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By: evelyn | Date: 2021-11-20

Do you need a personal injury lawyer in Luton? We can help you at Lawswood Claims. When you or a member of your family is hurt at work, it can be a terrifying experience. But don't worry; our personal no win no fee solicitors Luton have a lot of experience assisting those who are filing a personal injury claim in Luton.

So, if you've been hurt at work in the last three years, get in touch with us to file a personal injury claim in Luton. Before a personal injury claim can be filed, a specific amount of time must elapse. According to the law, you must file your claim within three years after the date of your injury.

Our no win no fee personal injury solicitors in Luton are available to help you with any personal injury case. If the accident was not your fault, you may be qualified to file a compensation claim. You could be concerned about your eligibility, the claims process, and the cost of hiring a Luton personal injury lawyer.

Lawswood Claims is a well-known law business that focuses on personal injury in Luton. We have a track record of obtaining high-profile awards for those who have been damaged due to the negligence of others.

Continue reading to find out if a no win no fee solicitor could assist you with your claim. However, keep in mind that personal injury claims have a three-year time limit. This begins either when your workplace accident occurred or when a doctor identified your injuries or illness.

How Can A No Win No Fee Lawyer In Luton Assist You?

A No Win, No Fee agreement protects injured applicants. They will not be responsible for any legal bills if their claim is denied. A Conditional Fee Agreement, or CFA, is another name for this contract. Luton injury claimants will not have to pay any fees upfront under a CFA.

The benefit of no win no fee solicitors in Luton is that they enable more people to file a claim. This is because they lessen both the stress and the financial risk of filing a compensation claim.

This is because you do not have to pay the solicitor to launch your claim. Furthermore, you will not be charged for the personal injury lawyer's services if the case is lost.

They are paid a success fee if they win your case and you earn compensation. This implies that no matter what occurs, you will not be required to pay your solicitor's legal expenses.

Is It Possible For Me To File A Personal Injury Claims in Luton?

The following are the basic requirements for filing a claim. The injury must have occurred:

  • Within the recent three years
  • Someone else was at least partially at blame
  • That person owed you a duty of care

Luton Personal Injury Lawyers Are Available For Hire

Lawswood Claims is a Luton personal injury firm with experienced No Win No Fee solicitors who can assist you in obtaining compensation. We're here to assist you in regaining financial stability following a work injury that wasn't your fault.

Our personal injury lawyers in Luton are all specialists in their professions. We have solicitors who specialise in all forms of claims for personal injury in Luton, from workplace accidents. So, no matter what kind of workplace accident you've suffered, we're here to help you collect the compensation you deserve. We will match you with an experienced and qualified No Win No Fee Luton lawyer.

Lawswood Claims Luton - Handles A Wide Range Of Claims

On a No Win No Fee basis, we handle a wide range of issues in Luton. From hand injuries to back difficulties, we can help you be reimbursed. Choose the sort of injury for which you wish to file a claim from the list below.

What Is The Maximum Amount Of Compensation I Can Get For An Injury?

The amount of money you can claim for your injury is determined by the following factors:

  • The severity of your injury
  • Any financial losses or costs you have suffered

Your solicitor will assess the many ways your accident has affected your life at the outset of your claim. All of these factors will be considered by your lawyer when determining the appropriate compensation award for you.

'General damages' and ‘Special damages' will be considered in this calculation.

Why Should You Hire Our Personal Injury Solicitors Luton?

We have everything that makes us the best when it comes to hiring injury claim attorneys in Luton, from extensive experience to No Win No Fee solicitors Luton and free consultation. Let's look at some of the reasons why you should hire us to represent you in a personal injury claim in Luton.

  • Luton's Expert No Win No Fee Solicitors
  • Focus On Increasing The Compensation Amount
  • Initial Free Consultation - No Charges
  • Our High Success Rate - High Client Satisfaction
  • All Time Available - 24/7

1) Luton's Expert No Win No Fee Solicitors

You've come to the right site if you're looking for No Win No Fee solicitors in Luton. This means that you can hire us even if you don't have any money in your account.

We mean it when we say 'No Win, No Fee.' There are no hidden fees or charges. We don't charge you anything upfront or in advance since we don't charge you anything. If we win your case, we will only charge you a modest percentage of the settlement. As a result, we take full ownership of your case, resulting in a win-win situation for you.

2) Focus On Increasing The Compensation Amount

We aren't only interested in winning the case; we want to get you the best deal possible. We have a number of tricks up our sleeves, and we know which ones will work best for you at any given time.

The amount of compensation isn't set in stone. It is determined by a number of factors, including the nature and degree of the injury, its impact on your life, and the costs related to the workplace accident.

3) Initial Free Consultation - No Charges

Do you intend to pay the legal fee? Don't be alarmed. We don't charge you a legal fee unless and until your matter is successfully resolved. You are not obligated to pay us anything before, during, or after the case. If your claim is refused, we will not charge you anything. As a result, we take full ownership of the claim.

Once the claim is settled and you receive your settlement amount, we deduct a fixed percentage of your compensation money.

4) Our High Success Rate - High Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is our top achievement. We have earned the trust of many personal injury victims over the years because we have filed successful cases for them. We are now getting word-of-mouth referrals from our customers, which has been really beneficial to us. We have a high success rate.

Over the years, we've dealt with hundreds of cases. Some of the scenarios were far too complicated to succeed. But, because of our skilled attorneys, we were able to prevail in those cases as well.

5) All Time Available - 24/7

You can have a lot of questions for us while filing an accident claims in Luton. At any point during the claim process, our injury claim consultants are accessible to assist you. As a result, you can meet with us whenever you like. You can always find out how your case is progressing. We also keep you informed about the progress of your case.

What You Should Know Before Filing A Luton Personal Injury Claim

Regardless of the type of personal injury you experience, you may have a lot of questions regarding filing a personal injury claim in Luton. We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about compensation claims, along with the solutions.

If you have any additional questions that are not addressed below, please contact us at any time.

What Do I Have To Pay If I Win My Personal Injury Case?

When your injury claim is settled, your injury solicitor will be paid a success fee. Your final compensation will be reduced by this cost. Regardless of whatever law company you choose, a solicitor's success fee might be up to 25% by law.

Before the claim procedure begins, you can discuss the success fee percentage with your injury lawyer.

What Do I Have To Pay If I Don't Win My Personal Injury Case?

If your lawyer doesn't win your injury case, you won't have to pay any legal expenses. Your lawyer may take out insurance to ensure that you don't have to pay anything.

What Happens If An Accident At Work Isn't Reported?

While all workplace injuries should be reported in an accident book, this is not always the case.

However, just because the workplace accident was not documented does not rule out the possibility of filing a claim. There are several sites where you can obtain proof of your workplace injuries.

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