Guide To Accident At Work Claims

By: evelyn | Date: 2020-10-20

Workplace accidents bring a lot of miseries with them. They can give you injuries with excruciating pains and you can lose your job. It doesn’t end here and there is much more to bear. You may get depleted of your savings and may get stone-broke by spending all the savings on your medical treatment. Fortunately, the accident at work claims save you from all these problems. This amount of compensation covers almost every expense you had to bear after the accident. But the dilemma is that most of the victims are unaware of their rights after an accident at work. They get freaked out and don’t know what to do after an accident at work. Therefore, we have a accident at work claims guide that will help you go through the entire process.

If you get on pins and needles after the accident, you may make horrible mistakes and put yourself in hot waters. The first thing you should know is to calm yourself down. You should know what to do next to make your injury at work claim successful. There are several things victims are totally unaware of when it comes to making workplace injury claims. They have a lot of questions popping up in their minds but they can’t get a suitable answer to these queries.

Some victims are iffy whether they can make accidents at work claims or not. If they can, then how long does an accident at work claim take. How long do I have to report an accident at work? What if I lose my job after making an industrial injury claim? What is the average compensation for workplace accident claims? Not only these but tons of other questions also come into the minds of victims when talking about the injury at work claims. It is time to satisfy all your queries. We have gathered all the frequently asked questions about the accident at work claims and answered them one by one. Let us get straight into what people before making work injury claims.


What Are Accident At Work Claims And How Do They Work?

Accident at work claims refer to the amount of compensation that victims get after being in a workplace accident. Every employer in the UK must have an insurance policy. The victims make a claim against their employer for being negligent about their safety. The insurance company of the employer puts an insurance claims adjuster on the case for investigation. After investigation, the victims get their share of workplace accident compensation claim if found eligible for it.

During the investigation of the case, the employees can maximise their injury claims by negotiating with the adjuster. However, insurance claims adjusters are experts and negotiating with them is not an easy deal. That is why you should hire our workplace injury claim experts for getting your compensation. We know the right time for playing the right card to maximise your compensation money.


I Had An Accident At Work Can I Claim?

Got excited after reading the benefits of injury at work claims? Don’t get all shook up yet. Getting into a workplace accident does not necessarily mean you can make an accident at work claim. Hence, let us first check out the eligibility criteria for work accident claims.

There are some responsibilities of your employer about the safety of employers at work. The employer should provide all the workers with a safe working environment. If the owner fails to do so, it may cause an accident and you may get injured in the accident. As the negligence is not yours, you are rightfully eligible to make a work accident claim.

You can only claim when your employer is at fault for being negligent about your safety at work. If the fault is your own, you cannot claim for your injuries at work. However, it is best to consult our work injury claim specialists before considering yourself at fault. We do not charge anything for discussing your case with us. Our experts have years of experience and may figure out a way to get your injury at work claim even if you are partially at fault.


How Long Do I Have To Report A Workplace Injury?

One of the most important things in making injury at work claims is to report your accident to the authorities. Every business in the UK is bound to have an accident book. The HSE advises recording any type of injury in the book where the workers cannot work for more than three days. If you have been in a workplace accident, report your injury to the relevant manager as soon as possible. Make sure to record your mishap in the accident book of the company with proper date and time. This is a great help when it comes to getting injury at work claims.


How Long Does An Accident At Work Claim Take?

This is one of the most common questions that the majority of victims ask us. They are eager to know about how long does a work injury claim take. There is no rule of thumb for the time it takes to settle an injury at work claim. There are a lot of factors that can influence the time duration for settlement of work injury claims. It depends on

  • Whether your employer accepts the responsibility or not. 
  • The speed of your legal representative
  • The number of proofs you have
  • The pace of court at which it deals your case
  • How long does the employer takes to respond 
These factors can greatly affect the time it takes to settle your injury at work claim. Typically, most of the work injury claim cases take six to nine months for settlement.


How Long Can You Claim After An Accident At Work?

In the UK, injury at work time limit is three years. You have three years to make any type of accident at work claims. You have to start your work injury claim within three years after being in a workplace accident. Neither be too eager to make your claim nor become a procrastinator. Claim compensation for accident at work as soon as you get enough evidence to make a successful claim. After 3 years, it will be considered time-barred and you may not be eligible to claim compensation for your injuries.

