8 Ways To Maximise Your Accident At Work Claim

By: evelyn | Date: 2020-12-03

If you have sustained an injury at work that was not your fault, you are eligible to make an accident at work claim. However, making a successful claim is something different than just being eligible for it. After reading a few posts on the internet, victims think that they can make a claim successfully. But even if they make a successful claim, the amount of compensation is usually not enough to cover all their expenses. In this post, we are going to share with you the ten proven tricks to maximise your compensation of an accident at work claim. Without any delay, let us get started. 

Follow Proper Medical Procedure

One of the mistakes that victims often make is they discontinue their medical treatment as soon as they get a little better. Some injuries at the workplace are minor, and victims heal externally within a few days. But the inner injuries are still there. They may start creating problems in the future if you don't follow proper medical treatment. Additionally, you can recover your compensation money in your work injury claim. If you don't follow the proper medical procedure, you may not make the most out of your claim. If you resume your treatment, later on, you may not be able to claim this money in your work accident claim.

Present The Visual Proof

If you wanna maximise your claim, this one is a crucial step. Not only will it help you maximise your claim, but it will also make it easier to prove your innocence. Hence, you can reduce a significant amount of time with it. All you have to do is take pictures of the place of the accident. If you are badly injured, ask someone else to do it for you. Take the pictures in such a way that you are showing your injuries and personal belongings in them. Not only this, if there is any CCTV camera around you, it's time to contact the manager to request a copy of the footage.

Record Even The Pettiest Expenses

What victims often fail to do is they don't record the petty expenses. They pay them out of their own pockets. Victims often neglect that they can claim for these expenses in their injury at work claims. As they don't keep track of these expenses, it gets really challenging to get this compensation money. When you accumulate these petty expenses till you make your claim, they may account for hundreds of pounds. Luckily, you can recover these expenses when you make your work injury compensation claim. But for that, you should keep track of all these expenses no matter how small they are.

Don't Assume A Claims Adjuster To Be In Your Favour.

A claims adjuster is the person who investigates your case and decides whether you are eligible for an injury at work claim or not. They also estimate the amount of compensation you should get. Sometimes, the adjusters pretend to be friendly with you and look like they are in your favour. However, they are not the case. They just want you to make a statement that can weaken your case. Thinking them to be your friend can be a problem, and you may lose your compensation money. That is why never trust them and always be vigilant when dealing with a claims adjuster.

Document Everything

Documentation is an essential step in making work injury claims. Without having proper pieces of evidence, it is highly unlikely to get a fair amount of compensation. Keep track of each and every document that is related to your workplace injury. From medical reports to loss of earnings and travel expenses, you should have reports and receipts about everything. In this way, you can present the right pieces of evidence at the right time, making your arguments to be backed by proof. It will strengthen your case, and you can maximise your compensation money.

Ask Compensation For Future Expenses

The odds are that your medical treatment may be pending when you are making a claim. Not only this, you may not be able to work for some weeks or even months. It is your right to get a work accident compensation claim for this time as well. Using your medical reports as a base, estimate the time you will not work in the future. Plus, estimate the medical and travel expenses you will have to bear in the future to get proper treatment. It is the key to maximise your compensation money. Otherwise, you will have to pay these expenses out of your own pocket.

Don't Rush To Settle Your Claim.

Though most of the victims are eager to settle their claim as soon as possible, yet, it is not a good idea when the goal is to maximise compensation for your workplace accident claim. When you rush to settle your claim, you may miss to collect and present some of the most crucial evidence. In this way, you will lose the opportunity to maximise your compensation.

Not only this, victims often accept the initial offer that the claims adjuster makes. This offer isn't enough for them but, in order to settle their claim as soon as possible, they do accept it. Remember, it typically takes six to nine months to settle a workplace injury claim. Thus, don't settle your claim for less in order to get the amount of compensation a few weeks earlier.

Avoid Discussing Your Medical History

When you are dealing with a claims adjuster, they use several tricks to reduce or deny your claim. One of the tricks is to ask you for medical history. It is the right of the adjuster to see your medical reports. But only those that are relevant to the case. Giving them access to your previous medical history may put you in trouble. They may try to relate your injuries with some previously happened accident and deny your claim. If you want to make the most out of your claim, only show the right reports to your claims adjuster.

Don't Admit - Even If You're Partially At Fault.

Though you can make a claim when you are partially at fault, the amount of compensation is not the same. Plus, it makes your case more complicated, and the claim may take longer to settle. Due to the pressure at the time of the accident or when dealing with an adjuster, they often accept that the accident was partially their fault. Even if you are 25% at fault, the adjuster will assume you to be more than that. Hence, you will get way less amount of compensation than you deserve. That is why never utter even a word that implies that you were negligent at the time of the accident.

Contact Work Injury Claim Specialists

Making a successful claim is way too complicated. It is highly unlikely for you to handle all formalities of the case successfully. Taking any wrong step will either lead to the rejection of your accident at work claim, or you may not get enough money to cover all your expenses. That is why you should hire a work injury claims specialist.

Lawswood Claims is here to handle all formalities of the claim on your behalf. From day one, we cater to all the red tape and don't let our clients handle anything on their own. From the collection of evidence to deal with a claims adjuster, we take everything on our own. If you want to maximise your amount of injury at work claim, book a FREE appointment with us now and discuss your case with us.

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