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You may be legally entitled to make an occupational asthma claim from your employer if your asthma is caused due to chemicals or allergens in your workplace. So if you believe that your asthma problems are caused by your workplace, feel free to contact us. Lawswood Claims helps you get asthma workers’ comp settlement in England and Scotland.


      About Occupational Asthma Workers’ Comp Settlements

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      It doesn’t matter whether you are facing breathing difficulties immediately after the exposure or it took months to develop the problem. You can claim work-related asthma compensation if it was due to your workplace. To claim your compensation contact us. Our team of professional injury claim specialists will help you get the maximum compensation for an industrial asthma claim.

      With extensive experience, in-depth knowledge about asthma claims, and crafty strategies, we know to claim compensation to help you get the optimum occupational asthma compensation amount. Not only this but we also aim at minimising the time it takes to get your compensation so that you can get your settlement without waiting long.

      Whether you have any questions about your eligibility or not sure how much compensation you will get for an asthma claim or have anything else in mind, feel free to ask us anytime. We are available for you 24/7 and offering FREE initial consultation. So, discuss your case with us to not only get answers to your questions but we will cater to all the formalities on your behalf. Hence, we don’t let you go through any hassle.



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        Frequently Asked Questions About Occupational Asthma Claims

        You may be suffering from asthma at work and have plenty of questions. That’s why we compiled a list of some of the commonly asked questions about work-related asthma in our guide. Let’s have a look at the most frequently asked questions about occupational asthma settlements.

        What Is Work-Related Asthma or Occupational Asthma?

        Asthma is a chronic lung condition that happens when your bronchial passage gets narrow. It leads to difficulty in breathing and some other problems. It can trigger when a patient is exposed to dust, pollen or other airborne substances. But when a person gets asthma at work due to exposure to such substances, it is known as occupational or work-related asthma. Two main types of occupational asthma are:

        Can I Claim Compensation For Occupational Asthma?

        To claim occupational asthma compensation, you have to prove that your asthma is caused by your workplace. To know whether you have developed your asthma at work or not, get proper medical attention. If you come to know that your workplace is responsible for it, then you are eligible to claim asthma workers’ comp settlement.

        Who Has A High Risk of Getting Occupational Asthma?

        Occupational Asthma claims are most frequently made by workers employed in heavy industries, especially in manufacturing industries like metals, motor vehicles, spray painting and toxic chemical substances etc. Other industries where workers are at risk of occupational asthma include.

        Can I Get Baker's Asthma Compensation?

        Bakery, flour confectionery, and vehicle paint technician reported the highest number of cases of work-related asthma during 2016. If the asthma is caused by your work nature, you can get compensation for occupational asthma at a bakery.

        Can I Claim For Occupational Asthma Caused By Vehicle Paint?

        Yes, you can claim compensation for occupational asthma caused by vehicle paint. Patins typically contain Isocyanate which is one of the biggest causes of asthma. When workers keep spraying vehicles, they may suffer from asthma over time. There are a lot of other chemicals leached out from auto body paint that can be harmful to our lungs. That’s why you are eligible for occupational asthma compensation claims if you are suffering from asthma because of spraying vehicles.

        Can I Get Occupational Asthma Claim For Asthma By Cleaning Products?

        Yes, you can claim compensation for asthma caused by cleaning products at work. Some cleaning products contain toxic chemicals that can inflame the airways. If not taken seriously, the condition may become worse over time. Whether you have mild symptoms of severe asthma caused by chemical compounds, you can get industrial asthma claims.

        Asthma Caused Working In A Metal Industry - Can I Get Compensation?

        Yes, you can claim industrial asthma compensation if you are suffering from asthma because of working with metal. It doesn’t matter what type of industry you work in, if your asthma is caused by your workplace, you can claim compensation. To claim occupational asthma workers’ compensation, you have to prove that your employer didn’t fulfil their duties and didn’t provide you with a safe working environment.

        Time Limit To Claim Occupational Asthma Claim in the UK?

        Like other types of injury at work claims, occupational asthma compensation claims have a three years time limit. But there is a slight difference. You cannot pinpoint the exact date at which you have developed your asthma. It’s because you develop asthma over time. That is why your three years time limit starts from the date your asthma is diagnosed.

        However, don’t wait for the last moment. Start collecting evidence to prove that your asthma was caused at work. Once you have ample pieces of evidence, claim your compensation.

        How Much Compensation Do You Get For Occupational Asthma UK?

        Victims often ask us about the occupational asthma payouts they would get. Here is no exact figure for it. An occupational asthma compensation amount depends on several factors. Nevertheless, here is the average compensation for occupational asthma you can expect.

        Type of Asthma Average Occupational Asthma Payouts
        Severe asthma that is permanently disabling £36,740 – £56,100
        Chronic asthma causing difficulty in breathing £22,440 – £36,700
        Bronchitis and wheezing affecting working or social life £16,380 – £22,440
        Asthma with relatively mild symptoms £9,080 – £16,380
        Compensation for mild occupational asthma Up to £4,390

        Some victims use an occupational asthma claim calculator to estimate the settlement amount. But you may not know how to do it accurately. That’s why you should consult our claim specialists to know how much compensation you can get for work-related asthma in the UK.

        No Win No Fee Occupational Asthma Claims

        Lawswood Claims can handle your occupational asthma claim on a No Win No Fee basis. We have an agreement with you under which you will only pay our legal fee once your claim is successful and you get compensation in your account. Hence, you get financial protection. In a rare case, if you lose your case, you won’t have to pay any legal fee. That is how we are taking the risk of financial loss on your behalf.

        How To Get An Asthma Compensation Claim?

        To get compensation for occupational asthma, get in touch with our experts. You can schedule your FREE appointment with us via Whatsapp, email, filling the form, calling us directly or talking to our chatting team anytime. You can also decide the appointment time with us. After that, discuss your case with us to get answers to your questions, to make your claim or know about the average compensation for occupational asthma you can expect.

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