Yet, there are certain exceptions in the three years deadline rule. In some cases, you can claim your compensation even if you have been into a workplace accident more than three years ago. That is why you should always discuss your case with our experts before considering yourself to be ineligible for the claim. Our experts may figure out a way to utilise these exceptions in your best interest and get your work accident compensation claim.


I Had An Accident At Work What Are My Rights?

Workplace accidents can have far worse consequences than one can imagine. From agonising injuries, loss of earnings, financial crisis to the inability to enjoy life, you face several problems. Bearing all these problems even without your fault is unjust with you. That is why you should know about your rights after a workplace accident. Here are your rights when you have been in a workplace accident.

  • You can make your an injury at work claim. 
  • You have a job security
  • It is your right to get proper medical treatment
  • It is your right to get Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). 
  • You have a right to hire injury claim specialists to get compensation for you

  • If you are not 18 years old, your three year time limit will start when you turn 18 years of age. 


What Is The Average Payout For Injury At Work Claim?

Before making your claim, you should know about how much compensation for injury at work you can get. It is useful for you because you get an idea about the average accident at work compensation amounts victims are getting. Hence, you analyse what is the worth of your work accident claim and then strive to get more than this.

However, there are some problems. Not every case of workplace accident is the same. Hence, the compensation for injury at work is also different in all cases. It depends on the expertise of your injury claim specialists, the severity of your injury and the evidence you have. The more pieces of evidence you have, the more compensation you will get for your workplace injury claim.


What Does My Workplace Injury Claim Cover?

If you are thinking of only getting medical expenses for your injury at work, hold yourself peeps. Workplace accidents are not only limited to the medical expenses. There is much more you can cover in this compensation. What about the travel expenses you had to bear for your treatment? What about all the time you could not go to your work? What about work related benefits? Can you get all these benefits in your accident at work claims. Let us have a look at what type of expenses your work injury compensation claim covers.

  • Medical Expenses: It is not only about the medicines you had to use for healing your injuries. You may have to go to specialists for a specific type of injury. Undergoing medical examinations, x-rays, MRIs, laboratory tests, surgical and non-surgical procedures can cost hundreds or thousands of pounds. Plus, you may need physiotherapy or psychiatric treatment because of the accident. Luckily, you can cover all these costs in your compensation for accident at work.Just keep track of all the medical reports and receipts. 

  • Travel Expenses:

    getting medical treatments demands several hospital rounds. These rounds cost you money in terms of fuel expenses or fare of taxi or bus if you don’t have your own vehicle. The good news is that your workplace injury claim compensates you for all these expenses. Just make sure to keep track of all the travel receipts when traveling to or from the hospital. 

  • Loss of Earnings: You may have to stick to bed for months after being in a workplace injury. Due to some severe injuries, you may not be able to work for weeks or months. It may consume all your savings. However, you can get compensation for the time you were not working due to the accident. It is because the accident was not caused by your fault.
  • Work Related Benefits: Imagine where you were about to get a promotion, salary increment, bonus or any other work related benefits. Unfortunately, you got into an accident, sustained injuries and lost your opportunity to have all these benefits. If you have missed any such opportunity due to your workplace injury, you can claim these benefits in your injury claim. 
  • Structural Changes Expense: You may have to make some structural changes to your home or vehicle due your injuries. For instance, you are on a wheel chair for some time after the accident. You have to make a wheelchair accessible entrance at your home which costs you a couple of hundred pounds. You can even claim compensation for the costs of your structural changes. 
  • Loss of amenity: You may have some activities that you loved to do before the accident. But the injuries you sustained have held you back from participating in any such activities. It can have negative impacts on your mental health that may lead to depression or anxiety. The laws of the UK have a provision that covers any type of loss of amenity caused by the workplace accident. 

What If I Get Dismissed After Accident At Work Claim?

When making a workplace injury claim, victims often have a fear of losing their jobs. After all, you are making a claim against your employer. After making your claim, you may have to face some retaliation from your employer. But the laws of the UK protect the employees. Employers cannot fire their workers for making accident at work claims.

But what if you get sacked for making a work injury claim? Well, you can make a claim for unfair dismissal against your employer. In this way, you will get your job again. However, you may be dealt unfairly at the office after making your claim. You may have to face discrimination or extra load of work compared to your colleagues. It may lead to anxiety. If this happens, you can claim stress at work. In a nutshell, the laws of the UK protect in every case. Hence, there is no need to give up your right to claim against your employer for a workplace accident.

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