Hire No Win No fee Solicitors in Nottingham

By: evelyn | Date: 2021-10-09

Need No Win No Fee solicitors in Nottingham? Lawswood Claims is here to provide you with one. With carefully hired personal injury solicitors in Nottingham and training, we make sure to provide you with the best lawyer who can help you get your compensation.

We deal in all types of personal injury claims in Nottingham. So no matter what type of injury you have sustained, get connected to us and discuss your case with our experts. Be it a road accident, injury at work claim, slips, trips, falls or any other type of personal injury, get connected to us.

Get in touch with us because we are providing you with a FREE consultation to discuss your case with us. Get answers to your queries and hire us so that we can claim compensation on your behalf.

Hire Personal Injury Lawyers in Nottingham

When making a personal injury claim, there are a lot of complications in the case. It’s not a process of a few days. It takes months to get your claim settled even for a lawyer. But if you don’t hire an expert, it can even extend to years.

Besides, you may not be familiar with the tricks and tactics to deal with an insurance claims adjuster. In that case, it can cost you a lot. You may get less than you deserve or you may even lose the case despite being eligible for a claim.

But our personal injury solicitors in Nottingham have got your back. Our experts analyse your case from every possible angle and make a proper strategy according to your case. We’ve handled countless cases of various complexities and we know what works, where it works and when.

So no matter what type of lawyer you need, get in touch with us because we have the right person for you who can help you not only win your compensation but also maximise it.

Types of Accident Claims We Handle in Nottingham

Talking about the accident claims in Nottingham, we help you claim compensation no matter what type of your case is. If you are eligible to claim, then Lawswood Claims is here to help you out. Let’s have a look at what types of personal injury claims in Nottingham we handle.

Why Hire Our Personal Injury Solicitors in Nottingham?

With word-of-mouth referrals, high client satisfaction, 99.7% success rate, we provide you with the best accident claim services in the entire town. No matter how complicated your case is, we handle and win it for you. Here is why you should hire us if you want to make an accident claim in Nottingham.

1) We Maximise The Settlement

No doubt getting compensation money is the goal. But we go the extra mile for our clients’ satisfaction. We don’t just aim at winning your case but our dedicated team strives hard to increase your settlement amount.

By taking into account every penny you spent after the accident, dealing with the claims adjuster and gathering even the pettiest piece of evidence, we maximise your compensation.

Over the years of experience, we have learnt some quirky tactics and know when to use them in our client’s favour. Besides, the compensation money depends on how the injury has affected the victim's life. So we highlight every penny your injury has made you spend. Hence, maximising your claim money.

2) FREE Consultation Services

Lawswood Claims also acts as your accident claims assistant in Nottingham and offers you a FREE consultation service. Contact us anytime you would like and have a detailed discussion about your case.

After the accident, before hiring a solicitor, you may have certain questions like knowing your eligibility or something else. It may cost you a lot to schedule an appointment with an expert.

But Lawswood Claims has sorted out the problem for you by providing free consultation services for a personal injury in Nottingham. Get connected to us and let our experts answer your questions and prepare the case on your behalf.

3) No Win No Fee Solicitors in Nottingham

Lawswood Claims is offering another amazing offer to claim your compensation where you don’t have to spend anything in advance or during the case.

Typically, a personal injury lawyer in Nottingham may charge you a hefty amount of money during the case. Without any certainty of winning the case, you may not be ready to spend this money on your lawyer.

That’s where Lawswood Claims comes to your help by offering a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). Under this agreement, you won’t have to pay us anything before and during the case. You will only pay if you win. So hire our solicitors on a No Win No Fee basis in Nottingham because we bear the risk of the case for you.

4) 24/7 Availability For You

We prioritise your satisfaction above anything else. For that, we take every possible step. One of these steps is 24/7 availability to answer your questions. Our chatting team is available for you round the clock.

Besides that, you can schedule your appointment with our experts whenever you want and discuss your case with professional personal injury solicitors in Nottingham.

5) A Team of Professionals

For more creative ideas and tactics, all our solicitors work collectively on your case. From start till end, our lawyers discuss your case with each other to get more ideas of dealing with the adjuster and to gather evidence to increase your settlement amount.

So whatever your case is, get in touch with our experts to share your case details with us and we will claim the compensation on your behalf.

6) We Handle Everything For You

After filing the case, you have to go through a lot of formalities to claim your compensation. From dealing with the adjuster to gathering evidence and a lot of other red tape makes it extremely frustrating to go through it.

But you don’t have to worry because Lawswood Claims handles all these formalities on your behalf. Just concentrate on your personal life while we cater to your case.

FAQs For Accident Claims in Nottingham

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions people have about personal injury claims in Nottingham.

Can I Make An Accident at Work in Nottingham?

If you have been in a workplace accident in the last three years, you may be eligible to claim your compensation. But the point is, you have to prove that someone else is liable for the accident.

You can only claim no-fault accidents. What it means is that you cannot file a claim if you were negligent at the time of the accident. So if you sustained an injury at work due to the lack of safety measurements, you can get your settlement amount.

Will I Have To Report My Accident In Nottingham?

If you have been injured in any type of accident at work in Nottingham, you must report it to your employer or supervisor. There must be an accident book at the workplace. So you should make a proper record of your accident in that book.

Without reporting the accident, your management may easily deny the occurrence of the accident which may make it difficult to claim your compensation.

Nottingham Accident Claims Time Limit

In the UK, you have three years, after the accident, to claim your compensation. No matter what type of personal injury you have sustained or what type of accident you have been in, the time limit does not change.

However, your time limit only starts if you are 18 years of age. Before that, you can’t file a claim yourself. Once you get 18, you can claim your settlement.

Types of Expenses You Can Claim In Nottingham

Here are the types of expenses you can claim after your personal injury in Nottingham.

  • General Expenses (compensation for your pains and sufferings)
  • Special Expenses (All out of pocket expenses. They include:)
    • Medical Expenses
    • Travel Expenses (Because of Medical Follow-ups)
    • Loss of Earnings (present and future)
    • Structural Changes
    • Compensation for Care
    • Other financial expenses because of the accident

How To Hire Us?

Follow these steps to hire No Win No Fee solicitors in Nottingham.

  • Contact us and book your appointment with our specialists.
  • Discuss your case with us.
  • We may also enter into a No Win No Fee agreement with you.
  • After that, we will start preparing your claim.

How To Contact Us?

Whether you have any queries, would like to discuss your case with our personal injury solicitors in Nottingham or want to file your claim, contact us via:

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