7 Effects of Coronavirus on Personal Injury Claims

By: evelyn | Date: 2020-06-16

The coronavirus has totally disrupted every business. Most people got severely affected by the global pandemic: lost their jobs and businesses became bankrupt. While some businesses are making millions of pounds in this quarantine period. No matter what type of business is, it has been affected by the coronavirus: either negatively or positively.

When it comes to personal injury claims, the same effect can be noticed in this field. There are a lot of changes in the procedure of making personal injury claims. Before making your claim, you must know about these changes. Otherwise, you may lose your amount of compensation. To get you out of this perplexion, we have gathered a list of some changings in personal injury claims filed.

Deaths And Cases Of CoronaVirus

Within a few months, this deadly virus has spread in the whole world. It has reached almost every country in the world affecting millions of people. The total number of people affected by the coronavirus is 5.8 million as of 28th May 2020. While a total of more than 358 thousand people have died as a result of coronavirus on 28th May 2020.

When it comes to the UK, the coronavirus has seriously affected the country. Taking into account the number of cases, a total of more than one-fourth of a million are affected by the coronavirus till 28th May 2020. While the death toll in the UK shows a figure of more than 37 thousand.

As you have come to know about the situation of coronavirus in the UK. It is time to dig deep into the effects of this pandemic on personal injury claims. Here are a few major and noticeable impacts of coronavirus on personal injury claims.

1) Getting Medical Help Is Risky

Normally, it is one of the most important steps to make an injury claim. Whenever you get into an accident, you should get immediate medical assistance to heal your injury. Besides that, it also helps to get your claim money by providing you with medical proof. But the hospitals are full of the cases of coronavirus.

Going to a hospital is nothing other than dicing with death. It is very difficult to keep the social distance being in a hospital. In addition to this, a lot of hospitals only deal with emergency situations. So, it is highly unlikely that any medical specialist will deal with minor injuries. Having this situation makes it difficult to get your claim money due to the lack of medical proof.

2) Lack of Experts To Examine Your Case

When you get into an accident, you need to have some experts at the place of the accident. The experts help you take the right steps to get your claim money. But the coronavirus has made it an uphill task to find an expert to examine your case. In this way, you cannot complete a lot of legal formalities which make it difficult to get your claim money. Taking advantage of the prevailing situation, some legal experts are cashing in on the coronavirus by demanding unfair charges for their services.

3) Effects on Accident at Work Claim

Along with the other types of personal injury claims, the complications for workplace accident claims have also thickened. As the coronavirus has negatively affected the economy of the UK, the business growth in the country has also slowed down. It has decreased the revenues of the businesses. In this situation, if you get into an accident at work, you may not be able to get the amount of compensation equivalent to what you could get before the coronavirus. It is because the business cannot afford to pay you the amount of compensation you deserve due to the lack of funds.

4) You May Get Less Than You Deserve

As you know that the pandemic has affected the whole world. The economic growth of every country has slowed down. The same is the case with England and Scotland. The businesses are going in loss. Unemployment is increasing and a lot of people are losing their jobs. So, Insurance companies have been asked to offer coronavirus payment holidays and refunds in the UK. It has led to a decrease in the insurance providers’ revenue. All these factors ultimately lead to decreased payments of personal injury claims.

5) It May Take Longer To Settle Your Case

Most cases of personal injury claims are settled within 4 to 9 months. It means that you could get your claim within four to nine months if you had a normal case. While there are some cases which can take you even longer to get your claim. Putting all these things aside, you may not get your claim within four to nine months of making the claim. Most of the offices are closed, experts are unavailable, medical proof is not sufficient due to the coronavirus. All these factors contribute to delaying your amount of compensation.

6) It May Be Difficult To Provide Evidence

As mentioned earlier, the routine of people’s life has changed. There are a lot of things which are to be done in a different and more complex way than before. The same is the case with personal injury claims. One of the reasons for the delay in personal injury claims is that you may not be able to provide proper evidence. For instance, it becomes very difficult to contact your witnesses and get their statements due to quarantine. So, having a lack of witnesses makes it difficult to get your claim.

7) You May Get Periodic Payments Instead of Lump Sum Amount

Due to the coronavirus, the stock market has been affected severely. It has caused a lot of business to stop their operations and lay off people from their jobs. The insurance companies have been ordered to provide coronavirus payment refunds and holidays in the UK. It has reduced their revenue. To help the insurance providers deal with it, they may be asked to provide periodical payments for the amount of compensation. In this way, you will still get your claim money but it will be in different instalments rather than in lump sum.


The coronavirus is a global pandemic that has affected almost every country in the world. It has affected almost every type of industry. So is the case with personal injury claims. You have been told about the 7 things that the coronavirus has changed in making your claim. So, if you are unlucky enough to get into an accident, consult your case with Lawswood Claims. We will be ready to assist you anytime even during the quarantine period.

    7 Effects of Coronavirus on Personal Injury Claims
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