Myths About Accident At Work Claims In The UK

By: evelyn | Date: 2021-02-19

Accidents at work claims are a great help for the workers to get their rights. Workers can get compensation for the injuries they have sustained in any type of workplace accident. From medical to travel expenses and some petty expenses incurred due to the accident, everything is included in your work accident compensation claim.

However, there are several myths and misconceptions about the accident at work claims in the UK. Some of these myths are so persistent that workers even don’t make an injury at work claim against their employer. Due to these myths, victims of workplace accidents often remain deprived of their rights.

But that’s not going to happen anymore. We are here to debunk all the myths people have about work accident claims. Let’s have a look at the 8 misconceptions people have about the accident at work claims in the UK and what is the fact.

Myth 1: I Don’t Have To Report Minor Accidents

This one is so tenacious that there are a number of workplace accident victims who don’t even bother to report their accident to the authorities. People also think that they shouldn’t report the accidents that happened while breaking the rules.

That’s not the case. You should report every injury to the company no matter how minor it is. There could be a chance that you may be partially at fault for the accident. If this is the case, you may be entitled to get a work injury compensation claim against your employer.

That is why you should make a correct record in the “accident book” of the company as it can be a crucial piece of evidence when making your claim.

Myth 2: I Will Have To Go To Court To Get Compensation

People often believe that they will have to go to court to get their accident at work claims. They are afraid of going to the court as it can be costly as well as a hassling procedure. Having this fear in mind, workers often don’t make a workplace injury claim.

The fact is that more than 95% of personal injury claims cases never even reach court. Mostly, these cases are settled out of court.

Even if your case is complicated and has to go to court. Some experts are ready to assist you in filing a successful claim against your employer to get your compensation.

Myth 3: I Cannot Make An Accident Claim Because I Have Resigned The Job

Workers mistakenly believe that they still have to be working for the company to making a claim against them. They think that it is not possible to make a work injury claim if they have left the job. However, that’s not the case.

You can make your claim whenever you want unless the time limit isn’t over. If you have sustained an injury at work during the last three years, you can make a workplace accident claim against your employer even if you have left that job a long time ago.

Myth 4: It Will Cost Me Heavily If I Make An Injury At Work Claim

When it comes to making a claim, victims often fret about paying the fee of their work injury claim specialist. They think that it will cost them thousands of pounds and they don’t have enough money to hire an expert.

Fortunately, you can hire an injury claim specialist without even paying a penny through No Win No Fee Injury Claims. Under this agreement, you don’t have to pay even a single penny to your representative unless they win the case. You will only have to pay the predetermined fee after getting the compensation in your bank account.

In case your claim is unsuccessful and you fail to get your compensation, you won’t be liable to pay the fee of your claims specialist. That’s why you don’t have to be affluent to make a claim.

Myth 5: Those Who Make Work Injury Claims Are Greedy

It is a common perception among UK citizens that those who make personal injury claims are after money. Due to this perception, many victims bear all the accident expenditures on their own and don’t make a claim thinking about other people.

You shouldn’t hold yourself back from making a claim because it’s your right. You have sustained injuries at work due to the fault of someone else, that’s why it’s your right to be compensated properly.

Myth 6: I’ll Be Sacked For Making An Accident At Work Claim

Workers often have a fear of losing their job when it comes to making a work accident claim. Having this fear in mind, victims often abstain themselves from taking any initiative and don’t claim their right. But you shouldn’t be fearful about losing your job.

UK laws provide you with job protection if you make a claim. You can’t be sacked for making an injury at work claim in the UK. However, some employers tend to violate the laws and fire the workers for making workplace injury claims. If that’s the case, you can sue your employer for unfair dismissal from the job.

Myth 7: I Can’t Claim As I Was Partially At Fault

There could be a chance that you were partly at fault and you were violating some sort of safety precautions when the accident happened. The co-worker or the employer may try to hold you guilty for the accident. If you know what to do after a work accident, you would already know that you shouldn’t accept your fault no matter what happens.

The employer may tell you that you can’t make a claim as you are also at fault for the accident. Unfortunately, many workers believe this and don’t claim compensation. But that’s not true.

You can make an accident at work claim against your employer even if you are partially at fault. In this case, your compensation money will be reduced depending on the extent of your fault in the accident.

Myth 8: Making The Claim Isn’t Difficult

There are two types of people. The first type is those who don’t make a claim thinking that it’s too complex. The other ones are those who take the case into their own hands thinking that it’s easy to make a claim.

Both of them are wrong. It’s because certain intricacies make it difficult to claim work injury compensation. Gathering evidence, dealing with a claims adjuster, and negotiating for the maximum compensation are some of the most daunting steps in making a claim.

But don’t fret. Lawswood Claims is here to handle all kinds of hassles on your behalf. Our expert injury claim specialists will help you claim the maximum compensation money. So if you have sustained an injury in a workplace accident, get connected to us. We will cater to everything on your behalf.


We have shared with you the 8 common myths about the accident at work claims that people still believe. There could be more than that. That’s why you should never make any assumptions on your own or trust someone in this regard. If any query pops up in your mind, get connected to us, we are ready to assist you with any matter of workplace accident claims.

    Myths About Accident At Work Claims in UK
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