Duties Of Employer Under Health And Safety Act 1974

By: evelyn | Date: 2020-12-25

In the UK, employees are mostly unaware of their rights after accidents at work. They don’t know when they are eligible to make an accident at work claim. As they are not aware of their rights, employers often exploit them and workers even don’t know about them. However, there are certain duties of employers towards their employees’ safety at work. It is the employer who is responsible for their workers’ health in the workplace. The Health And Safety At Work Act 1974 sketches-out all the responsibilities of the employer that they have.

You will find tons of information about the employer’s duties on the internet. The dilemma is that you don’t know the authenticity of that information. When demanding your rights from the employer, you need to have proof to add water to your arguments. That’s where we are going to help you out. You may read the duties of employers in the Health And Safety Act of the UK. But complicated law terms may confuse you and you can’t understand it.

In this post, we are going to share with you the duties of the employer under the Health And Safety Act 1974 of the UK. Let’s get started from the basics.

What Is Health And Safety Act?

The Health and Safety at Work Act is the primary piece of legislation that covers occupational health and safety in Great Britain. It is also known as HASAWA, HSWA, the HSW Act or the 1974 Act. The Health and Safety at Work etc Act sets out the general duties of an employer towards their employees. It defines the enforcement of workplace health, fundamental structure and authority for the encouragement, regulation, and safety and welfare within the United Kingdom.

Responsibilities Of Employer Under Health And Safety At Work Act

Under the heading “General Duties” in chapter two of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act, there are certain duties of employers. Let’s check them out. 

1. Maintenance of Plant and System

According to the Act, it is the duty of the employer to ensure that the plants and systems of work are in perfect condition. The employer should do a proper check and balance to ensure that no part of the machinery is loose that may contribute to a workplace accident. The employer should provide their employees with machinery that isn’t risky to the employee’s life. There could be a chance where an employer may be unaware of a certain fault in the machinery. In this case, the employee should let the manager or employer know about this fault so that the employer can timely treat it.

2. Safe Storage And Transportation Facility

Several workers sustain injuries while transporting goods from one place to another. It is mainly due to inadequate transportation facilities. Sometimes, these injuries can be serious. To avoid such injuries at work, it is the duty of the employer to ensure the safety and absence of risks to health in conjunction with the handling, storage, use, and transport of articles and substances in the workplace. The employer must make sure that the employees don’t sustain any kind of injuries while transporting, using, handling or storing any kinds of raw material finished goods or any other substances.

3. Adequate Training And Supervision

Sometimes, workers are bound to work with machinery that they aren’t trained for. Due to the fear of losing the job, employees often agree to it and start working with such equipment. Subsequently, they get injured at work due to inadequate training. Here, the workers aren’t at fault. That’s the reason the Health And Safety Act of the UK binds the employer to provide workers with such information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure their health and safety at work. If any employer doesn’t provide anything like this, strict legal action can be taken against them. Plus, the worker can make an accident at work claim in case of any injuries in the workplace.

4. Maintenance Of A Working Environment

There are cases where workers sustain injuries due to the improper maintenance of the working environment. An example of such injuries would be to get slipped by stepping on the oily floor. Stepping on nails on the ground and other trip and slip injuries also happen due to the improper maintenance of the workplace. That’s why it is the employer’s duty to maintain such a working environment for their employees that is safe, without risks to health, and adequate, as regards facilities and arrangements for their welfare at work.

5. Safety Of The Other People

This isn’t just linked to the employees. Instead, the Health and Safety At Work etc. Act binds the employer to conduct the undertakings in such a way that the persons who are not in the employment of the employer shouldn’t get hurt. The employer must not do anything that exposes other people to health and safety threats. The same duty applies to those who are doing the self-employed.

What If My Employer Doesn’t Fulfill My Rights?

There could be a chance where your employer may be negligent about your safety at work. If this is the case, then you should let the manager or employer know about the hazards you are facing. If they still remain negligent and you sustain an injury at work, then you have the legal right to make an injury at work claim against the employer. You will claim that you have sustained injuries due to the fault of your employer and now you need a work accident compensation claim for it.

Don’t Handle It Yourself

The biggest blunder that employees often make is that they take the case into their own hands. Due to the lack of knowledge, cunningness of the employer, and strategies of the insurance claims adjuster, they can’t win. Though it’s your legal right to make a work accident claim, getting it won’t be easy for you.

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    Duties Of Employer Under Health And Safety Act 1974
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