How To Avoid an Accident at Work

By: admin | Date: 2020-03-09

Despite the fact that companies are taking measures to ensure the safety of their workers and make their workplace intact, injuries at work are quite common. A lot of people get injured in the workplace while doing their routine tasks. It not only disrupts their core working and task’s speed but can also be dangerous for their health.

Workplace injuries can be serious and lead to severe consequences if they are not taken care of. If we take into consideration the cuts and lacerations happening at the workplace, they are left without proper treatment, it can lead to an infection and have other adverse effects on your health.

But what if we avoid accidents at work in the first place by taking proper safety measures. As it is said that prevention is better than cure, the same is the case here. It is better to avoid a workplace accident than to treat it. In this article, you will learn about some tips about working in different work environments. By following these tips, you will be able to work safely at your workplace without causing any harm to yourself. But if somehow, you get injured at the workplace, you should know what to do after an accident at work in order to get your claim.

But before I tell you about some precautionary measures, let’s first analyze the statistics of workplace accidents to understand how many people suffer from work injures.

Statistics of Accidents at Work

According to a report, 147 workers died as a result of workplace injuries in the UK in the year 2018/19. In the same report, it was stated that 626,000 people got injured at the workplace and it showed an increase in the number of workplace injuries as compared to the previous year.

How To Avoid Injury at Work?

There are a lot of measures which can be taken to avoid workplace injury but here are a few safety tips that need to be followed in order to stay safe at your workplace.

Wear a Helmet

Working in heavy industries or on a construction site is always risky. You never know when a heavy object may fall on your head and give you a severe injury. These injuries can be very dangerous and sometimes even lead to the death of the person. That is why you should not work bareheaded. While working on the places which possess the risk of head injury, you should always wear a helmet so that the chances of receiving a head injury can be reduced.

Wear Long and Steel Toe Shoes

There are a lot of situations where you may step on the nails spread on the floor of your workplace. It is extremely painful to get involved in these types of accidents. Another type of injury is to bump your foot with a solid object. It can even lead to a toe fracture. That is why you should use long shoes with a steel toe to work at places where these dangers prevail. There have been instances where people literally broke their toes while working at such places.

Double Check the Buckles and Knots

Working at heights is never easy. The fear of trips, slips and falls is always there. In such situations, if your buckles are not properly placed or any knot is not tight, you can be in big trouble and get severely injured. Because of this, you should always double-check all your knots and buckles to ensure that they are their proper place. Showing any negligence in such cases proves very fatal and you may put your life at stake by doing so.

Be Vigilant

Taking care of everything is necessary at the workplace. Some jobs require extra care than others. For example, working in a laboratory is dangerous for the person who is not much careful in his routine chores. Showing any negligence in a laboratory can be dangerous that can even lead to devastation. Same is the case in the medical field. Showing medical negligence can even result in the death of your patient. So, it is important to be vigilant at your work.

Keep Your Workplace Clean

A dirty floor not only gives a bad image of a workplace but it can also lead to an injury of a person. If anything gets spilled on a floor, it is important to clean it immediately or else, someone may slip and get injured. That is why proper cleaning of the workplace is very important to avoid any accident at work.

Work in Proper Dress

Different types of jobs require different dress codes and the main purpose of a suit or a dress is to improve the safety of a workplace to avoid any accident at work. For example, it is highly important to wear a proper suit to work in nuclear reactors. Without having a specific suit, your life is at risk. The same is the case with other types of jobs as well. So you should wear a proper dress code according to the nature of your job to avoid getting injured at your workplace.

Get Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are must-have safety equipment for almost all types of organizations. No one knows when your workplace catches fire. Firefighters take time to reach the spot of fire but fire extinguishers are the best tool to deal with an emergency situation. There have been incidents where people have saved themselves from getting burnt with the help of fire extinguishers.

Proper Maintenance of the Machinery

The check and balance of the machinery is a pre-requisite to work with machinery. Working with defected machinery is dangerous which can result in a huge loss for the company. A lot of companies have hired special staff, their job is to keep the machinery working properly. Showing slackness in keeping proper maintenance of the machinery not only decreases the life of machinery but also results in an accident at work.

Get Proper Training

Lack of training is the main reason for a lot of accidents at work. People don’t get proper training for working with the equipment and as a result, those people who are not that capable of working with the equipment start working with it. Doing so can be dangerous and a lot of times, it has led to a severe loss to the company. That is why companies should organize proper training programs and sessions to train their workers so that they can avoid any accidents at work.

Don’t Ignore Petty Warnings

If you find any issue in the machinery or any other equipment at your workplace, do not ignore them. Always inform the manager or supervisor so that they can take action and fix the problem. If you ignore these warnings, they may appear again after getting worse and causing more damage. So, it is important to take immediate action and fix the problem as soon as it appears rather than waiting for it to get worse.


It is not possible to 100% avoid an accident at work but following some safety measures can significantly reduce the number of workplace accidents and injuries. But despite taking all the safety measures, if you get injured at work and the fault is not yours, you are eligible to get an accident at work claim.

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