Why You Should Not File Your Whiplash Injury Claim Yourself?

By: evelyn | Date: 2020-06-24

Whiplash is a type of neck injury that is most commonly caused in a car accident. But it is not limited to just car accidents. There are a number of other reasons which are responsible for giving you a whiplash injury. Getting injured in a workplace accident, slips, trips and falls and falling off a bike are some prominent causes of whiplash injuries. Getting into an accident does not mean that you will immediately get a whiplash injury. Sometimes, it takes time for the symptoms to appear.

No matter what type of accident has given you a whiplash injury, there is one thing for sure. You can get your whiplash injury claim if you were not at fault. No matter how much time the symptoms take to appear, you will still be eligible to get your whiplash injury claim. It is the amount of compensation you get when you get a whiplash injury in an accident where the mistake was not yours. It usually covers all the expenses that you have to bear due to the whiplash injury you have conceived.

When it comes to making a whiplash injury claim, you are not legally bound to hire injury claim specialists. You can get your claim without consulting any specialist. But is it really the case? Is it really that easy to make your claim and get your amount of compensation without consulting any specialist? There are a number of complications that make it difficult to get your whiplash injury claim. There are a number of reasons why you need to discuss your case with claims management companies. So let us take a look at the reasons why it is not cool to file a whiplash claim yourself.

Why is Whiplash Injury Claim is a Tough Row To Hoe?

Before we come to the reasons for hiring injury claim specialists, you should know about the obstacles which you have to face when making a claim. As mentioned earlier, whiplash claims are not easy to get. There are a lot of problems you have to face when you file a claim. It becomes very difficult to prove minor injuries.

It is also a challenge to link your injuries with the accident. It becomes really tricky to prove that the whiplash injury is caused by the accident you have been in. Having a lack of medical proof, late emergence of symptoms and whiplash Reforms 2020 are a few obstacles that hinder your whiplash claim.

Tackling With The Insurance Claims Adjuster

When you file your whiplash injury claim, the insurance company appoints a claims adjuster to investigate your case. The adjuster investigates your case to see whether you are eligible to get your claim or not. Making any mistake in dealing with the adjuster makes you lose your claim money. When you take your case in your own hands, you will easily be tricked and denied to get your claim. But hiring injury claim specialists will help you deal with the situations. They are the experts in dealing with the adjuster and know a number of tactics to prove your innocence in the court.

Late Appearing Symptoms

Whiplash injury is not something that shows its effects immediately. Generally, it takes time for the symptoms of whiplash to appear. Till then, you do not know that you have conceived this neck injury. Thus, it becomes difficult to make you claim when you file your claim after the appearance of whiplash symptoms. It is because your whiplash injury is associated with some other accident rather than the one you are claiming for. So if you are filing your claim yourself, you do not know how to tackle the situation. That is where injury claim specialists help you get out of the situation by using their experience in the field.

You May Get Less Than You Deserve

When you make your whiplash injury claim, you may be offered an initial settlement offer. This amount is usually not enough to cover all your expenses caused by the accident. The adjuster presents this offer in such a way that you think of it as a maximum compensation. But that is not the case. We know you deserve to get more. You can negotiate with the adjuster to increase this amount of compensation.

But it becomes difficult for you to negotiate with the adjuster as you do not have a deep understanding of personal injury claims management. That is where hiring injury claim specialists help you do the job. They negotiate with the adjuster on your behalf and get the maximum amount of compensation possible for you.

Filing The Claim After The Deadline

There is not an unlimited amount of time to make your whiplash injury claim. There is a certain amount of time within which you can make your claim. The time limit to make any personal injury claim is three years either from the date of the accident or from the date of knowledge. The date of knowledge means the day you came to know about your whiplash injury.

It becomes difficult to prove your date of knowledge when making your claim. So it decreases your chances of getting the claim. But that is not the case when you have an expert dealing on your behalf. There are some exceptions to this three-year rule. An injury claims specialist knows how to use these exceptions in your benefit to get your amount of compensation.

Claim For Personal Belongings and Other Losses

When you get a whiplash injury, it is not just the medical treatment that makes you spend thousands of pounds. But there are a lot of other expenses associated with it such as the travelling expenses, loss of earnings and PTSD claims. Besides that, you may have lost some personal belongings or they got damaged in the accident. You can also recover their cost. But you should hire an expert to deal with your case. If you do not have any expert dealing on your behalf, you may not be able to get compensation for your injury.

    You Should Not File Your Whiplash Injury Claim Yourself
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