Can You File A Claim For Your Cash Loss In An Accident?

By: admin | Date: 2020-06-12

Accidents can be avoided if you are working carefully. But that does not guarantee that they will not occur. Even if the fault is not yours, someone else’s negligence can make your day miserable by causing an accident. There can be a number of causes for which accidents can happen. But We are not going to dive deeper into the causes of the accidents. We are here to discuss the consequences of the accident and personal injury claims you can get.

Getting into an accident not only takes you through pains and sufferings but also affects you financially. You may have to spend thousands of pounds on your medical treatment and repairing your car. But you can recover these expenses when you file personal injury claims. Making a successful injury claim helps you recover all the expenses associated with your accident. Whether it is about your medical treatment, loss of earnings, work-related benefits or PTSD, everything can be recovered.

But there is one thing people are confused about. What if you have lost some cash in an accident.? Is it possible to recover the amount of cash that you have lost in an accident? That is why we have decided to create a brief guide that tells you about your right to lost cash in an accident. In this post, we will go step by step to know about your eligibility for personal injury claims, the time limit to make your claim and the things you can claim for.

Can I Claim For an Accident?

Whether it is a road traffic accident, public place accident or an accident at work, one thing is common. These accidents often give severe injuries. But why should you be suffering when you were not at fault. You can file a personal injury claim to get compensation for your injury. But you may be thinking about the eligibility criteria for making your claim.

When you get into an accident where you are not at fault, you are eligible to get your claim. To get your amount of compensation, you have to make your claim within the three years after coming to know about your injury. If you make your claim after the three years time limit, it is highly unlikely that you will get your claim. But still, you should consult your case with injury claim specialists. There are a lot of cases where you can make your claim even if the three years deadline is over.

Can I Recover My Cash?

Getting into an accident is often confusing. You never know what you have lost in the accident. Chances are that you are carrying a heavy amount of money when you get into an accident. During that accident, you may have lost this money. Now, what are you supposed to do? Can you recover this amount along with the other damages caused by the accident? What are your rights for making a claim for the cash loss?

According to the personal injury claims of England and Scotland, there is no provision that directly states that you can recover the cash loss caused in an accident. However, that should not let you down. There are chances that you can recover the amount of money that you have lost. But there is one big problem when it comes to receiving compensation for the lost cash. It becomes very difficult to prove that you were carrying the cash when you got into an accident. Besides that, you also have to prove how much money you were holding when you got in the accident?

However, this problem can be overcome if you hire expert injury claim specialists. They are experts in personal injury claims management. There are a lot of tactics which an injury claim specialist uses to get the maximum out of your claim money. So, using their expertise, they may figure out a way through which you can recover the cash that you have lost in an accident.

What Types of Financial Losses Are Usually Covered By Personal Injury Claims?

Personal injury claims are not limited to recovering the amount of money that you have spent on getting your medical treatment. It also incorporates a lot of other expenses in it. It depends on your injury claim specialist. If you hire an expert injury claim specialist you can make the most out of your claim. Here are a few most common things that most of the injury claims cover.

Pains and Sufferings: You can get compensation for your physical injuries. It includes the amount of money that you spend in getting your medical treatment. All the expenses related to your medical treatment are estimated. Then you get the amount of compensation that covers all these expenses.

Travelling Expenses: Making a personal injury claim is not free of cost. You have to travel to a lot of places to handle all the formalities of the accident. Luckily, you can get these expenses from the insurance company. Just keep track of all your travelling expenses. Then show these expenses when making your claim to recover this amount.

Loss of Earnings: When you get into an accident, you receive some injuries that hold you back from going to work. Consequently, it results in a loss of income. As this loss of earning is caused by the accident, you can recover this amount of compensation in your personal injury claim.

Cost of Vehicle Repair: If you have been in a car accident, you can also recover the cost of your car repair. No matter how damaged your car is, you can recover this cost. Just keep track of each penny you spend on repairing your vehicle to get the amount of claim you deserve to get.

Personal Belongings That Got Damaged: Car accidents often damage your personal belongings besides giving you severe injuries. No matter how petty an item is, you should be compensated for it. Just take the pictures of everything that has got damaged. It will help you recover their costs.


Despite getting the amount of cash, that you have lost in the accident, is difficult. But it is not something entirely impossible. If you are also a victim of the accident where you have lost your cash and other belongings, do not take the case in your hands. Consult your case with injury claim specialists to get your claim money.

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