What Can Cause A Delay In My Accident At Work Claim?

By: evelyn | Date: 2021-02-25

The UK laws provide protection to the employees. Be it their safety or health, the laws provide protection in all aspects. A worker can file an accident at work claim after they get injured in a workplace accident that isn’t their fault.

But the claim process is very delicate and even a minor mistake can result in the denial or delay of your claim. There are some cases where the victims have to go through years of hassling procedures to get their claim. It is because they don’t know what mistakes they are making.

However, you won’t be counted as such a victim because we are here to let you know about the reasons that can cause a delay in your injury at work claim. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the point to know what makes it longer to get your accident at work claim in the UK.

1) Failing To Report Your Accident

One of the most crucial steps after an accident at work is to report your accident to the relevant authorities. Failing to do so will give your employer an opportunity to deny the occurrence of the accident. It would lead to a dispute that will delay your case unless you prove that the accident was caused at the workplace in which you have sustained your injury.

But if you have recorded your accident in the accident book, then they can’t deny its occurrence. That is why you should always approach the relevant manager and make an entry in the accident book.

2) Waiting Too Long To Make Your Claim

In the UK, workers have three years to make a work accident compensation claim against their employer after the accident. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait so long. It can cause certain intricacies and delay your claim. Witnesses may also not be able to recall what happened at the accident due to the effect of time. It can question the credibility of the witnesses and delay your claim. Plus, there is no point in waiting to make a work injury compensation claim if you have gathered all necessary pieces of evidence.

3) Filing Your Claim Too Early

You may file your claim too early thinking that it’s not better to wait. But that would also be a mistake. Your work accident compensation claim includes your hospital bills, travel expenses, work-related benefits, and loss of earnings. Most of them can be calculated once your treatment is either complete or near completion.

But making your claim immediately after the accident may help you underestimate your claim money as the medical treatment isn’t complete. You may still have to wait for proper evidence to prove your claim and make your claim successful. That is why you should wait for some time to get your treatment completed before filing a claim.

4) If You Are Partly At Fault

There could be a situation where you may also be partly at fault for a work accident. However, Don’t worry, because you can still make your work injury claim. The only difference is that your amount of compensation will be reduced according to your share of fault.

But there is another problem. You may have to waste months in reaching a shared liability ratio. Your employer will try to put the maximum blame on you. You, on the other hand, will be trying to put the liability on your owner. It can consume a significant amount of time.

5) Lack of Witnesses

When it comes to workplace accidents, witnesses are of key importance. Witnesses assist you to demonstrate your stance and prove you innocent. It helps pace up the process of claim settlement. However, there could be a chance that you may not have any witnesses in your case or they are not ready to give testimony in your favor due to the pressure from the employer. It can delay your claim because it may take longer for you to prove that the accident was not caused due to your fault.

6) Lack of CCTV Footage

Like witnesses, CCTV footage also plays a key role in helping you get your workplace injury claim. If there is a CCTV camera around you that may have captured your accident, you should request a copy of this footage from your employer.

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If there is a chance that you have sustained an injury at a place that had no cameras. The case gets more complicated as you are missing a crucial piece of evidence. You may still win your claim but the time of settlement may increase.

7) Denial of Your Employer

Typically, when you make a workplace accident claim, the employer never admits that the accident was caused due to their negligence. That is why they take every step to barricade you from proving your innocence. This denial of the employer to accept their fault can also impact your claim duration. The conflict may take months to resolve and delay the compensation money for your accident at work claim.

8) Taking The Case In Your Own Hands

This one is by far the biggest mistake in making injury at work claims. You have to be an expert to collect all the pieces of evidence, handle all the formalities, deal with the adjuster and negotiate for the maximum compensation. But victims usually don’t have all these qualities and they end up losing their claim money. Plus, it may take longer for you to claim when taking the case into your own hands. It is due to the lack of experience in the field. That is why you should hire injury claim specialists who can handle all these formalities on your behalf.

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