Burn Injury At Work UK: Its Causes, Types, And Compensation

By: evelyn | Date: 2021-02-26

Fire or sweltering temperatures are the most common reasons for burn injuries at work. However, they aren’t the only cause of getting burn injuries at work. Burns in the workplace doesn’t just include the injuries that you get directly from fire but also the term is broader in sense and encompasses other types of injuries.

In legal and medical terminology, a burn injury means any type of skin injury that you get by any external force. This external force can be fire, chemicals, and radiation, etc. Despite that, there are strict laws about the safety of workers at work in the UK, employees still suffer burn injuries at work.

But the question is, can you get workers compensation for burn injuries or accident at work claim for getting burned at work? Work accident claims can be of great help to cover all the expenses you had to bear because of getting burned at work.

In this post, we are going to have a look at some of the common reasons for burns in the workplace. After that, we will have a look at the degrees of skin burn. Then we will let you know whether you are eligible for an injury at work claim or not if you have got burns in the workplace. Let’s get started.

Causes of Burns In The Workplace

If you think that only fire can burn you in the workplace, your misconception is gonna be cleared soon. Because there are a number of other factors that can contribute to the accidents that can cause skin burns. Let’s have a look at a few reasons for which the workers get burned at work in the UK.

1) Inhaling Smoke A Work

Some workplaces have open fires as a part of their work routine. With even a little carelessness, these fires can prove deadly for a worker. Sometimes, the open fires increase due to the production of waste material of other causes. They result in heavy smoke that can block the airways of a worker if they inhale it. It can also cause extensive lung damage. Smoke inhalation is also a kind of burn injury despite that you don’t have direct exposure to the fire.

2) Chemical Burns At Work

It is one of the most common types of burns in the workplace. Some workers have to handle dangerous chemicals such as acids, thinning agents, and solvents during their routine job. Due to negligence or any mistake, these chemicals can spill over your skin and burn it severely. They can be more deadly if they come in contact with your eyes or internal organs. Luckily, you can claim chemical burn at work compensation for some injuries.

3) Arson In The Workplace

Arson is an act when someone deliberately and maliciously sets fire to a property. It is a crime that costs thousands of lives each year throughout the world. Workers can get severe burns in arsons that may be irreversible. Other than arson, short circuits are also a common cause of fires in the workplace that can cause burn injury at work.

4) Gas and Fuel Explosions At Work

Not all gases are harmless. Some can be fatal and put you on the deathbed. Gases are most commonly used in manufacturing plants. Even a small leak in the pipeline can result in a catastrophic gas explosion. The risk of such explosions is also high in the workplaces where fuel tanks are stored. They can also cause a disastrous explosion because of negligence or the slightest mistake.

5) Electric & Thermal Burns

Both of these accidents can give you excruciatingly painful burns. Electric burns happen when you get in contact with a naked electric wire. Your skin tissues can permanently get damaged with serious electrical burns.

Similarly, thermal burns can also be dangerous. You can get thermal burns by coming in direct contact with the heat source. If you have sustained an injury by boiling liquids, steam or fire touches your skin directly, you are getting thermal burns.

Degrees of Skin Burns

Burn injuries can be minor as well as severe. The amount of injury at work claim for burn injuries can be determined based on their degree of burns. Here is how you can categorize the degrees of skin burns.

1) First Degree Burns

The first-degree burns only burn the outlying layer of skin. It can cause discomfort, pain, and redness on your skin. These kinds of burn injuries aren’t fatal and they don’t demand any special treatment. You can use over-the-counter medications like soothing antiseptic ointments and painkillers to treat such burns.

2) Second Degree Burns

The second-degree burns extend to the underlying skin by going beyond the outlying layer of skin. Victims of such burns can experience redness, severe pain, blisters and stiffening of muscles, etc. These types of burn injuries are serious and take longer to heal when compared to first-degree burns. The amount of 2nd Degree burns workers compensation is also more because of its severity.

3) Third Degree Burns

Our skin has three layers: Epidermis (top), Dermis (middle), Hypodermis (inner). The third degree of burns reach the dermis layer and they are more grave in nature when compared to the first and second degree of burns. The third-degree burns are deeper and leave behind permanent scars. They are extremely painful and require immediate medical treatment.

4) Fourth Degree Burns

Fourth-degree burns are the most serious type of burn injuries. They extend to your muscles and bones. Fourth-degree burns mostly cause irreversible damage to your muscles, tendons, nerves, and ligaments. Sometimes, such burns can also cause amputation and even death of the worker.

Can You Make An Injury At Work For Burn Injuries?

If you have sustained skin burns in an accident at work where the negligence wasn’t yours, you are eligible for compensation. It is your legal right to get compensation for your injuries. The amount of burns compensation payouts depend on the severity of your injury and some other factors.

If you have burned your skin in a work accident, Lawswood Claims is here to help you make a claim. Just get connected to us and the rest of the things are on us. Our professional injury claim specialists will handle everything on their own and help you get the maximum compensation possible.

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