How To Deal With Insurance Adjuster While Filing Work Injury Claims

By: evelyn | Date: 2020-11-21

Wanna make an accident at work claim? There are a bunch of impediments anticipating for you to deal with. One of the most daunting steps in making a workplace injury claim is to deal with an insurance claims adjuster. Dealing with this shrewd person isn’t easy at all. If you consider dealing with a claims adjuster an easy step, you’re mistaken. They are professionals in handling cases of work injury claims. If you don’t know about the tricks to deal with them, you may either lose your claim money or get less than you deserve. 

Insurance claims adjusters are experts that the insurance company appoints to investigate the case. In cases of injury at work claims, they review the case and decide whether the victim is eligible for the claim or not. If they are, then what is the settlement amount they should get.  However, they don’t work in your favour. Their job is to deny your claim or at least minimise the compensation amount. While you have the exact opposite goals. Here are the ten tips to deal with an insurance claims adjuster in an accident at work claim.

8 Ways To Handle Insurance Adjuster

1. Polish Your Negotiation Skills

When it comes to dealing with a claims adjuster, negotiation skills are of utmost importance. Without having these skills, you cannot maximise your compensation money. You may accept whatever the adjuster offers you. Therefore, you may get the compensation money that is far too low to cover all the expenses you had to bear after the accident. To avoid getting the same, start polishing your negotiation skills. You should know how to effectively deal with the situation using the facts to make the most out of your work injury claim.

2. Go Through The Insurance Policy

It is a good idea to go through the insurance policy of the company. Go through all the terms and conditions of the policy to know what you can cover and what can’t you claim. It will also be a great help when you are negotiating a claims adjuster. They cannot deprive you of your legal rights because you know all the terms and conditions of making a claim against them. If you know what is written in their policy, they cannot deny the compensation you are entitled to. Though it is not compulsory to do, still going through the insurance policy would be favourable for you.

3. Know Your Rights

This one is essential if you want to get the rightful amount of money in your work accident claim. Knowing your rights will help you know about what types of expenses you can cover in your workplace accident claim. For instance, you can cover all the medical and travel expenses, loss of earnings, cost on structural changes and work-related benefits in your claim. Not only this, but there are several other types of expenses you can also cover in your claim. To cover all these expenses, you ought to know about your rights in detail before you start dealing with a claims adjuster.

4. Don't Trust The Adjuster

One of the most common mistakes that victims make when dealing with a claims adjuster is they start trusting them. Keep in mind that the job of the adjuster is not to work for your best interest. But their goals are exactly the opposite of yours. They may appear to be friendly and pretend to be working in your favour. But that is not the case. With their friendly mannerism, they can easily make you trap you and deny your claim money. That is why never trust the adjuster when making a work accident compensation claim.

5. Be Vigilant & Confident

Dealing with a claims adjuster gets even tougher when you don’t pay attention to what you are answering. They may ask the same question multiple times but twisting the words. Altering your answer may put you in trouble and make you look dodgy. Hence, you may lose your claim money. Additionally, always be sure about your answers. Never use the words “I think” or “I guess”. Otherwise, they will start questioning your memory and your answers won’t hold any value. This is why you need to be vigilant and confident when dealing with a claims adjuster.

6. Keep Track Of Everything

To be confident in dealing with a claims adjuster, you should have proper data about everything related to your workplace accident. The best way to do so is to keep track of everything that is connected to it. Put everything in documents and use it when the right time comes. From hospital reports to medical bills and even travel expenses related to your medical treatment, keep everything ready. In this way, you can present the right piece of evidence at the right time and make a successful work injury compensation claim.

7. Don't Give Anything In Recordings

One of the most common tricks used by an insurance claims adjuster is that they ask for the recorded statements about the accident. In this statement, they ask questions about the workplace accident and you have to answer them while the adjusters record your answers. Due to the pressure or twisted questions of the adjuster, you may answer some questions in a way that may be conflicting with what you are claiming for.

The adjuster may ask you if it is mandatory to give this statement or else you will not get your claim. But this is not going to happen. Without your permission, they cannot get your statement and you should never permit them to do this.

8. Always Let The Experts Handle Your Case

Why take the case on your own when there are experts to handle it? Hire injury claim specialists to deal with your case. Lawswood Claims is here to cater to everything related to work injury claims. We have professional injury claim specialists who don’t let our experts go through any formality of making a claim. Owing to our years of experience in the work injury claims management, we know how to deal with a claims adjuster. This way, we get you the maximum amount of compensation. We have an absolutely free consultation. Hence, feel free to discuss your case with us.

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