Here Are Proofs Needed For A Road Accident Claim

By: admin | Date: 2020-07-09

It only takes a few moments to get into an accident. No one can predict when it is going to happen. Even a trivial carelessness can result in a big catastrophe. You were going in your car and enjoying a beautiful journey. You only took your eyes off the road for a few seconds and bumped into another car or any other body resulting in severe injuries. But the things may stack up oppositely for you. Instead of your negligence, you may become a victim of someone else’s fault ruining your journey.

In this situation, you are eligible to get a road accident claim. It is the amount of compensation that covers all the expenses you had to bear due to the accident. But making a road accident claim is not easy. You should have the knowledge of the proper procedure of making a claim to successfully get your compensation. Gathering proofs is one of the most difficult phases in making personal injury claims. You have to be vigilant not to miss any crucial evidence when filing a claim.

A lot of people are concerned about the information and pieces of evidence they need to make a road accident claim. Using the right evidence at the right time guarantees your compensation. That is why we have gathered a list of some of the crucial details you should keep in mind when making an injury claim. So let us get started.

Police Report

The phase of collecting the proofs actually starts at the time of the accident. The first thing you need to do after a car crash is to call the police and ambulance. If you are unconscious or severely injured, people around you will do the job. As soon as the police appear at the place of the accident, record all the details of the accident vigilantly. Police reports contain crucial information about your road accident claim.

It includes the time, date, location of the accident, details about the other driver, statements of the witnesses and the details about the other car. If you could not get this report on the spot due to the excruciating pain of the injuries or unconsciousness, do not panic. You can have this information from the police station once your injuries recover.

Details Of The Other Driver

It is almost impossible to track down the other driver if you do not have proper details. But everything is jotted down in the police report, there is no problem. Without the details of the other driver, it is almost impossible to get compensation for your injuries. The details should at least contain the name, phone number and address of the driver. In addition to these basic details, you should have the number of the car and the insurance information of the other driver. Having this information is crucial if you want to make a successful road accident claim.

Statements of The Witnesses

Most probably you are going to be in an accident at a populated place. If not many, you would at least have two to three people around you. Do not hesitate to ask them for their details if they witnessed your accident. The statements of the witnesses play a key role some sometimes prove decisive in the cases of personal injury claims. Approach the persons who witnessed your accident. Then ask them for their information. The details should consist of the names, phone numbers and addresses. This information is very helpful when it comes to connecting the witnesses for their statements.

Photographs and Videos

Why only rely on witnesses to prove your innocence when you can show the visual proof of the accident? Take out the mobile and start taking pictures and videos of the place of the accident. Take pictures from every angle and cover each corner. Get as many pictures as you can and show the damages to your car. Whether it is an accident at work claim or a case of a whiplash injury, you should always take pictures of the place of the accident.

Do not just limit your picture and videos to showing the situation of your car. But also show your injuries in these pictures. There is a high probability that your personal belongings may get damaged in a car accident. If this is the case, take the pictures of these damaged and broken pieces of your belongings.

Medical Reports

One of the main things I always put emphasis on is to get proper medical treatment for your injuries. It is not only essential to healing your injuries and bringing you back to the normal life but also very helpful in getting your claim. In all the types of personal injury claims, medical proof holds a special position. Get connected to the doctors immediately after getting into an accident properly and follow your medical treatment process. Besides that, keep proper track of the receipts and medical reports. They will be greatly beneficial in estimating your amount of compensation.

CCTV Footage

The trend of CCTV cameras has been becoming popular day by day. Initially, the government of the UK was using CCTV cameras for surveillance purposes. According to a report, there are almost 4 to 6 million CCTV cameras in the UK. So odds are that any CCTV camera may have captured your accident. If you get this footage, it becomes very easy to prove that the accident was not your fault.

So whenever you get into an accident, look around you for any camera. If you find any, contact the owner and ask for the copy of the footage. It is your legal right to ask for this footage to present it as a piece of evidence.


Taking the right steps after getting into a car accident can save you from a lot of problems. By right steps, I mean to collect the important pieces of evidence. The more proofs you provide, the stronger your case is. The stronger your case is, the more chances of getting a road accident claim you have. But, it is better to not collect these proofs yourself. It is always a better idea to hire injury claim specialists who will do it for you. Besides that, their experience in injury claims management increases your probability of getting your amount of compensation.

    Proofs Needed For A Road Accident Claim
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