevent future blockages implemented after the incident had no cost implication for the company. The employers must ensure that they assess properly and effectively apply control measures to minimise the risks from clearing the blockages”

The number of accidents at work injuries in the UK has significantly increased over the past few years. This is not a good sign as more and more 18-year-olds are suffering due to the negligence of their owners.

    Recycling Company Fined After 18 Year Old Employee Injured
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