Everything To Know About Hearing Loss Claim At Work

By: evelyn | Date: 2021-04-06

Hearing loss accidents at work are among the most common mishaps you can go through. These accidents mostly occur in a specific type of workplace. But if we take a look at how many accidents at work occurred in the UK last year, the numbers of industrial deafness accidents will shock you. But don’t worry.

Even if you do suffer from an accident at work, your pain will not go in vain. What you can do is you can file for an accident at work claim. By making an industrial deafness claim, you can get the right amount of compensation you need for the injuries you have suffered. Thus, to tell you more about the topic, we have brought a complete guide for you.

What Is Industrial Deafness

Industrial deafness is a severe condition that occurs due to the person's working environment. Also known as noise-induced hearing loss or occupational deafness, the condition can result in a gradual or sudden loss of hearing.

When you work in a high noise level environment, the noise levels are mostly above 80dB and if you always ask other people to speak louder, then you might be suffering from individual deafness. If this happens, you are eligible to file for a hearing loss claim at work.

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How Does Loss Of Hearing Occurs At A WorkPlace?

As mentioned before, the reason for hearing loss is due to the work environment. Unfortunately, if one suffers from such a tragic incident, there is no way back. Though the condition can be treated medically.

Symptoms/Signs Of Hear Loss At Work

If you are suffering from hearing loss at work, you may eventually end up witnessing these symptoms.

  • Buzzing sound in the ears
  • Roaring and ringing sounds
  • Difficulty in hearing the words of a person who is close to you

Workplaces That Can Cause Industrial Hearing Loss

There are a lot of industries where a person can suffer from hearing loss. Below are a few examples.

1) Physical Education Teacher

You may think that hearing loss accidents only occur at a construction site or industries, but in reality, there are a lot of workplaces where these accidents can occur. Among those workplaces are schools or educational institutes. Now, employees at schools are exposed to ringing bells, loud announcements, slamming lockers, and random school noises.

2) Factory Workers

Factory workers are the people who are most exposed to deafening sounds. These guys have to work in an environment that is surrounded by sounds from trucks and machinery. But don’t worry, if you do suffer from a hearing loss accident, you are eligible to file for a hearing loss compensation claim against the employer.

3) Ambulance Drivers

Ever heard a siren of an ambulance bus? According to studies, the ambulance siren has a close range of at least 120 dB. This can cause ear pain instantly and maybe if you go through it frequently you may suffer from hearing loss.

4) Construction Workers

Perhaps the most exposed people are construction workers. These guys have to work in a high noise environment all day. Besides this, there are numerous types of construction injuries at work that can cause severe harm. Each piece of equipment of a construction worker creates a high amount of noise, this can cause real harm.

Making An Industrial Deafness Claim

Similar to an accident at work claim, there are several factors one needs to keep in consideration when filing for an industrial deafness claim. Besides, you need to know your rights when filing for an accident at work claim. You also need to take a few steps if you are looking to get a high amount of injury at work claim. Below are the few steps you should take.

1) Gather Evidence

If you want to get the right amount of accident at work compensation, we would suggest that you gather a strong piece of evidence. Your evidence should include the medical report, medicinal bills, documents that show your absence from the workplace due to the injury, if you have resigned, then you should provide the resignation letter.

2) Gather Witnesses

Witnesses also play an essential role in getting an accident at work claim. To get a good amount of occupational deafness compensation, you need to convince at least three to four strong witnesses. Once you have convinced the witnesses, you should take their personal information. That information should include the witnesses mobile phone number, home address, and email address.

3) Hire An Injury Claims Specialist

Hiring an injury claims expert is highly important. By hiring an accident at work claims specialist, you can increase your chances of getting an injury at work claim. There are a lot of reasons why hiring an injury claims specialist is important. But as we are short on time, we will only tell you about a few helpful traits of an injury claims specialist.

An injury at work specialist is a professional person who is a specialist in negotiating. Due to their negotiating skills, these can make getting a claim for ear damage way easier.

Another good thing about the work injury claims specialist is that they work on a win no fee rule. This means that if you lose the injury at work claim, you would have to pay no fee to the injury claims specialist. But, if you win the claim, then you would have to provide 25% of your industrial hearing claims compensation amount to your injury claims specialist.

Hearing Loss Claim Time Limit

Similar to all personal injury claims at work, the hearing loss claim at work also has a time limit. If you think that the injury you have suffered from falls under the area of accident at work claim, you should file for a noise-induced hearing loss compensation claim.

But one thing you need to make sure of before filing a claim is to hire an injury claims specialist. This way you can improve your chances of getting the claim. Another thing you need to make sure of is to gather the evidence as soon as possible. It would take a lot of time to gather the right piece of evidence for the noise-induced hearing loss claims.

Final Words

Hearing loss claims at work can cause a lot of harm. But if you file for an accident at work claim in the UK, you can get the right amount of compensation. So, instead of staying in grief for the losses you have suffered, put in some effort and set things right. To do that, Lawswood claims is always there to help you out.

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