What To Do If the Car Accident Was Your Fault?

By: admin | Date: 2020-04-23

Being in a car accident is troublesome. You have to face a lot of troubles after getting into a car accident. You may get severely injured in the accident. But there is always a sigh of relief that you can get car accident claims when you are not at fault. By getting car accident claims, you can cover all your expenses generated by the accident. In such cases, it becomes easy to get your claim.

But the real trouble starts when you are at the fault. If the accident was caused by your negligence. You should be extra careful about each step you take after the accident. Taking any wrong step in such cases can cost you adversely and you may put yourself in hot waters. That is why you should be aware of what to do in a situation where you are the cause of an accident. Do not worry when we are here. We will reveal some secret tips in this article which will help you to deal with any car accident without any trouble. Despite that the fault is yours. So let us get started.

How Much Were You At Fault?

Being at fault does not mean that you will be 100% at fault. Despite making an error in driving, you will not be completely responsible for the accident. There are a lot of tricks through which you will be able to get your amount of compensation. All you need to know is how you will be able to get your claim. There are three main scenarios of being in a car accident where you were also at fault.

  • 1st is the case of 75%/25% ratio. In such cases, you will be 25% responsible for the car accident. In such cases, you will be able to get almost 75% share of the total amount of compensation for the accident.
  • Another case of split liability is 50%/50%. It is a self-explanatory case. If you and the other party were equally responsible for the accident, you will share the liability of the accident equally. In such cases, you will get a 50% share of the total amount of compensation.
  • Besides the two cases mentioned above, you can split liability by 25%/75%. In such cases, you will be able to get your 25% share of the total amount of compensation.

If you have got into a car accident where it was your mistake, here is what you should do to get your claim.

1) Check For The Injuries

Getting into car accidents can give you a lot of injuries. The first and the most important thing to check is whether you have received an injury or not. If you or any other passenger is injured, call the ambulance without even having a second thought. Moreover, you should also call the police to reach the place of the accident.

2) Exchange Details

After the accident, you should get connected to the other party to get their details if you are not badly injured. If you are injured, you should just call the police and the rest of the work will be done by the police. But if you take it on your own, you should know what types of details you should collect. Here are a few details you should get from the other party.

  • Name of the Driver
  • Contact information
  • Insurance company and their policy number
  • The other Driver's license
  • License plate number
  • Type of the car
  • Colour and model of the car
  • Location of accident

If you are unable to get this information at your place of accident. You should not be worried about it. You can have these details from the police station.

3) Get The Medical Assistance

Getting medical treatment for the injuries is the most important thing when you get into a car accident. No matter how minor an injury is, always consult a medical specialist. If you do not take these injuries seriously, you can get in trouble. In this way, you will not be able to provide proper medical proof of your injuries. Hence, your medical expenditure will be under-estimated and you will get less amount of compensation than you deserve.

4) Gather All The Details And Documents

Besides getting your treatment, you should document the whole accident. You should contain all the information that can be used by the insurance claims adjuster to decide your claim. Without proper evidence, you will not be able to get your claim. Keep in mind that your case is already critical as you are at fault in it. If you leave any stone unturned in gathering the proof, you may lose your amount of claim whatever you are eligible for. Here are a few most important documents to make your claim.

  • Your medical receipts and bills
  • Your medical reports
  • Details about the other party
  • Crime reference number (if it is a hit and run case)
  • Pictures of the place of the accident
  • Witnesses (If you have any)

5) Consult Injury Claim Specialists

It is the most important thing to do. It is best to hire injury claim specialists when you get into the car accident. In this way, you will not have to worry about any formality of making a claim. You will be guided at each step and all your formalities will be handled by these experts. But in case you did not hire any specialist beforehand, you have not lost anything yet. You can hire an expert now. As you are also on fault, it is highly unlikely that you can get the claim without consulting any specialist.


Getting car accident claims becomes very difficult to handle if you are unaware of how to handle the situation. To save yourself from this, you should know all the ins and outs of filing a claim when you are at fault. Although you have come to know about handling the situation if you are at fault. But if you do you should still hire injury claim specialists to get your claim as dealing with such cases require a lot of experience.

    What To Do If the Car Accident Was My Fault?
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