Make An Injury At Work Claim If You Are Assaulted By Your Manager

By: evelyn | Date: 2021-01-16

You will find countless blogs talking about workplace injuries caused due to the negligence of your employer. But today, we’re going to have a look at something different and more serious. That is the assault by your manager in the workplace. Though you are bound to act in accordance with what your manager tells you, yet they have no right to assault you at work.

If you have sustained an injury at work due to the assault by your employer, you are eligible for an injury at work claim

In the workplace, managers are responsible for making sure that the employees are working in a protected environment that isn’t a pitfall to their health. However, if they are the ones who assault you, you can make a claim.

In this post, we will take a look at what you should do if you get assaulted by your manager at work. Plus, we will also have a look at what is considered an assault at work. Finally, we will have a look at how you can make a successful work injury claim against your manager for assaulting you at work. Let’s get started from the nitty-gritty.

What Is An Assault By A Manager At Work?

Before stuffing your head with the procedure to make an assault at work claim against your employer, you need to know exactly what comes under an assault. There are different types of workplace assaults. They include physical, verbal and sexual assault at work. Let’s have a look at each of them.

What Is A Physical Assault At Work?

Here are the actions that are considered physical assault by your manager at work.

  • Punching, biting, slapping, kicking or scratching
  • Attacking with a weapon
  • Pulling hair of an employee
  • Spitting at an employee
  • Setting a guard dog on an employee

What Is Verbal Abuse At Work?

You’re paid to work. You shouldn’t endure verbal abuse at work. It doesn’t only include shouting at an employee. Rather, here are a few examples of verbal abuse at work.

  • Intimidating some sort of violence
  • Making racial slurs
  • Sending out offensive notes to an employee
  • Calling an employee by such names that may be defamatory towards their sexuality, culture, gender or some other personal characteristic
  • The treat of getting demoted or sacked if you don’t give in to the unreasonable demands of your manager
  • Staring at an employee menacingly. 

What Are The Forms of Sexual Abuse At Work?

  • Inappropriately touching an employee
  • Pressurising an employee to go on a date or perform a sexual act in exchange for a job offer or promotion. 
  • Demanding sex from an employee in exchange for a promotion or a job offer
  • Sending sexual material to an employee
  • Threatening the career of an employee or blackmailing them with some other outcomes if they reject their sexual advances. 
  • Making sexual comments about an employee

There are various other examples of assaults by a manager. But we have mentioned only the most prominent ones to give you an idea.

What To Do After An Assault By A Manager At Work?

You would probably know what to do after an accident at work. But the case is a bit different here. If you know the right steps to take after getting assaulted by your manager, you can get your work injury compensation. Here is what you should do after getting assaulted by your manager. 

1. Safety Should Be Your Top Priority

After the incident, your top priority should be your safety. That’s why you should immediately get away from that area. Don’t go into such areas where you are alone. Stay in the area where you have some other co-workers as well. In this way, the manager won’t be able to do anything wrong.

2. Get Medical Assistance

If your manager has physically assaulted you and you have sustained some injuries, then get the medical treatment. Seek medical attention at the earliest no matter how minor the injuries are. It will be a great help if you decide to pursue a work injury compensation claim against your manager.

3. File A Written Report

Running away or zipping your lips up isn’t a solution. You have to take an initiative and file a written report with the details of the assault in the workplace. Write a written report of the workplace accident/log book containing time, date, and place of the assault. Additionally, it should also contain the incidents preceding and following the assault. Make sure to get a signed copy of the report you file. If you cannot file a written report due to some reasons, send an email to a senior manager and HR with all the details in it.

4. Contact The Witnesses And Get A CCTV Footage

If you have any witnesses, contact them and get their details including their names, addresses and contact details. In this way, you can contact them when you need them in getting your compensation. In addition to this, you get a copy of the CCTV footage, if available. It would be a great help in proving your stance and getting your assault at work claim.

5. Hire Injury Claim Specialists

If you were assaulted at work by your manager, you should definitely make a claim against your manager. For that, you should hire injury claim specialists instead of taking the case in your own hands. They are experts who know how to prove your stance and get you the maximum compensation possible.

What Does Your Assault At Work Claim Cover?

If you claim against your manager for assaulting you at the workplace, you can cover all the general and special damages. General damages include compensation for the pain and suffering you went through after the assault. On the other hand, special damages include your actual expenses and financial losses. They include medical expenses, travel costs, loss of earnings (if you were fired unfairly), cost of counselling and other expenses that are connected to your assault.

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