All The Factors You Need To Care For Before Filing For Accident At Work Claim

By: admin | Date: 2020-07-16

It gets too confusing and distressing to get into a workplace accident. Even the tiniest mistake can turn your regular happy day into a nightmare. Workplace accidents can range from minor cuts and lacerations to severe injuries and broken bones. No matter how worse the situation is, you should know how to tackle it. When you get into an accident that was not your fault, you are eligible to get an accident at work claim. But getting your claim money is not easy. There is a hassling procedure you have to go through to get your right.

The dilemma with most people is that they do not know how to act after an accident. Due to this, they often do something that they are not supposed to do. As a result, they severely damage the reputation of their case and even fail to get their accident at work claim. But you would not repeat the same mistakes if you know what things to consider when making a claim. That is why we have decided to guide you on how to handle the situation after an accident at work. You will come to know what things to consider before making a claim.

Your Employer Cannot Fire You

Before we continue, it is important to know about the most common misbelief people have about an accident at work claim. A lot of people think that making an accident at work claim may result in their termination. Due to this fear, a lot of workers remain reluctant and do not even think of making a claim for their injuries despite that it is their due right.

But the truth is that no employer can fire you for making an accident at work claim. It is your right to claim compensation for the injuries you have received in an accident at work. If you get terminated for making a claim, you can sue the employer for unfair dismissal. Most probably, you will be compensated for it and get your job back.

Having said that, let us come to know all the factors you need to take care of when making a road accident claim.

Record The Accident

Every company should have an accident book. When you get into an accident, it is your duty to record the accident in its proper book. It is not easy to record the accident because businesses want to keep the figure of their workplace accidents minimum. So your employer may be reluctant to record the accident. But you should not let the accident go unreported.

Reporting the accident and recording it in proper books is crucial to make a successful claim. If your employer does not agree on recording the accident, you should write or e-mail your employer about the accident. In this way, you will have proof that you reported the accident.

Make Sure To Get Pictures

Having proof of your accident is important. The more pieces of evidence you have, the stronger your case is. No proof is stronger than visual evidence. Capture as many pictures of the place of the accident as possible. Take these pictures from every angle. Make sure to include your injuries and the personal belongings that were damaged in the accident. If you are not in the condition to get the pictures due to the excruciating pain, no worries. Ask your colleague or anyone around you to do so.

Do Not Give Recorded Statement

Some employers want to get your recorded statement about what happened at the accident. You are not bound to give this statement. So politely refuse it. It is because you may forget what you said in your statement later on. So when you make your claim to get your claim, your statement may vary from the one you gave to your employer. So this statement can be presented as evidence and you may be proven guilty despite being innocent. So never give any recorded statement before consulting any injury claim specialists.

Get Statement Of Witnesses

Soon after getting into an accident, look around you for someone who has witnessed the accident. Most probably, any of your co-workers would have seen the accident. Try to get their recorded statements before even reporting the accident to the manager. It is because your employer may force your colleagues to not become your witnesses. So if you have their statements, they cannot back out of their words. Witnesses play a key role and often play a decisive role in getting personal injury claims.

Gather All The Pieces of Evidence

It all depends on how you gather the evidence of your injury. Without having sufficient proof, it is highly unlikely that you will get your claim. The more pieces of evidence you have, the more chances of getting your claim money are there. Keep track of all the important pieces of evidence so that you can play the right card at the right time. Here are a few examples of what you should have to make your accident at work claim.

  • Your medical reports
  • Medical receipts and bills
  • Travel expenses for getting your treatment
  • Proof of reporting the accident
  • CCTV footage (if available)
  • Statement of witnesses (if available)
  • Proof of your loss of earnings

If you have all the above-mentioned pieces of evidence, you can consider your case to be stronger. In this way, you have more chances of getting your claim money.

Hire An Injury Claim Specialist

Taking the case in your own hands can be risky. If you do so, you may end up losing your claim money. It is because your employer would take every step to prove that the accident never happened. If you somehow prove that the accident did happen, it becomes difficult to show that the accident was not your fault. But injury claim specialists are experts in claims management. They have a lot of tricks to tackle the insurance claims adjuster. Using these tactics, they help you maximise your amount of compensation. That is why you should hire these specialists to get your claim money.

    Factors You Need To Care For Before Filing For Accident At Work Claim
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