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In this guide on death compensation calculation, we will tell you about how to claim a wrongful death and accidental death compensation. Our detailed guide will help you in finding out how compensation for death in the UK is calculated. Besides, we will also notify the reasons for death at a workplace and how you can claim fatal accident compensation. To get a workers comp settlement after death in the UK, hire Lawswood Claims. We help you by providing you with the best no win no fee solicitors anywhere in the United Kingdom to get you your rightful compensation. So, let’s get started with every nitty-gritty detail about death compensation calculation in the UK.

Fatal Accident Compensation Claims Guide

Lawswood Claims has always tried to provide our clients with a swift and friendly service. Besides, our professional client team is well versed in death claims at work, thus we are free and open to offering advice to ones who have lost their loved ones. We know that death is always a life-changing experience. Thus for that specific reason, you will not be advised to take any action before you are fully ready. Instead, Lawswood Claims is here to listen to your problems and advise you accordingly. In most situations, your accidental death compensation claim will be taken on following the initial consultation, with no fees needed unless your case is successful. This is known as 'No Win No Fee,' and it helps you to avoid any additional financial obligations while you pursue your case, as well as having experienced professionals on your side who will handle all of the legwork for you. Continue reading to learn the answers to common questions regarding the process and how to file a wrongful death or a fatal injuries claim.

Wrongful Death Compensation Claims

Losing someone unexpectedly and in circumstances that could have been avoided can elicit a range of emotions, including wrath and grief. If a third party is at blame in a tragic accident, whether it happened at work or on someone else's property, filing a fatal accident at work compensation may be a possible option.

What Is A Fatal Accident?

A fatal accident is defined as a death caused by a third party that is not the deceased's fault, but in rare situations, the entire blame cannot be apportioned to the third party. Road traffic accidents, deaths resulting from work-related accidents that are not the responsibility of the deceased, and deaths resulting from the commission of criminal actions are all examples of this. However, as a victim's relative, any of these may entitle you to file for compensation for death due to negligence.

What is a Wrongful Death?

Note: Wrongful death happens when a third party is negligent and the deceased is not at fault. The distinction between a deadly accident and wrongful death is subtle. There is clear evidence of who was to blame for the death and why in the event of wrongful death. Medical malpractice or death as a result of operating equipment that does not meet safety regulations at work are examples of this.

Types Of Fatal Accidents At Work

There are a number of accidents at work that can cause fatal injuries and deaths. The reasons for notifying people of accidents at work that have caused fatal injuries are two. One, that you and your loved ones should be careful in the future, second that you should be aware of which accidents can get you “death on duty compensation”.
  • Slip, Trips, Or Falls
  • Machinery Operation That Results In Death
  • Work Vehicle Accidents
  • Roofing accidents
  • Cancer Deaths due to work exposure to asbestos

Fatal Injuries Statistics

To explain in a better way, we have highlighted the Fatal injury statistics in the work industry for 2020/21. Taken from HSE, these statistics highlight the total fatal accident injuries in the UK for 2020/21. By looking at the below-mentioned graph, we can see that the most common industry that caused the majority of fatal accidents at work was the construction industry. Fatal Injuries Statistics

What Will I Be Compensated For Fatal Accidents?

This question does not have a "one-size-fits-all" response. However, we are frequently asked how much you can sue for wrongful death compensation. Every wrongful death/fatal accident case we work on is unique, and putting a value on a fatal accident claim without knowing all of the details can be difficult. Compensation for wrongful death cases, on the other hand, can be divided down into the following categories:
  • Punitive Damages: These damages will act as a punishment for the one who caused your loved one’s death.
  • Funeral: The guilty party will cover all the burial, cremation, in short, all the funeral costs.
  • Medical Expenses: When one gets injured, there are a number of medical costs you need to handle. If your loved one passes away, then according to this compensation after death, all the medical expenses will be paid by the guilty party.
  • Bereavement Compensation Award: This worker's compensation for the death claim will cover all the suffering and pain the family of the deceased has endured. In Wales & England, this will be covered in approximately £12,980.
  • General: This will include the loss of income to the family. The income will include both the actual as well as the future earnings of the deceased.

Who Can Sue For A Fatal Accident On Behalf Of The Deceased?

Only three regular parties can claim compensation for the death of their loved ones. These are: Dependants Of The Deceased: The children, spouse, partner, or the other dependent family members of the deceased can go for fatal injury claims for financial support. Family Members Of The Deceased: The family members who although were not financially dependent on the deceased but had to endure hardship due to the deceased's death will be compensated. The Deceased’s Estate: This will cover all the entities who have suffered any form of hardship through the death of the deceased.

A Few Other Expenses Associated With The Death

Some of the most typical types of damages that result in wrongful death compensation being given are listed above. However, no two cases are alike, and there could be a variety of other reasons why death compensation is due, including: Long-term negative consequences for the deceased's family and surviving. We're talking about things like losing a future inheritance (due to a lack of long-term earnings and assets) and losing continuous care and protection.
  • Emotional pain and mental suffering endured by the deceased’s family.
  • Future loss of earnings of the victim.
  • Loss of disability benefits.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim For Funeral Expenses?

