What Types Of Expenses Does Your Accident At Work Claim Cover

By: evelyn | Date: 2021-03-18

When an accident at work occurs, it not only affects your career, but it puts a negative effect on your entire life. If the workplace accident did not occur due to your negligence, then you can do much more than heal your wounds. What you can do is file for an accident at work claim. By making an injury at work claim, you can make sure that you get compensated for the damages you have endured.

But, when we talk about the work injury claim, there are a lot of questions that stir in our minds. The most common question is what does the accident at work claim cover. This is the sole reason why we are here in front of you today. We will tell you everything about the injury at work claim. So, without wasting any extra time, let us get into it.

What Is A Work Injury Claim?

An accident at work claim is compensation that you demand from your employer if the accident occurred due to their negligence. You will get compensated by the insurance company of the employer. A lot of things will be covered when it comes to paying you the accident at work compensation claim. Below is detailed information about the topic.

Types Of Damages An Accident At Work Claim Covers

There are two types of damages when it comes to an accident at work claim. Your personal injury compensation will cover both if you present the accident at work claim in the right way.

General Damages For An Accident At Work Claim

Basically, general damages are provided to compensate for all the direct effects the accident at work has caused. In general damages, the injuries of the claimant will be directly linked to the actions of the defendants. Below are a few examples of general damages for a work injury claim in the UK.

1) Physical, Pain and Suffering

In case if you get badly injured in a workplace accident, you go through pains and sufferings. Luckily, you can make an accident at work insurance claim for them.

2) Mental Pain And Anguish

An accident at work claim is not only provided for the physical injuries you have suffered. But, you will get compensated for the mental injuries you have endured. We all know that memories of an accident at work can initiate ongoing trauma and stress. If you are suffering from this, then you are eligible to file for an accident at work in the UK.

3) Physical Injury And Impairment

You may think that we have just talked about physical injuries. But, this is a bit different. In case if you have suffered from disfigurement or disability, you can claim for the accident at work.

4) Lower Quality Of Life

When an employee suffers from physical pain and mental anguish, performing a daily routine task can become way tougher and can increase dependence on others. Hence, the majority of the accident victims lose their interest in activities they used to love before the accident. As this will affect your life, it can come in a general damage claim for an accident at work.

5) Accident At Work Claim Can Affect Your Career

Changing a career that you love can make your life extremely devastating. If you get forced to change your career due to injuries at work, you are entitled to file for an accident at work claim.

Calculating general damages is quite tough and challenging. As mentioned before, the compensation amount is rewarded for the injuries and damages that are mentioned above. The real issue here is that these losses cannot be calculated in actual terms.

In a true sense, the major factor that can help you in getting the accident at work claim is the type of injury you have endured. Besides this, the expertise of the injury claims specialist also plays a huge role.

Special Damages For Accident At Work Claim

One thing you need to know is that the special damages are not for the number of injuries you have suffered or your mental health. The special damages are the expenses you have incurred after the accident at work. Thus, below are a few common examples of the special damages for injury at work claim.

1) Medical Expenses For Injury At Work Claim

Now, when you get involved in an accident at work, getting a medical checkup becomes a necessity. Thus, when you get medical treatment, it is obvious that you will have to spend a high amount. For this, you can go for an accident at work claim. Now, there are two types of medical expenses for an injury at work. Short-term medical expenses and Long-term medical expenses.

Short-Term Medical Expenses

Short-term medical expenses include the following:

  • Hospital charges
  • Doctors consultation fees
  • Diagnostic tests fee
  • Hospital stay fee
  • Medication fee
Long-Term Medical Expenses

Basically, there are some injuries for which you might have to undergo long term treatment. If this happens, then you can file for an accident at work claims.

2) Transportation Costs For Accident At Work Claim

Special damages cover a lot more than pain and mental health. This includes the cost of travelling as well. After the accident at work, a lot of your money will be consumed due to travelling. Luckily, you can get that money back by filing for an injured at work claim.

3) Loss Of Income Due To Accident At Work

Some employers tend to cut off the salary of the employee if they miss out on work days due to injuries. But, if this has happened to you, you will get all the money back by filing for an injury at work claim.

How To Get An Accident At Work Claim?

Whether you are claiming compensation for a broken leg injury at work or any minor work injury, there are a few steps you need to follow. Thus, below are a few steps you should take after you have filed for an accident at work claim.

  • Gather Evidence
  • Convince Witnesses
  • Hire An Injury Claims Specialist

Hire An Injury Claims Specialist

Our injury claims specialist will help you in getting the accident at work claim. Lawswood Claims will make sure that you get the required amount of compensation for an injury at work claim. We will handle everything such as evidence and witnesses. Besides, Lawswood claims will take care of the negotiations so that you can relax and get back to your normal life. The best thing we can offer you is that we work on a no-win fee agreement. According to this agreement, you will only have to pay the fee when you win the workplace injury claim.

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