Accident At Work Claim Calculator. Are They Reliable?

By: evelyn | Date: 2021-06-23

Most often, victims are confused about how much compensation they can get for an injury at work in the UK. And why not? After all, making accident at work claims demands a lot of effort, hard work, time and money. That is why you should know what are the expected results of all this effort. How much compensation can you get in the end? For that purpose, people use an accident at work claim calculator.

A workplace injury compensation calculator is a controversial tool because of its reliability. Several injury claim specialists think of a work injury compensation calculator to be fake and a waste of time. It can lead to unrealistic expectations of the estimated claim money. While others think that it’s a reliable tool that helps to know what is the expected compensation money you can get.

Before you make the decision of whether to use an accident at work compensation calculator or not, let’s see what we are going to discuss in this post.

  • What Is An Accident at work claim calculator?
  • How A Work Injury Compensation Calculator Works?
  • Pros of a work injury claims calculator?
  • Cons of an accident at work calculator
  • Are They Reliable?
  • What’s The Better Approach?

What Is An Accident At Work Claim Calculator?

A workplace injury claim calculator is a tool that is used by some workers who get injured in a workplace accident. The tool is used to understand or get an idea of how much compensation you can get for an accident at work. For instance, you have broken your bone at work. Now you want to know how much compensation for broken bone claims you can get in the UK. For that, you will use a work-related injury compensation calculator to know the expected compensation money you can get.

How A Work Injury Compensation Calculator Works?

Prior to knowing the benefits and drawbacks of using a claim calculator for an accident at work, we should know how it works. It will help us understand its pros and cons.

There are a few steps you have to go through in order to use any injury at work compensation calculation in the UK. At each step, you are asked a question that is used to know the severity of your injury and its impact on your life. Try to be as accurate as you can when using the calculator.

After you answer all the questions asked, a range of money will pop up on your screen it will the expected compensation money you can get in a work accident claim.

Benefits of Using An Accident Claim Compensation Calculator

There are a lot of reasons why people are using a work injury claims calculator to estimate the claim money. Let’s have a look at a few reasons why victims of workplace accident prefer to use a calculator.

1) You Get An Idea of Your Compensation

This one is pretty obvious. If you have never been in a workplace accident and this is your first time. You may be iffy about making a claim thinking whether it brings fruitful results for you or not. An accident at work claim calculator can prove a handy tool for you. You can get an idea of how much compensation you can expect.

2) No Appointments

When you are using a work accident claim calculator, you don’t have to discuss your case with anyone. It means that you can save not only plenty of time but also some costs as you don’t need to book appointments with any professional. You just have to figure out the severity of your injury and how much it has cost you financially. You will get an estimate of the claim money you can expect from your case.

3) Secrecy of Your Case

Some victims don’t want to discuss their case with a legal specialist nor with their colleagues. It’s because discussing your case with a coworker may lead to the management knowing about your claim making motives. Though you cannot be sacked for making an accident at work claim, it may still put your job in danger. So using a work accident calculator can be of great help as you don’t have to discuss it with everyone.

Drawbacks of Using An Accident At Work Calculator?

Don’t let the above-mentioned benefits get carried away. There are some drawbacks of using the calculator that overshadow its benefits. Let us have a look at some of the reasons why using a calculator can lead to some problems.

1) Calculator Isn’t Always Right

The calculator is only used to get a vague idea of the expected claim value. But when the claim values are decided based on your injury and its impact on your life. It takes into account a lot of factors when deciding your compensation money. Hence, most of the estimations of a workplace injury calculator are inaccurate. The claim money that victims get is usually different from that of initially estimated.

2) It Requires Expertise to Use It Accurately

You may be thinking that you’ll just open a calculator and you’ll be able to accurately estimate your claim money. Sadly, that’s the case. Odds are that you will be nowhere near to the actual compensation money you can get. That’s because having a lack of expertise in the field, you won’t have an idea of what type of expenses you can cover in your claim money. So you may miss out on some important types of expenses to increase your claim money.

3) They May Not Take Into Account All The Expenses

An accident at work claim covers a lot of different types of expenses. From medical expenses to travel costs, loss of earnings and general damages, you can recoup different types of expenses when claiming your compensation. It purely depends on how the accident has affected your life. But these options may not be available when you are using an injury at work claims calculator. Consequently, you can under or overestimate your claim money.

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Are Work Injury Compensation Calculators Reliable?

After knowing the pros and cons of using a claim calculator, you may be thinking about whether they are reliable or not. Is it advisable to use a personal injury compensation calculator in the UK or not? Mostly, injury claim specialists are agreed that it’s not advisable to use a work accident claim calculator to estimate your claim money.

It may lead to inaccurate estimates and you be striving for a figure you are not eligible for. It, in turn, can lead to disappointment. So workplace injury calculators are not reliable and trusting them can cause a lot of problems.

What’s The Better Approach?

If accident at work claim calculators cannot be considered reliable, then what’s the better approach for you? How can you estimate the claim money you may be eligible to get? How can you decide whether making a workplace injury claim is suitable for you or not? The best way to do so is to discuss your case with injury claim specialists.

They are professionals who know how to make an injury at work claim. Claim specialists will have a look at your case from different angles. After their initial investigation, they will let you know the expected compensation you can get for your injury.

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It was a detailed guide about using an accident at work compensation calculator in the UK. We have highlighted the pros and cons of using a calculator and also told you about a better alternative to using the calculator. If you still have questions or would like to make a claim, get in touch with our experts. As mentioned above, we are always ready to assist you for anything related to making work injury claims in the UK.

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