5 Steps To File a Workplace Injury Claim

By: evelyn | Date: 2020-12-14

Accidents in the workplace can be life-threatening. If you survive a workplace accident, you may still get severe injuries that may keep you on the bed for several months. Bearing excruciating pains, paying hundreds or thousands of pounds for your treatment, losing work-related benefits and your earnings put you in a miserable state. Suffering all these miseries due to someone else’s fault isn’t cool. That is where the workplace injury claims come to your support. Claiming compensation against your employer can help you get back to the stage where you would be if the accident hadn’t happened.

There is a common trend in the UK that workers are unaware of their workplace accident rights. Some keep on paying all the expenses out of their pockets while others don’t make a claim fearing that they may lose their job. A few workers are a bit aware of their rights, but they don’t know how to file a workplace injury claim in the UK. If you are among any of them, fret not. We are here to give you detailed insights into making a claim after getting injured at work. Let us get started. 

What Is A Workplace Injury Claim?

A workplace injury claim is the amount of compensation that is given to the worker of a workplace accident. The victims of a workplace accident get this money as compensation for the expenses they had to bear after the accident. A workplace injury claim can cover all the expenses, including your medical bills, travel expenses, loss of earnings, work-related benefits, and the cost structure changes due to your injuries.

One more confusion that victims have is their eligibility for the accident at work claim. You can make a workplace injury claim if you have sustained an injury in the workplace due to the fault of someone else. It’s time to know about the working of workplace injury claims.

It is the legal obligation of all employers to take care of the safety of their workers in the workplace. However, some employers show negligence that can cause an accident in the workplace. If this happens, some workers can make a claim against the employer. The insurance company of the employer investigates the case with the help of an insurance claims adjuster. After the investigation, the victim may get compensation if they are eligible for it.

Have you cleared your basics? Let us know about the five steps you should take to make a successful workplace injury claim.

Steps For Filing A Workplace Injury Claim

1. Properly Follow Up Your Medical Treatment

To make a successful work injury claim, you should collect as many pieces of evidence as you can. Having proper medical reports is the key to success in such cases. After the accident in the workplace, you should immediately seek medical treatment. Don’t only go to the doctor once. But follow up your treatment till the time your doctor stops you. Though you may be paying all these expenses out of your pocket, you can recover this cost later when making a work injury claim. Victims often don’t complete their treatment and make a claim. Subsequently, they end up getting less than they deserved.

2. Record Every Expense You Made

Your medical costs aren’t the only expense you can recover when making a workplace injury claim. If you know how to recover all the expenses, you can get compensation for much more than just your hospital bills. From travel expenses that are linked with your hospital trips to the loss of earnings and work-related benefits, you can recover all these expenses.

To recover all these expenses, it is crucial to have proper documentation. Without tracking all these expenses, you will neither be able to remember all of them when making a claim, nor will you have sufficient grounds to claim for them. Hence, keep all the hospital bills and travel receipts in one folder. Also, estimate your loss of earnings after the accident in the workplace. In this way, you can make a claim for all these expenses when making a claim.

3. Write To Your Employer

Collected all the relevant evidence, it’s time to make a workplace injury claim. To make a claim, you should write a “letter of claim” to your employer to let them know that you want to make a work injury claim. Let us know what you should write in your letter of claim.

  1. Your personal details (your name, address, and national insurance number).
  2. Describe how the workplace accident happened. (Be brief in explaining)
  3. Describe why your employer is liable for the accident. 
  4. Describe the laws permitting you to make a workplace injury claim. 
  5. Describe your physical plus psychiatric injuries. Also, state any ongoing injuries if you have any. 
  6. Explain the financial losses you suffered, including all the ongoing expenses. 
  7. Explain your loss of income after the workplace accident. 
  8. Ask your employer to give you a copy of all the relevant documents.
  9. Ask your employer to send this letter’s copy to their insurance company. 

4. If Required, Issue Proceedings

There is no need to issue proceedings if your employer and the insurance company gives you a reasonable settlement amount. However, if they don’t investigate your case or give you less than the amount of compensation you deserve, you should issue proceedings. What it means is that you go to court to get your claim money. Pay the legal fee of court and present all the necessary documents. After the trial, you will get your compensation if you win your claim.

5. Contact Work Injury Claim Specialists

Workplace injury claims are complicated. Employers don’t usually accept their fault and take every step to make it tough for them to make a successful claim. Plus, having an insurance claims adjuster also complicates the process. That is where you need work injury claim specialists to handle your case.

Lawswood Claims is here to handle everything on your behalf. Our injury claim specialists won’t let you go through any formality. Using our years of experience, we will get you the optimum compensation amount. Make your claim with our No Win No Fee principle without having to pay a single penny. Get connected to us to make your claim.


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