Filing For An Accident At Work Claim Was Never Easy Like This

By: evelyn | Date: 2020-07-06

Filing an accident at work claim is often very perplexing and distressing. On one side, you are bearing the agonizing pain of the injuries conceived in a workplace accident. On the other hand, you have to be vigilant no to make any mistake that can create a problem for you when it comes to making an accident at work claim. In this perplexing situation, you still make some mistakes that can create a headache for you in the future. Due to such errors, you may even have to lose your amount of compensation you deserve to get.

But having the right knowledge can save you from this. In fact, filing an accident at work claim was never easy than before. In this advanced age, it is easy to prove your innocence when you know what to do next. Playing the right card at the right moment can make it way too easy to get your amount of compensation. From getting into the accident to reporting it, collecting the evidence and making your claim should be done in a particular manner. Showing any negligence in such cases can prove very costly, by costly, I mean losing your amount of compensation.

So here are a few tips you should be following after the workplace accident to make it easier to claim your compensation.

1) Do Not Leave The Accident Site

As mentioned earlier, getting into a workplace accident is often confusing. During this chaotic situation, most people do not know what to do. They find it easy to run away from the place of the accident. But that is not going to give you any benefit. In fact, doing so will put you in more trouble and bring yourself under clouds. You may be suspected of being responsible for the accident. If this happens, it will be gruelling for you to prove your innocence. So no matter how severe the accident is how confused you are, never even give it a first thought to leave the accident site.

2) Report To Your Colleagues

If you were alone at the when the accident happened, you should immediately tell your co-workers about the accident. It will help you gather more witnesses for the accident. When you make an accident at work claim, these witnesses will help you get your compensation. Additionally, a lot of employers deny the workplace accident. It creates a lot of problems for the employee to prove the occurrence of the accident. If you have the consent of your colleagues about the accident, your employer or the insurance company will never be able to deny this fact. So always report the accident to your co-workers for strengthening your case.

3) Report To The Manager

After reporting the accident to your colleagues, it is time to inform your manager about the mishap you had to confront at the workplace. Reporting the accident to the manager can have two potential benefits. First is that you may get immediate compensation for your injuries. Sometimes, the managers simply compensate the injured person on the spot.

If this happens, there is no need to go through the gruelling procedure of making an accident at work claim. Secondly, it increases your credibility and makes you less suspicious of the accident. In addition to this, your employer is legally obliged to report your injuries to the Health and Safety Executive.

Note: When reporting the accident to your manager, never ever make any statement that implies that the fault is yours. If this happens you put yourself in serious trouble and may even have to lose your amount of compensation.

4) Get The CCTV Footage

Today, most of the workplaces are equipped with CCTV cameras. The primary motive of these cameras is to assist in case of theft of robbery at the workplace. But they re also being used to monitor the performance of the employees. Nevertheless, we are not here to discuss the advantages of CCTV cameras. They are a great help when it comes to proving yourself innocent in making an accident at work claim.

Immediately after the accident, look around you for the surveillance cameras. If you find any, get connected to the authorities to get the copy of its footage. It is your legal right to obtain the copy of CCTV footage to use it for legal purposes. So you cannot be deprived of your right. Whether it is an accident at work claim or a road accident claim, these cameras will help you prove two main things.

  • There was an accident at work where you got the injures. The time and the date of the accident can also be obtained from this footage.
  • Secondary, it will also assist you in proving whose fault it was, You can use the footage to make it evident that the accident was not caused by your negligence.

5) Get The Pictures And Videos

Thanks to advanced technology, almost every person is equipped with smartphones capable of making high-resolution videos and capturing high-quality pictures. So take advantage of your mobile phone and photograph the place of the accident. Besides photography, videotape the accident as well. It will also assist you in getting your claim. If your own mobile phone has been broken in the accident or not available at the moment, borrow it from your co-worker. Then send the footage and pictures to your mobile. In lieu of the CCTV footage, these pictures and videos are a great help.

6) Always Seek Medical Assistance

No matter what the situation is, never undermine the importance of medical proof in the cases of personal injury claims. Without adequate medical proof, you may not be eligible to get your claim money. Basically, seeking medical assistance helps you in a lot of ways. It helps you in healing your injuries and get rid of the excruciating pain you had to bear due to the accident. On the other hand, your medical reports help you prove your injury when it comes to making your claim. In addition to this, these reports also help you estimate the amount of money you had to spend on your treatment. So no matter how petty an injury is, always see a doctor.

7) Keep Track Of Your Expenses/Losses

Proper documentation is the key to get your amount of compensation. It not only makes it easier to claim your money but also helps in getting maximising your amount of claim money. No matter how petty detail is, always keep proper track of it. Your medical expenses, travelling expenses, loss of income and all other expenses caused by the accident should always be available. The more documents you have, the stronger your case is. You should present all those expenses that are related to your workplace accident.

8) Consult Injury Claim Specialists

There is no legal obligation to hire any legal representative when it comes to making personal injury claims. You can take your case in your own hands. But why take such a hassling and difficult to handle the process in your own hands when you have experts to handle your case. Hiring injury claim specialists makes it a lot easier to get your amount of compensation because of their expertise in personal injury claims. Besides that, they help you get the maximum amount out of your claim that covers all your expenses.


Getting an accident at work claim is not difficult when you know the right procedure of getting it. But unfortunately, a lot of people take their case in their own hands without even having the first-hand knowledge of personal injury claims. Consequently, they lose their amount of compensation. You have been told eight steps to follow after a workplace accident to get your accident at work claim.

    Filing For An Accident At Work Claim Was Never This Easy
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