Personal Injury Claims On A No Win No Fee Basis

By: evelyn | Date: 2020-07-23

If you have sustained an injury in any type of accident where the fault was not yours, you are eligible for personal injury claims. A lot of people know about their legal rights to making claims in these situations. But there are a lot of expenses you have to bear when you get into an accident. These expenses incorporate medical, travelling, and loss of earnings etc.

In addition to these, high price tags of claims management companies is a big reason why some people are reluctant to hire them. Due to high price tags, people do not hire injury claim specialists and prefer to take it in their own hands. Consequently, they lose their amount of compensation due to the superficial knowledge in injury claims management.

But a lot of companies are providing their services on a contingency basis. It has become very popular in England and Scotland. It has become easier for victims to hire injury claim specialists to deal with their cases. No Win No Fee claims have resolved this dilemma and made it easier for the victims to afford experts for filing personal injury claims. It has increased the number of people who make their injury claims because of their affordability. In this post, we will answer all your frequently asked questions about No Win No Fee personal injury claims. You will be taken into the depths of making this claim.

What Are No Win No Fee Claims?

When it comes to making personal injury claims, you would have heard about No Win No Fee compensation services. These words might have appealed as well as intrigued you to know what exactly do they mean.

When you make an injury claim, you often have to pay some upfront charges to the claims management company. In addition to this, you have to pay a lot of other charges during and after the case. But when you make a No Win No Fee claim, you do not have to pay anything in advance neither during the case. You are not liable to pay anything to your claims management company until the case is proceeding.

In a nutshell, your claims management company takes all the risk of your case. If the case is won and you win your claims money, they will only charge a certain amount of money from your compensation fee for the services they rendered. But in a case where the company fails to get your claim, they will get nothing. In such a case, you will not be liable to pay even a penny to injury claim specialists.

How Do No Win No Fee Claims Work?

In a No Win No Fee principle, the claims management company will only charge you a certain percentage of your amount of compensation if your claim is successful. In a case where the claim was not successful, you will not pay anything to the company. There is a proper agreement between you and the company about the claims management services on a contingency basis.

There is a proper document that sets out all the conditions, rules and regulations of the agreement. This document sets out the proper details of this agreement that is known as CFA. CFA stands for a Conditional Fee Agreement. It has a legal value and can be presented in court as evidence if there is a conflict between you and the injury claims specialist.

After April 2013, the experts have the permission to decide the percentage of the claim money they will charge as their fee. It is always a better idea to go through the document in full detail before signing it to avoid any problems in the future.

How Much You Will Pay After Winning?

As you know that you will be liable to pay the claims management company only after winning the case and getting your claim money. Now you may be wondering how much will I have to pay when I get my amount of compensation. Typically, the claims management companies charge you with 25% of the total amount of compensation.

For instance, you were filing for an accident at work claim. After taking into all the damages of the accident, you were successfully awarded £20,000 as compensation for your injuries. In this case, you will have to pay a total of £5,000 to your claims management agency and keep the rest of the money with yourself.

But there is no thumb rule for the fee of the experts to be 25%. It can be more than that. Some claims management companies do charge you more. So you should carefully read all the terms and conditions of the agreement before taking the pen in your hand to sign it.

Will I Pay If My Claim Is Unsuccessful?

A question may trigger in your mind that what if your claim is unsuccessful? Will you still be liable to pay any charges to the claims specialist you hired? As mentioned above, the risk of the case is not on you when you get services on a contingency basis. So you do not have to pay anything if your claim is unsuccessful. Normally, a claims management company will handle your case on a No Win No Fee basis if they see any potential in it. So the chances of having an unsuccessful claim are too low.

How To File A No Win No Fee Claim?

Have you been in an accident and want to make a No Win No Fee personal injury claim? No worries, we are here to help. Filing a claim is very easy. All you need to do is, just fill the form on our website. You can also talk to our chatting agent to get more in-detail information about our services and schedule your appointment. After that, you will get a call back from our experts and who will discuss your case in detail. After that, our experts will take care of your case and make a claim on your behalf.

No doubt that the time limit for all types of personal injury claims is 3 years. But if you have been in an accident, it is best to contact us as soon as possible. The sooner you will contact us, the sooner you will get your claim.

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