A workplace death compensation will surely include the covering of funeral expenses. The expenses that it will cover are:
  • Purchasing a burial plot for the burial
  • The fee of the undertaker
  • Purchasing of a coffin or casket
  • Payment of the crematorium fees
  • Hiring of funeral vehicles
  • Food
  • The funeral service
  • Flowers and funeral decorations

Fatal Accident Compensation Amounts

If you want to know the actual type of payout that you should be entitled to, you can use online tools to find out the compensation amount. But as far as we know, these calculations are highly misleading and inaccurate. Thus, it is highly recommended to contact Lawswood Claims to get a free consultation and learn about the fatal accident compensation amount in the UK. To give you an idea, below is data that shows you how much compensation for death in the UK you can claim.

Time Limit For Industrial Disease Claims After Death

Those wishing to file a claim for death compensation on behalf of a deceased victim have three years to do so. This is true of all claims of this sort where the victim is no longer alive. It may now take some time for an autopsy and an inquest to take place. And by the time you get all of the answers, your claim window could be closing. Despite this, the maximum time restriction for filing a claim is three years. Keep in mind that they will nearly always file a claim for a claim in which the victim is still alive. A litigation buddy would only process a claim for children under the age of 18 or victims who lacked mental ability. However, because the victim is no longer alive, the claim represents the agony and suffering endured by their families. As a result, the victim is unaware of the claim, yet it can still occur in their minds. And, with our assistance, individuals who have suffered the most as a result of the untimely death can still get adequate death compensation.

How To Make A Wrongful Death Compensation Claim In The UK?

Before we move on, let us take a look at how you can claim a death at work compensation in the UK. The answer to this question is simple. “HIRE LAWSWOOD CLAIMS”. By hiring us in the UK, you can get a proper death at work payout. Hiring us is the complete answer to How to claim compensation for wrongful death? But why should you hire us? Read on below to find the answer.

1) High Success Rate

Over the years, Lawswood Claim's no win no fee solicitors have dealt with a large number of fatal injury compensation claims. Furthermore, the bulk of the cases had a slim probability of success, but our no win no fee solicitors were successful. Because of our experience dealing with fatal accidents claims, we were able to compensate our clients in even the most difficult circumstances. We have converted every difficult scenario we have encountered into a successful story. We were able to attain a 99.97 percent success rate thanks to our tenacity, compassion, and hard work.

2) High Client Satisfaction

The main goal of Lawswood Claims is to satisfy our clients. Our clientele has not been disappointed as a result of our tireless efforts. Apart from that, more than 53% of our clientele suggest us to their friends and family.

3) Free Consultation

If your loved one has just passed away due to a fatal injury at work, you may have a lot of questions on your mind. But to answer all those questions, you have Lawswood Claims standing beside you. Lawswood Claims can assist you in every way possible, whether it's with a workplace injury or hiring a no win no charge solicitor. We offer free consultations to all of our clients and provide all the required information.

4) Professional No Win No Fee Solicitors

Lawswood Claims works on a no-win no-fee basis. The client will not be required to pay the fee if they are not rewarded, according to this agreement. They will only have to pay the fee if they are rewarded. As a professional practice, we realise how difficult it is for a victim to pay a solicitor's fee. A workplace injury can also deplete one's whole finances. Your bank account will be strained to the breaking point as you pay for medical treatments, travel expenses, and lost wages. When you're going through something like this, paying a no win no fee solicitor's charge isn't easy. As a result, we believe that the only way out for such clients is to enter into a Conditional Fee Agreement. If you are compensated, please pay it to us; if you are not compensated, we will not charge you anything.

5) Available 24/7

Lawswood Claims is one of the few firms that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will be there for you whether you contact us at nine o'clock or three o'clock. So don’t hesitate to contact us at any time and we will resolve your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Death Compensation Calculated?

If you want to know how personal injury claims are calculated, get connected to us. Personal injury lawsuits, including wrongful death claims, are valued based on the level of suffering experienced by both the victim and their loved ones as a result of the incident.

How Much Compensation Do You Get For Wrongful Death?

The amount of wrongful death compensation paid varies depending on the circumstances. This is because we compute personal injury claims based on the severity of the injuries sustained as a result of the incident. Get in contact with us today for a free consultation.

How Will A No Win No Fee Agreement Help?

Finding the money to pay for legal fees is an inescapable barrier for many persons who want to file a claim. To assist in these instances, we provide a No Win No Fee sort of arrangement. We will not charge you anything if we are unable to obtain death compensation for you. We deduct our fee from the compensation award if we are successful in obtaining death benefits on your behalf. People who don't have the financial means to pursue a claim benefit from this type of arrangement. There are no upfront or unexpected legal expenditures during the claims procedure because legal costs are tightly controlled. Success fees are likewise subject to a legal cap following a successful No Win No Fee fatal accident/wrongful death suit.

How Will The Settlement Payout?

General and special damages are the two types of damages awarded in personal injury cases. Special damages encompass any financial losses incurred as a result of the death in issue, whereas general damages cover bodily and psychological distress.

Where To Find A No Win No Fee Solicitor?

Instead of going to a local high street to find yourself a no win no fee solicitor, just head up to google and search Lawswood Claims. Get in touch with us today and we will provide you with experienced no win no fee solicitors who will work on a no win no fee basis.

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