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By: evelyn | Date: 2021-09-07

Our expert personal injury solicitors in Liverpool are ready to assist you with anything related to personal injuries. If you have been injured at work in Liverpool, you may be eligible to claim compensation for your injuries.

Injuries at work often make a worker’s life miserable. Often, a workplace injury doesn’t only leave you with suffering but medical bills and a lot of other types of expenses may drain all your savings. But if the fault isn’t yours, why should you go through all this agony! You may be entitled to make an accident claim in Liverpool.

Hire Personal Injury Claims Liverpool

We have experienced No Win No Fee solicitors in Liverpool who are ready to get you the settlement amount you deserve to get. With over a decade of experience, we have been providing accident at work claim services in entire England and Scotland.

During this time, we have handled countless cases of personal injury claims of various natures. With this diversity in the cases, we have developed the skills and know which strategy to use for winning your case. That’s what makes us the best accident claim service to hire if you had a personal injury in Liverpool in the last three years.

No matter what type of accident at work you have been in, you can claim your compensation if you meet the eligibility criteria. All you have to do is, just get connected to our No Win No Fee solicitors in Liverpool.

Types of Claims We Handle

When it comes to accident claims in Liverpool, we handle a variety of personal injury claims. From workplace accidents to road accident claims, slips, trips and falls claims and much more. Below is a list of personal injury claims we handle in Liverpool.

Why Hire Our Accident Claim Solicitors Liverpool?

Lawswood Claims has a team of professional Liverpool solicitors for personal injury cases. With hands-on experience of hundreds of experiences, we know how to handle every case not just to win your case but also to maximise your settlement amount. Let’s have a look at a few reasons why you should hire a personal injury solicitor in Liverpool.

1) A Team of Professionals

No matter how capable a solicitor is, winning accident claims in Liverpool isn’t that easy. But we don’t assign your case to a single specialist. Instead, we have a team of professionals who collectively work and each one uses his expertise in solving your case.

This is the main reason we have such a high win ratio with the maximum settlement amounts. From analysing the case to collecting evidence and presenting your case, we take every step with precise calculations so you win your case with the maximum compensation amount to cover all your expenses.

2) FREE Advice

Before making compensation claims in Liverpool, you may have plenty of questions in your mind. But consulting your case with some personal injury firms in Liverpool may cost you hundreds of pounds. So you may not want to spend this amount on just consultation.

We have a solution for you. Our accident solicitors in Liverpool are offering a free legal consultation to every potential client. So all you have to do is, just Schedule your FREE appointment with us and discuss your case with our experts without paying a single penny.

3) Best No Win No Fee Solicitors Liverpool

If you’re looking for the solicitors on No Win No Fee in Liverpool, you’re in the right place. We are providing our services on a contingency basis. What it means is that you can hire us even if you don’t have enough money in your bank account.

It’s because we don’t charge you any upfront or advance charges. Neither do you have to pay our fee during the case? We will only charge a certain percentage of your settlement amount after winning the case.

4) We Handle Everything

Making Liverpool compensation claims for workplace accidents is indeed a very hassling process. But we don’t let you go through any red tape. You just have to concentrate on your personal and professional life and take care of your injuries while we will cater to all the formalities on your behalf. That’s what makes us the best in making claims for you in Liverpool.

From collecting evidence to dealing with the claims adjuster and maximising your compensation, you don’t have to go through any formalities after hiring compensation solicitors in Liverpool.

5) 24/7 Availability

Before and during the case, you may have a lot of things to discuss with us. For your convenience, we aren’t limited to the 8 hours shift. Instead, we are available for discussion anytime you want. You can hire us anytime you want, consult your case whenever you like, and ask any questions you want. We are available for you round the clock so you can get connected to us whenever you need to.

FAQs For Accident at Work Liverpool

After getting injured in an accident at work in Liverpool, you may have a lot of questions about claiming your compensation. One of the main questions is about the eligibility for the claim. You may also want to know how to get connected to us or how to hire us. Let’s get started to know the most frequently asked questions before hiring personal injury solicitors in Liverpool.

Can I Claim An Accident at Work in Liverpool?

To claim in Liverpool for a personal injury at work, there has to be someone who is at fault for the accident. You can only claim your compensation for no-fault accidents. It means that you have to prove that you have sustained your injury due to someone else’s fault to get an accident claim in Liverpool.

Is It Necessary To Report An Accident At Work In Liverpool?

Reporting the accident to your management is compulsory if you want to claim your compensation. No matter how minor the accident is, you should get connected to the respective manager, report the injury and ask them to enter it in the accident book. If you have not reported the injury, you may not be eligible to claim your compensation.

Time Limit To Claim Your Accident?

When hiring personal injury solicitors in Liverpool, you have to keep in mind the time limit of claiming your compensation. After the accident, you don’t have unlimited time to claim your compensation. There is a time limit of 3 years when claiming personal injury claims in Liverpool.

The limit starts at the date of discovery of your injury. It can be the same day as your accident was. However, if you are under 18, your time limit will start once you turn 18 years old and will come to an end once you turn 21.

How To Hire Us?

It’s super easy to hire our accident claims solicitors in Liverpool. All you have to do is, just get connected to us with any of the methods mentioned below. Then suggest a suitable time to schedule an appointment with you.

After that, discuss your case with our experts to know about your eligibility for the claim or to get answers to your questions. Our initial consultation is FREE of any charges so get connected to us as soon as you can to begin your accident claim in Liverpool.

How To Contact Us?

Whether you have any questions, would like to discuss your case with our No Win No Fee solicitors in Liverpool or want to claim your compensation, contact us via:

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