Injuries That Make You Eligible for Accident at Work Claim

By: admin | Date: 2020-02-24

Injuries at work are a part of a work life, it doesn't matter the kind of precautions put in place to prevent accidents, one small mistake can lead you to injuring yourself at work. Sometimes the injuries at work are caused by minor accidents with little harm done, while other times they can prove to be fatal.

Injuries at work can range from minor lacerations that barely need stitches and sprains with recovery time of barely two weeks to broken bones, full body third or fourth degree burns, and sometimes even amputations. Although fatalities are rare, they can still happen.

If an injury at work occurs you can file for an accident at work claim to cover the hospital bill and pay for the financial troubles caused by your injury at work.

Filing An Accident At Work Claim

In Britain, business owners are legally required to abide by the health and safety regulations set to ensure the safety of their staff. The legal clause says that all businesses must compulsorily hold insurance (Employers Liability Insurance) and conform to Health & Safety regulations to ensure that they meet those guidelines. If you feel that your employer failed to meet their responsibilities and negligence has led to you being injured in an accident at work, you can claim compensation by filing a work accident claim.

Under certain circumstances, you may still be able claim injury compensation despite your partial fault if your employer played a larger role in causing the injury and if his behaviour has caused injuries at work in the past to other workers.

What Can I Make an Accident at Work Claim For?

You are eligible for an injury at work compensation claim if you get injured at work. First, you must make sure that you are filing the claim for proper reasons and have actually suffered an injury at work that has caused a disruption in your life, either personally or financially.

Here are several common injuries that can occur at work and give you the right to file an injury at work claim:

1) Slips, Trips and Falls

Although it may seem like a small thing, trips, slips and falls can lead to severe injuries that can affect you for a very long time, it may seem like a graze at best but a hard enough fall can cause internal injuries. So, if you have got injured at work due to the slips, trips and falls, you are eligible to get your share of work injury claim.

2) Dangerous Practices and Procedures in the Workplace

If you work in a laboratory for example, then it is very likely that a procedure gone wrong will result in chemical burns that can be severe enough to leave you bedridden for months. If the fault is not yours in getting injured, you are eligible to get an accident at work claim for your injury.

3) Working with Defective Equipment

In prospering businesses it is possible that the owner sometimes neglects safety in favour of profit and faster results, a defective piece of machinery can lead to an injury at work that can result even in broken bones or at times amputations as well. As the fault is not yours, you deserve to get compensation.

4) High Risk Environment or Toxic Substances

When you work in high risk environments where a lot of safety gear is required and often neglected when a certain process requires haste it is very common that accidents occur, you may inhale a lethal gas or get covered in some form of acid, it validates your injury at work compensation claim.

5) Falling objects

If you work in construction or in a woodworks factory then you are prone to falling objects, and if a heavy piece of wood falls on you it can cause serious injuries or even death. In case of death your family is eligible to file an injury at work claim. In case of an injury, you are eligible to file a work accident injury claims.

6) File or Arson

Fire or arson can be dangerous and result in severe injuries. There are a number of scenarios where people have received serious injuries in workplace fire incidents. Sometimes, it can even lead to the death of the worker. If you have got injured at work in any fire or arson, you are eligible to get compensation from the company.


Accidents at work are quite common. 6 main scenarios have been mentioned above which make you eligible to get your accident at work claim but there are a lot of other accidents as well which make you eligible for the claims. That is why, it is important to consult an injury claims specialist to know more about your eligibility for the claim.

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