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By: evelyn | Date: 2021-07-26

Offices are considered relatively safe places to work. You may not expect your day to be ruined by an accident getting you injured. Plus, the safety laws of the UK also reduce the chances of an office accident.

However, that’s not enough to save you from this. There are still a lot of incidents of people getting injured in such a safe working environment. But do you know that you can file for office accident claims in the UK in some situations?

If you are also injured in such an accident, looking to make an office accident claim, confused about your eligibility, or have any other queries in mind, you’re in the right place. We are going to tell you in detail about the accident at work procedure for claiming compensation after getting injured in an office.

Most Common Office Accidents the UK

Before going into the nitty-gritty details of claiming compensation, you should be familiar with the possible hazards and common office accidents. Let’s have a look at the most common types of office accidents in the UK.

  • Trips, slips, and falls caused by files and boxes on the floor, electric cables strewn around, or torn carpeting, etc.
  • Electric shock caused by naked wires, faulty insulation on PCs, fax machines of other electrical equipment.
  • Getting hit by a heavy object falling from heights.
  • Getting slipped and falling because of the wet floor or spilled liquid.
  • Getting burnt by very hot metal parts.
  • Manual handling injuries caused by pushing, lifting, or pulling heavy items in the office.
  • You can also get sprain or strain by stretching to place something at a high place.
  • Catching a Disease by getting exposed to toxic substances like carbon monoxide.
  • Getting carpal tunnel syndrome because of spending too much time doing repetitive typing movements.
  • People often overlook workstation injuries but they can cause a lot of problems that can even lead to amputation. Click here to know more about amputation compensation claims). Workstation injuries are often caused because of working for a long time in.
  • Workstation injuries are often overlooked but the damage they cause can be substantial and disabling. Workstation injuries may result from working for long periods in a confined space, the wrong posture of working, or poorly designed chairs.

Most Common Types of Injuries In Offices

Do you know that most types of accident at work claims are filed because of office injuries? Be it broken bone claims or burn injury work claims, office or industrial injuries are the root cause. Here are the most common types of claims filed because of accidents in the office workplace.

Can I Claim Compensation For An Office Accident?

Before claiming compensation, you must know about your eligibility. A lot of workers are confused about whether they can claim compensation for office injuries or not. Let’s resolve the problem.

To know whether you can claim compensation or not, you should know who is responsible for an accident at work. If you think your employer did not fulfill their responsibilities and you sustained an injury in the office, you can make an office accident claim. But if you are at fault for the accident, then you may not be eligible to claim your compensation.

In a nutshell, here are the 3 prerequisites of making office accident claims in the UK.

  • The accident happened in the last three years. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule which can make you entitled to the claim even after three years of the accident. So it’s always advisable to discuss your case with experts.
  • You were injured in the accident.
  • You were not at fault for the accident. If you are partly at fault, there may still be some possibility to claim your compensation. But always get an expert opinion in this matter.

If you meet these criteria, you may be eligible for office accident compensation.

Consult your case with our experts for FREE to know more in-depth about your eligibility for the claim.

What To Do After An Office Accident UK?

When it comes to claiming your compensation, the most important thing is to take the right steps after getting injured. From getting medical treatment to reporting your injuries and collecting the CCTV footage, every step holds significance.

After getting injured in the office, taking certain steps can help support your claim. Here are a few most prominent ones you should know about.

1) Report Your Accident

The most important thing after the accident is to record it. Make a formal report in your company’s accident book. If the company doesn’t have this book, write a formal email to the management explaining everything including the date and time of the accident. You can also write a report and submit it to the appropriate office or your supervisor.

2) It’s Time For Medical Assistance

Whether you are badly injured or have a minor injury, you should get medical assistance. If badly injured, get immediate medical help and keep a track of all the medical reports. The clearer your medical reports will be, the stronger your case is going to get. Also, follow up on your medical treatment unless your doctor recommends you to stop it.

3) Track Your Expenses

After the injury, you should know about each penny you have spent because of your injuries. It’s because you can recover this amount when claiming compensation for the accidents in the office workplace. Be it travel expenses or loss of earnings, keep a track of all types of expenses that you have incurred just because of your office accident.

4) Are There Any Witnesses?

There could be a chance that you have seen you getting injured in the office, contact them to become your witnesses. Witnesses can be crucial evidence to claim your compensation and prove your stance. Get their details including their name, address, and phone numbers.

5) File Your Claim

After you have some pieces of evidence, file your claim. The best thing to do is to hire injury claim specialists to get your claim. They are experts who will help you claim your compensation. From handling all the formalities to negotiating with the adjuster and maximizing your office accident claim.

How Much Compensation For An Office Accident Claim?

One of the most important questions in making an office injury claim is to know how much compensation you can expect. Several factors can affect the claim money you can expect from your claim. So let’s have a look at what your office injury compensation amount covers to help you know where to focus more.

  • Medical treatment costs for all the physical injuries.
  • Mental and emotional trauma, covered in general expenses.
  • Travel costs between hospital and home.
  • The cost of structural changes to the vehicle or home because of your injury. For instance, the cost of making a wheelchair-accessible entrance at your home.
  • Loss of earnings because of the inability to go to work due to your injury.

All these factors play a crucial role in deciding how much compensation you can get in an office injury claim in the UK.

We Help You File Office Accident Claim

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We will only charge a certain predetermined percentage from your total injury at work compensation amount. Hence, you will not have to bear any risk of claiming your compensation.

How To Contact Us?

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In this post, we’ve tried answering all queries related to making office accident claims in the UK. Still, you may have some queries in your mind. So whether you have any questions about office injury claims or want to claim your compensation in England or Scotland, we are available for you. Contact us to discuss your case with experts in detail.

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